Because I Was Kissed by a Hunter! (Book 2)

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Tobias Vogel is content to be the quiet brother of the five. Kendra Daily is a vampire hunter on a mission when she meets Tobias. He intrigues her but can he look past the fact she hunts his kind? A vampires beloved is something special and rare. They are so rare in fact that most vampires never find theirs. So, the very idea of a beloved is now considered nothing but a myth, long forgotten. There are five Vogel brothers, and until now only one has found their beloved. Tobias fights his attraction to the lovely Kendra because she is a hunter of his kind, but the fight leaves him when he realizes she is his beloved and the only way for either of them to be happy is with each other.

Fantasy / Romance
Presley's Angel
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Chapter 1

Tobias Vogel stood up from his desk and stretched before going to look out his window at the fading sunlight. He was tired, not physically because as a vampire he didn’t feel physical tiredness, this was emotion tiredness.

His Bruder Falco had found his Geliebte (Beloved) a few months ago which had sparked a hope in everyone but him it seemed.

Solitude was his thing because he had decided a long time ago that it was the best thing for him. So, he was used to it and, for the most part, he had no problem with it. If at some point the solitude became too much, he would seek out the attention of vampire lady, which wasn’t often, and that had always worked for him.

Since Falco had found, and married, his Geliebte though, solitude was a thing of the past!

Suddenly, their Mutter was finding women on the street corners and dragging her sons off to meet them! Well, not literally off the street, but close to it!

He wasn’t against having a woman, or marriage, and he liked Falco’s, Geliebte Kimberly. He wouldn’t mind having the happiness she and his Bruder shared, but he didn’t want women forced on him either! He felt that when fate found the woman for him would meet.

He thought back to months ago when Falco and Kimberly were to be married and gave a sigh.

They had gotten married in a small private ceremony with just family. Well, her Vater had come but not her Mutter. It seemed that her Mutter’s family is full of hunters, and she would prefer Falco to be a pile of dust rather than be her son-in-law!

So, they had erased her memories of Falco and when Kimberly called to tell her of her marriage, her Mutter didn’t even know she had missed the ceremony or that her own husband had gone to it.

Sad thing was, Tobias had missed it too. It wasn’t on purpose, it had just been one of those things.

He remembered how excited Kimberly was because he sister Kendra was going to be there. She had been wanting Tobias to meet Kendra. She seemed to think they would get on well because they were both quiet type people. Admittedly, he was curious about her sister, especially since she is a hunter, but he had yet to meet her.

Four days before the wedding, he had gone on a buying trip. They ended up having a freak snowstorm where he was and all flights to return home were canceled. This had caused Tobias to be two days too late for the wedding.

Kimberly wouldn’t speak to him for a week.

Shaking his head and giving a sigh, he turned away from the window when his cell phone rang. Picking it up off the desk he answered, “Tobias Vogel.”

“Tobias, Sohn (son) where are you?” Mutter asked from the other end of the line. “Are you at work still, because I thought you were coming to dinner, so I invited that nice girl I wanted you to meet.”

Tobias gave another long sigh, he had forgotten, though it might have been slightly on purpose.

His Mutter had gone to a new hair salon last week and met this nice lady who had a daughter...blah, blah, blah…! Same story, different girl!

He would swear she went to all the different salons just to meet potential women for her Sohns.


“Sorry Mutter,” he said after clearing his throat. “Nein, I didn’t forget, I just don’t feel well and….”

“Tobias Vogel, don’t you give me that!” Mutter said sharply. “You are a vampire and we don’t get sick. It’s fine though, I’ll call her and tell her you weren’t feeling well. She at least won’t see it for the lie it is.”

Then she hung up on him, leaving him staring down at his phone. The fact that she’d hung up on him showed just how upset his Mutter really was with him. He knew he would be having to grovel the next time he saw his Mutter, it was the only way to make her happy with him once more.

Leaving his office then, after locking the door, he slowly walked through the car dealership showroom, filled with the best they had to offer. Breathing deeply, he took in the new car smell and floor wax, letting it relax him.

He loved the car business, well some of it anyway, because a salesman he was not. He preferred to be in the background since he was the quietest of the five Bruders.

Most days he stayed in the service department working on cars. By doing that, he could be as uncommunicative as he wanted and not be scolded for it by his Bruders, or his Mutter for that matter.

He really was a quiet man who preferred to listen while other talked. Sometimes his younger Bruders came to him and told him all their problem. They usually came to him because ALL he did was listen!

Leo, as the oldest, tended to try and tell them what they should do.

Bruno, the second oldest, tended to try and make everything a joke.

Tobias though, he just listened and never repeated what he’d what he’d been told.

Today, however, he’d come in dressed in slacks and a button-up white dress shirt, with a tie, so he could work in his office. He’d managed to lose the tie early in the day though and had rolled up his sleeves not long after.

As he walked out the back door, he paused in the shadows to let his eyes adjust to the change in lighting. As he stood there, not moving, he heard sounds coming from the left side of the building which caused his brow to wrinkle up in confusion. It sounded almost like fighting and grunts of pain.

Why would someone come to a car lot to fight? Wasn’t that what alleyways were for?

Quickly, and without a sound, he made his way around to the corner of the building. Staying hidden in the shadows, not knowing who or how many it might be, he looked around the building corner.

He hissed internally at he saw!

It was a man and a woman, clearly in the misted of a fight, and it was obvious to him that it was a fight to the death. It was also clear the woman was winning!

That’s when the wind changed directions and Tobias realized the man was a vampire.

That meant the woman had to be…?

Her hand came up suddenly, a stake gripped firmly in it.

A vampire hunter!

Then, quick as a snake striking, she brought the stake straight down into the vampire’s heart, and the vampire was dust.

The woman turned on Tobias then taking a fighting stance. She still had her stake in one hand and a knife in the other.

“Hunter!” Tobias hissed angrily, as he fought the change that wanted to come over him where he still stood in the shadows. He could feel the rising of his beast within at the thought of a possible confrontation with a hunter.

The woman straightened with a smirk as she said, “Yes, I am.”

Tobias stood looking at her silently.

She was lovely in the light of the car lot lights with her pale white skin and long red hair. She was tall for a woman, if she wasn’t six feet tall she was close to it.

Although, as his gaze moved downward, he saw she wore boots with heels which added to her height. She was also wearing a tight, black, tank top and a pair of black skinny jeans. Both clothing articles showed her to have nice curves but also tone, not an inch of extra weight anywhere on her.

As if fate were laughing at him, the wind direction changed again as she stepped closer to him.

“Vampire,” she whispered so low he wouldn’t have heard if he wasn’t a vampire.

“You smell so very good, like gardenias,” he murmured, ignoring her comment. His eyelids then dropped slightly as he breathed deeply of the sweet scent.

“Why are you here vampire?” She asked. “If you’re out causing trouble like your ex-friend was over there was, you and I are going to have problems.”

“Ex-friend?” He questioned as he stared at her. “Nein, he wasn't a friend of mine.”

“Hm…then why are you out here?” She asked as she put her weapons away and stepped closer.

“I work here and was just locking up to leave.” He told her, unable to move away as she walked even closer.

It was as if there was an invisible string pulling her toward him, the closer she got, the closer he wanted her. He knew she was a danger to him, he’d seen her in action and knew she could stake him before he could move if he let her get to close. Yet he couldn’t find it in him to move away. Her smell wrapped around him like a warm blanket on a cold night and it enticed him.

He moved closer to her then as he asked, “What are you doing to me, hunter? Why am I so drawn to you when I should be running? And why do you smell so good to me?”

“I don’t know,” she answered in a whisper even as she stepped right in front of him. “Maybe I should ask you the same thing vampire. While we’re asking questions, why do you not smell like a vampire?”

“If I don’t smell like one, who is to say I am one,” he snarked back, trying desperately to distance himself from her and the strange feeling she gave him.

“Because your eyes are red,” she informed him as she pointed to her own. “As far as I know humans don’t have red eyes.”

She was now right in front of him and he could see her eyes well. They were a beautiful green and framed by long curved lashes. Her features were almost pixie-like despite her height which he had been right about.

He was six feet, two inches, and she was the perfect height for him. If she would step just a bit closer, their bodies would mold together in just the right places!

Now his brain was almost foggy with her so close to him. He was aching with the need to kiss her, to bite down on that full lower lip and suck until she moaned his name. Even more than her kiss though, he wanted a taste of her blood.

This feeling had him fighting to keep his teeth from descending, which could bring him his death instantly if she thought him dangerous!

Both thoughts had his cock twitching and him biting back a moan.

“You have bewitched me! I have not felt so…” He started, only to be interrupted as she grabbed him by the neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

The kiss was no soft meeting of lips!

She ravaged his lips like a woman starved for a man and he once more moaned as his tilted his head to get a better taste. She sucked his lip into her mouth and gently bit down before pulling back.

Standing there, her green eyes met his as she panted for air. Then giving him a smile, she whispered, “Until we meet again vampire!”

Then she was gone. Running off into the darkness while he stood there, too stunned by what had happened to move.

Tobias continued to stand there staring off into the darkness long after the hunter was gone. It was as if his body was turned to stone as her words whispered through his mind over, and over, again.

The velvety sound of her voice had turned him into a hormonal male which he had not been in a very long time. He had managed long ago to repress the lustful urges he felt towards women.

Sadly, he’d found out the hard way that having sex for him meant needing to bite, so, mixing the two for him was dangerous. That’s why he’d learned to steer clear of the fairer sex, not only for the sake of his sanity but also to keep himself off the hunter’s radar.

His mind told him he needed to steer clear of the lovely hunter, but his highly aroused body told a different story. His body told him he needed to find her again, to kiss her, to bite her, to just…be with her.

How could this be?

How could a human, a hunter none the less, make him feel this way?

He groaned in his frustration as he turned toward his car thinking he needed a VERY cold shower!

Pulling his car out on the road his mind continued to twist and turn about what had happened.

There was one main fact though, and it continued to loop through his mind like a movie reel.

It was the fact that he, Tobias Vogel, a vampire, had been kissed by a hunter!

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