Because I Was Kissed by a Hunter! (Book 2)

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Chapter 10

Tobias made his way home thinking about what his vater had told him. He was relieved in one way that his biting was normal.

Well, normal for vampires like him and his Vater anyway. He wasn’t happy that there was nothing that could be done about it, that it was just something he had to live with.

He hated the fact that he needed to bite to feel his release when he made love. He hadn’t brought THAT up to his Vater but kept it to himself. It was hard enough to admit the other things!

Having pulled up into his driveway, he shut the engine off and got out. Walking up to his door, he unlocked it, opened it, and walked inside. Then, closing the door behind him, he began to look for Kendra.

He found her in his room, fast asleep on his bed. He stood there for a few moments just looking at her and thinking about how beautiful she was.

Her eyes fluttered open and her gaze landed on him.

She hummed slightly, then said, “Hey angel, how long have you been home?”

“I just got here,” he answered, moving closer to the bed.

She gave a yawn and stretched as she sat up, patting the bed next to her. Then she asked, “Did you find out what you needed to know?”

“In a way, I suppose I did,” he replied as he sat down on the bed next to her. “It seems I take after my Vater since he’s a biter too. He apparently likes to bite for no apparent reason though, literally.”

“What do you mean, literally?”

“Well, he says sometimes he just bites Mutter, even though he isn’t hungry or…” he paused.

“Or what?”

He shrugged. “He doesn’t have a sexual motivation for it.”

With a grin, she got up on her knees then. “I like to bite sometimes too. In fact, you look so sexy sitting there, I think I wouldn’t mind biting you now! Maybe if I do, it might motivate you into making love to me,” she whispered as she settled onto his lap.

He felt himself beginning to feel aroused from her words alone.

“Oh baby, I don’t think you’ll have to work too hard to get me motivated,” he whispered back.

She bit down on his neck and began to suck, hard!

He moaned, remembering his Vater telling him how having his Geliebte (beloved) bite him would feel good. He had to agree because he found he liked this even without her having fangs to sink deep into his flesh. The feeling of it was making him more aroused by the minute.

Her hands began to push up under his shirt and run up his back. This created shivers of delight all over him. His brain began to fog with desire as his cock continued to swell. So, he gripped her hips and yanked her hard against him.

Kendra moaned, and let go of his neck to kiss him again.

Their kisses were rough and hard as they both tried to dominate each other.

Kendra soon moved back and pulled his shirt up and off his body.

He returned the favor by pulling hers off also, finding her bra-less. He saw her nipples were hard and puckered, just right for sucking! So, he bent her backward over his arm and sucked one into his mouth. He groaned in pleasure at her taste, as he fangs sank deep into the vein there.

“Ahh…Toby, angel…I like that!” She moaned as she tightened her grip in his hair and began to grind against him. “I need you, Toby. I need you to take me hard and fast now, please!”

At her words, he let go of her breast and quickly pulled the rest of their clothing off. Then he pushed her on to her back on the bed. He wasted no time putting a condom on and pushing into her wet folds.

“Oh yes! Just like that Angel! That’s how I want it,” she whimpered as her back bowed helping him create the perfect rhythm.

He moved fast, and soon she was screaming his name as her climax hit. He fought back the urge to bite her again. It did him no good to fight the urge to bite though because he needed to, he needed to so badly!

“It’s okay Toby, don’t fight it because it feels so good when you bite me,” she whispered in his ear. “Besides, it makes me feel good too.”

Tobias gritted his teeth and hissed. “Nein, I can't do this without…”

“Yes, you could, but I’m not asking you to Angel,” she murmured as she turned her head offering her neck to him. “I want you too because it will bring us both pleasure.”

He hissed again, giving in to her, but saying, “Then you will take from me too!”

So, reaching up with one of his sharp nails, he sliced at his own neck making it bleed.

Kendra seemed to know what it meant, and he soon felt her mouth on his neck even as he sank his teeth into hers. He continued to thrust fast and hard as he sucked.

She gave a whining moan around the flesh of his neck.

This sent shivers down his own neck, even as she tightened around his cock. It pleased him that she wasn’t unaffected by what they were doing either.

The feeling of her teeth on his neck along with the taste of her blood on his tongue sent him over the edge and he soon released with a groan. Pulling his fangs from her neck, he licked it to seal the wound then gently kissed it.

He raised up to look into her face and found her gazing at him with a satisfied smile.

“Enjoyed that did you?” He asked her.

“Mm… always Angel,” she agreed.

“You do know that calling me angel sounds a little girly,” he teased.

She smirked. “Maybe, but you’re MY girly angel, vampire man, so…?

He rolled his eyes and moved to lay next to her. Giving a sigh, he asked, “So, I don’t want to come off as pushy, but are you going to move here to be with me?”

She raised her head slightly to look into his eyes. “Do you want me too?”

“Well, I… my family is here and our business. I suppose it doesn’t really matter though where I live if I’m with you. I can find a job elsewhere if I need too,” he told her. “I do wonder though what your boss would think if he knew you are a vampire’s Geliebte.”

She sighed as she rested her chin on his chest. “Yeah. The truth is Toby, I really don’t want to be a hunter anymore. I really didn’t want to be one, to begin with, but my granddad wanted it so badly, and since my mom didn’t take up the trade I suppose I felt… obligated to do it.

"Anyway, right now there is no love lost between my mom and me, with the whole moron thing, and me accepting Kimmy’s vampire husband. Now with me finding you, I want more for my life than hunting. I want to be a wife and maybe soon, a mother,” she told him.

“You as a Mutter, I like the sound of that,” he told her.

She grinned then lay her head down on his chest as she said, “Me too.”

He cleared his throat then and asked, “Um… just out of curiosity, when was the last time you called your Mutter?”

Giving a yawn she answered, “I don’t know. Well, technically I haven’t been calling her, just dad. It’s been a couple of days since I talked to him I guess…” She sat up with a jerk, all sleepiness went from her face. “Oh no! I haven’t called!”

“If she sends him here it won’t be pretty Baby,” he hissed.

“She hasn’t been speaking to me though, so maybe she won’t do anything,” she whispered. Then she flopped back down on her back. “Even if she does think about doing something about my boyfriend less state, she doesn’t know where I am, so he can’t find me, right?”

“Probably not, unless she calls your boss or something,” he answered.

“Oh Toby, I am in so much trouble! If she calls my boss, he’ll not only tell her where I am but that I’ve been sick. Mad at Kimmy and me or not, she’ll be here in a heartbeat because I’m still her daughter and she’ll worry about me being sick,” Kendra groaned. “What am I going to do?”

“First, don’t get ahead of yourself, call her,” he suggested.

Leaning over she grabbed her phone from the nightstand and dialed.

“Hello,” her dad answered.

“Daddy, this is Kendra.”

“Oh, Kendra, your mother is a wreck. You didn’t call me for a couple of days as you have been, so she called your boss. He told her how sick you were,” dad said. “She left this morning going your way.”

“Please tell me she went alone daddy, please,” she begged in a whisper.

“Ah, Kendra, I’m so sorry…”

“She took moron with her, didn’t she?”

“Um… moron?”

“Yeah, sorry, Jude,” she told him.

“Yes, she did,” he agreed. “She should be there in about another hour. I think she was going to your sister’s house, so I called her with a heads up. It tried to call you, but your phone just kept going to voicemail.

“Um, yeah. Since I haven’t been feeling well, I had it on silent, so I could sleep. Thanks, Dad, I’ll call Kimmy now, bye,” she told him.

“Bye Kendra,” he said, then hung up.

Kendra dropped her phone into her lap and moaned.

“Okay, so now we know she’s on her way. Call Kimberly and see if she wants you to be there when your Mutter arrives,” Tobias said.

Once more Kendra dialed her phone.

“Kendra, Mom is on her way! What do I do? I called Falco and told him not to come home for lunch. I don’t want him here because he might kill her if she starts in on me again,” Kimmy said sounding frantic when she answered the phone.

“Kimmy, I called Dad,” Kendra said. “She’s bringing the moron with her.”

She heard Kimmy blow out a long breath. “Oh boy, he didn’t tell me that.”

“Yeah, well, I asked,” Kendra informed her. “Anyway, maybe I should be there since it’s more my problem than yours.”

“I hate to ask it of you Kendra, but I really don’t want to face her alone,” Kimberly said quietly.

“Okay,” Kendra agreed. “I’ll be there in a bit, but there’s something I need to tell you.”


“I’m Tobias’s beloved,” Kendra told her Kimberly.

There was a silence on the other end.

Then there was a squeal that nearly deafened Tobias even though he wasn’t the one on the phone.

“Oh Kendra, I am so happy for you two!” Kimberly exclaimed. “You’ll be good for each other and… oh… Mom.”

Kendra gave a humorless chuckle.

He took her hand, kissing it gently.

“Yeah, if you think she was upset about you, think about how she’s going to react to her own flesh and blood…” Kendra huffed and scrubbed her free hand through her hair. “I’m so not looking forward to that conversation, and then, of course, there is Moron. It will be bad Kimmy, really bad but I’ll be there in a few anyway.”

Hanging up the phone she looked at him.

He pulled her into a hug as he told her, “I’m going with you Baby, don’t think about arguing because it’s something I have to do. The possessive side of me won’t let you go alone, not with that man coming. I might have, possibly, let you go alone, possibly, if had been just you Mutter.”

“Okay, I agree, but only because I don’t want to have to face the two of them myself,” she told him. Then out of the blue, she asked, “Shower?”


She nodded.

“Let’s go!” He agreed excitedly as he almost jumped up off the bed.

Then, pulling her up, he tossed her over his shoulder and headed for the bathroom as she laughed.

Kendra gave a deep sigh as she and Tobias pulled up in front of Kimmy’s house an hour and a half later.

“I really don’t want to be here,” she told him.

“I know you don’t, but remember, you aren’t alone in this. If I must, I’ll make him forget about you and send him somewhere, like China or something,” Tobias informed her with a smirk.

She giggled. “Okay, angel.”

So, getting out of the car, they made their way to the front door. After ringing the bell, they waited. Within just a couple of minutes, the door opened.

“Oh Kendra, thank goodness you’re here!” Kimmy said as she pulled Kendra into a hug. “Um…are you sure it was a good thing for Tobias to come?

“Not really,” Kendra murmured as she pulled back. “Good idea or not though, I don’t think I would have come if he hadn’t come with me, Kimmy.”

“I know,” Kimmy said as she moved back to let them in. “Oh, and congratulations you two.”

Tobias put his arm around her and gave her a comforting squeeze. He then pulled her over to a couch, so they could sit down.

Kimmy sat across from them. She then began to ask questions about how Tobias and Kendra had found each other.

Kendra found herself telling her sister everything, from the meeting of a random vampire in the car lot to being deathly ill.

“It sounds as if fate was at work when that vamp showed up and you ended up fighting him at the dealership. I mean the odds of Tobias even being there are like one in a million!” Kimmy said. “Yep, fate at work definitely.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right. What about you? Did you end up as sick as I did?” Kendra asked her sister.

“Yeah, I did,” Kimmy said.

**Knock, Knock**

“Oh boy, she’s here,” Kimmy mumbled as she stood up. She then went to answer the door. Opening it, she said, “Mom, hello, what a surprise.”

“I want to know where your sister is Kimberly,” Mom said. “Her boss said she’s been ill and she’s not answering her phone. I went by the motel and they said she checked out this morning.”

Kendra stood up and walked to stand behind Kimmy. “I’m right here Mom.”

“Oh Kendra, dear, are you alright? You don’t look sick, so you must be better,” Mom said as she came to give Kendra a hug. Then she stiffened, moving back, as she asked, “Why do you reek of…?”

“Hello, my darling Kendra,” Moron said from the doorway then with a smirk, interrupting her mom. “Your mother said you haven’t been calling about a new boy toy lately. Have you finally realized I’m the only one for you?”

Kendra heard a hiss from behind her and suddenly Tobias was there. He put his arm around her, letting Moron know he had better back off.

Kendra gave Moron a tight smile as she said, “Trust me that was never going to happen. Moron, I’d like you to meet my new husband Tobias, Tobias this is Mor…I mean Jude.”

“Husband!” Mom suddenly shrieked. “How could you do such a stupid thing as to marry one of THEM?”

Kendra raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

Mother turned to Moron. “Kill it, Jude!”

Wait! Moron is a HUNTER? Kendra thought.

Jude took a deep breath and frowned even as Tobias took one.

Tobias moved Kendra behind him with a soft hiss.

“But how…?” Kendra gasped, not knowing what to say since she had been completely clueless about what Moron was.

“I smell no vampire here Mona. I’ll admit he smells… different, but not of vampire,” Moron objected.

“That’s because he is born vampire, not created!” Mom shouted. “Now, do the job that my stupid daughter has refused to do for the SECOND time, and KILL IT!”

Moron sighed as he stared at Mona. “As much as I want your daughter, I cannot kill him if he has done no wrong, code of the hunter. I’m sorry Mona, that may be how it was done years ago but that isn’t the way it’s done now,” he told her. “If I was to kill him and it is found he had done nothing deserving of death, then it would be my death and I wish to live.”

Moron turned toward Kendra then and gave her a sad smile.

“I, how… why didn’t I… I mean, you’re…?” Kendra stuttered, not knowing what to ask first in her confusion.

“Yes, I’m a hunter Kendra, just like you,” Moron admitted. “Or, at least I was born with the hunter gene as my father was. He wanted me to walk in his footsteps, but I wanted something else out of life. It made me a little crazy when we were younger, and I did a lot of stupid things in my rebellion, like stalk you. Those days are over now though, and I hope you will accept my humble apologies.”

“Um… oh… s-sure Jude,” Kendra stuttered again, still in shock at the revelation of his hunter heritage. “I really don’t blame you for not wanting to be a hunter. I didn’t either, yet I really wasn’t given a choice. Good luck to you Jude.”

“Yeah, and good luck to you also,” Jude said as he looked at Tobias. “Tobias was it?”

Tobias nodded.

“Make her happy, she’s a wonderful person and deserves to be happy,” Jude said then.

“I plan on it,” Tobias informed him.

“Um… one question though. Is she your beloved? I’ve heard vampires find them hard to come by,” Jude said.

“Ja, she is, and they are. By finding mine, and my Bruder finding his too, I think it will give others hope though,” Tobias said softly.

“What are you doing Jude? This isn’t a social gathering and one shouldn’t be sociable with the enemy anyway!” Mom screamed, her face red in her anger. “Why, what is it about this family of vamps that everyone seems to forget that they are monsters!”

Kendra turned on her mom then. “Look, Mom, if you would just give them a chance, they are good people. They aren’t monsters and have done nothing to harm anyone.”

She felt Tobias tense beside her and slightly turned to look at him. His face was blank, but she could see in his eyes he was upset.

“Tobias?” Kendra asked in a whisper.

“But I’m not a good person Kendra, maybe your Mutter is right,” Tobias said sadly.

“See? Even he knows he’s a monster,” Mom yelled.

Kendra ignored her and turned to fully face Tobias. Then she took his face in her hands. “Don’t think that way Angel, you made mistakes, everyone does but it doesn’t make you a bad person.”

“Person? He isn’t a person! He’s a… a THING! What do I have to do to make you understand this? Kendra, you are my flesh and blood, I only want what is best for you!” Mom exclaimed.

Kendra turned on her with a growl. “What’s best for me? Please, all you have ever done is push a man on me that I never wanted! You pushed me to the point that I was making up boyfriends just keep you off my back! You didn’t even have a problem when you caught him in my bed after he crawled in it in the middle of the night!” she yelled back. “So, no, don’t even say you want what’s best for me because Tobias IS what’s best for me. He makes me feel good and loved.”

Mom’s face paled. “Made up boyfriends?”

“Yeah, Mom made up,” Kendra said with a humorless laugh. “Did you really think one person would have that many boyfriends? Besides, it was the only way to make sure you didn’t send Jude to my motel room again. Look let’s just forget it and move on.”

“I really pushed you that far?”

“Yes, Mom you did, but no more. I have a man of my dreams and he is my forever, there will be no other for me.”

They all turned at the sound of the door opening since they’d never even made it out of the hall.

“Kimberly?” Falco said as he looked at all of us. “Um… hello?”

Kimberly cleared her throat. “Falco, you remember my mom, and this is Jude. He grew up living next to us, he’s my sisters arranged marriage and it seems he’s also a hunter.”

Falco turned to look at Kimberly with a shocked look on his face. “He’s a WHAT?”

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