Because I Was Kissed by a Hunter! (Book 2)

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Chapter 7

Kendra watched Tobias as his head rolled back in pleasure.

She knew his taking her blood would be hard on him because he was already aroused and barely holding himself back from taking her right then!

She also knew it needed to be done. She couldn’t exactly go around telling people not to touch her, and being sick all the time wouldn’t be fun either!

Watching him now though, as her hand gently squeezed and played with his manhood, was arousing her. She’d had plenty of boyfriends, but what no one knew was that she had never actually been intimate with them. When she and Tobias were able, he would be her first.

Licking her lips, she glanced down, wanting to see what he looked like. Hearing his light moan pulled her gaze back to his face before she could though, and she leaned forward to kiss him. Her hand continued to move along his length, feeling the steel encased in velvet. She felt the liquid at the tip of it and slowly used her thumb to rub it around the tip.

She left his lips to kiss his jaw, upward toward his ear where, after she nibbled on the lobe, she whispered, “You are so hard, yet so soft at the same time Angel. I want to make you feel good, tell me what you want.”

Feeling his head come up, she backed away. She looked into his eyes noticing their color. They were red and ringed in blue.

“I want to feel your mouth on me baby, but only if you want it too,” he told her. “I hear the guys tell of how good it feels and it’s made me curious.”

She felt her eyes widen at this. “You mean you never…?”

He shook his head.

She smiled because she hadn’t either. “Good, it’s a curiosity we can satisfy together.”

So, sliding off his lap, she moved between his knees. She licked up his long length before taking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around the tip. She heard his sharp intake of air as her mouth closed around him completely before she closed her eyes at the first taste of him. She then began to move her mouth up and down along his length sucking hard.

“Let me feel your teeth baby,” he whispered as he buried his hands in her hair.

She lightly scraped on the end of him with her teeth at his request.

He let out a loud moan before he began to move his hips. He soon caught a rhythm and began thrusting as he held onto her.

She whimpered as she felt her own body respond to what he was doing.

One of his hands left her hair then and moved down to her breast, giving it a light squeeze.

Letting out a groan she sucked harder.

He thrust faster as her hands gripped his hard thighs. He was so far gone by this point it didn’t take much before he was grunting her name and filling her mouth with his essence.

She swallowed it all as she felt her own release. Pulling away from him, she looked up.

“I think I need clean clothes now.” She whispered as heat ran up her cheeks.

His eyes opened, and she noted they were once more sky blue as he focused on her. He then asked, “Why.”

She shrugged, not wanting to say it out loud. She then watched him as he took in a deep breath.

His eyes widened as a smile slowly began to cross his face. “That good?”

“Yeah,” she whispered.

“For me too.”

All thoughts of clean clothes left her as he pulled her back into his lap. She snuggled up to him with a soft sigh as her lack of sleep caught up with her, her eyes quickly drooping closed. Within moments her world went black as sleep took her away.

Tobias felt Kendra’s body relax and knew she now slept. It was probably the best thing for her after what the pull of the bond had put her through.

For long moments he just sat, in deep thought as he combed his fingers gently through her hair.

It amazed him how she had accepted what he had done without any dramatics. He had expected anger at the very least, yet she had given him none.

Why though? She was a hunter, it should have angered her to find out he was a murderer. Yet it pleased him also because it meant that she accepted him as he was, faults and all. It also meant she wouldn’t be trying to change him. He was one hundred and fifty-six, a change would be a very hard thing!

He smiled down at her and kissed the top of her head which caused her to huff out a sigh. So, carefully standing up with her in his arms, he made his way to the bed and lay her down on it. Then, thinking about what she had said about her clothes, he stripped them both.

He then crawled into the bed with her and snuggled her to him before falling fast asleep.

Kendra yawned and stretched as she awakened. She was feeling so much better then she had the day before.

“Good morning Kendra,” a sleepy voice said from behind her.

She quickly turned her head to look over her shoulder. “Tobias?”

Tobias gave her a sleepy smile, yet he never opened his eyes. “Who else were you expecting to be in your bed?”

“Um…?” she paused, then frowned. Then she smiled again as she remembered what had happened last night.

So, rolling over completely, she wrapped her arms around him and threw her leg over him, bringing herself closer to him as she kissed him. He soon took control and deepened the kiss. It grew rougher as he nipped at her lips.

Before long, he was moving down her neck as he made little hissing growls. The sounds turned her on and she rubbed harder against him.

“More Toby!” She begged in a whimpering cry as she moved her hand down between them to rub him.

He flipped them then so that the was on top. His cock was hard and pulsing against the apex of her thighs. He moved his hips moved slightly, pushing his tip against her as if searching for where he wanted to be.

He raised up, his eyes red and rimmed in blue, his fangs extended. “I need you baby, your body and your blood.”

“Yes, yes, Toby please!” She moaned, more than ready to give herself completely to him. “Just be gentle this first time.”

Tobias cocked his head. “Gentle?”

“Yeah. I’ve noticed you like it a bit rough and although I don’t mind, I’ve never… um….” She stumbled to a stop.

“But… but, all the boyfriends!”

She watched as all the red left his eyes, leaving only the blue and sighed. She pulled her arms and legs from around him but with one hand she rubbed gently on his chest. The mood was killed, at least for now, at the mention of her many “boyfriends”.

Tobias rolled over onto his back and after propping up on his pillows, he pulled her into his arms.

Kendra lay her head on his chest and blew out a slow breath.

“My mom can be a pill sometimes and she never did learn to take no for an answer about anything,” she began. “So, when I was fifteen a new family moved in next door to us. They were nice folks, a man and his wife, along with a son and a daughter. The son was seventeen, the daughter my age. Mom took a liking to the boy and decided he was perfect for me. He was tall, black-haired, sporty. She told me one day, “Oh honey, he’s the male version of you, you should go out with him. Just think what beautiful babies you would make”. Like that was what I wanted to think about at fifteen!

“Anyway, Mom pushed, and I resisted. Kimmy and I knew though that there was just something off about him. It was like he had something to prove and I was his way to do it. Needless to say, I tried my best to avoid him, but Mom made it very difficult for me.”

“So, Kimberly didn’t like him either?”

She snorted. “No. Kimmy has always been an outgoing smart mouth, but she wouldn’t hurt a fly, gets along with most everyone. This guy though? He made her want to slug someone and eventually she did, him! Anyway, mom continued to push no matter what I did, no matter what we told her. She refused to listen to either of us.”

“So, what happened?”

“As she continued to push him on me I thought, maybe if I gave in then she would leave me alone. At least then she’d see I’d given it a try, right?” She told him with an annoyed grunt. “I dated him for a week and that was the longest week of my life! He would call me at all hours and if I didn’t answer, he would come over. If it was the middle of the night, he climbed in my window. I woke up one night to find him in bed with me, naked!” She shuddered at the memory.

“What happened when you told your Mutter?”

She snorted. “Oh, honey! It just proves his love for you and that he can’t stand to be without you, just make sure you use protection. You don’t want to be a teen mom. That was her answer, use protection! What kind of mom does that?”

“I’m not liking your Mutter much. I didn’t much like her when I heard what she said to Falco, but this is…I don’t have words.” Tobias said as he shook his head in disgust.

“Well, it doesn’t get any better. After that week was up of fending off his unwanted advances and sleeping in my sister’s room, which was on the second floor, I dumped him. I told him it wasn’t going to work out with us that I had met someone. Of course, he wanted to know who, so I had to quickly find a guy who would be my temporary boyfriend. It wasn’t easy, I had to bribe the guy, but it got moron off my back,” she said. Then gave a huge sigh before saying, “and that’s how my chain of endless boyfriends started. If I went more then a week without one mom started bringing moron back around.”

“So, let me get this straight,” he said. “You dated random men so that your Mutter wouldn’t push your neighbor's son on you?”

“Yeah, sadly I did,” she admitted. “It didn’t seem to matter if she actually met them, just that they existed.”

“Did Kimberly know about all of this?” He asked then.

She shrugged. “Part of it, the ones when we were younger anyway. Later, I think she just thought that I moved around so much that I didn’t want anything permanent.”

“Aren’t you old enough now for your Mutter to leave you alone?”

Kendra sighed and moved restlessly. “See, that’s the thing. When I turned eighteen my mom and his mom decided that since their children were so absolutely perfect for each other, that they would arrange our marriage to each other.”

Tobias almost came up off the bed at that with a shocked look on his face. “They did what?”

“Unbelievable huh?” She said with a snort. “Yeah, they have a contract and everything. He’s apparently signed it, although I haven’t actually SEEN it! Mom keeps saying that one day I’m going to realize how perfect he is for me and that she’s been right all along. I kept hoping he’d find another woman to fixate on, but until then, I kept the boyfriends coming!”

Tobias huffed, “So, now that you don’t live there, has she given up?”

“Um…I do still live at home when I’m in town, which isn’t often,” she told him. “When I am home though she tends to invite him to dinner unless I bring a guy home with me.”

“At least being on the road you don’t have to see him,” he muttered.

“Yeah, but only if I have a “boyfriend”, even if he is made up,” she grumbled.

Tobias snickered. “You resorted to making them up?”

“Yep. I’ve even sunk so low as to stop random men on the street and asked to have my picture taken with them. Then I send the picture to her as proof of my latest boyfriend,” she informed him. “I made the mistake of not telling my mom one time about my “latest” one for a couple of weeks. I came back to my motel room one night after a hunt, tired and dirty. I think I chased that vamp halfway around the city on foot and all I wanted was a hot shower and a bed, but when I walked in there was that moron! He was in my bed, naked, and… up!

“I grabbed my bag up to leave and he says, “Oh sweetheart, you know you want me! No woman can resist this,”. Then he stood up in all his…naked glory if you could call it that! He was skinny, pale, and not that I have anything against skinny men or pale men for that matter. I mean, I have a few friends that are skinny and pale, they’re the nicest people you ever want to meet but…”

“It’s okay baby, I know what you’re saying,” Tobias said to calm her as she kissed the top of her head.

“Anyway, I walked out the door, got in my car and drove to the next town to a motel. After that I made sure when I was in one place more than a night to call my mom and tell her all about my latest love interest and how wonderful he was,” she concluded.

“You know, my Mutter has been trying to push girls on me and my Bruders for a while now, but I don’t think she would go as far as yours has. It makes me want to call her and thank her for being such a good Mutter to me,” Tobias murmured.

“Then you should do that, never take those you love for granted Tobias,” she told him. Then she gave him a kiss.

The kiss started out innocently enough, but it soon heated up and before she could blink, Tobias once more had her on her back!

As they kissed, his hand began to roam, and she groaned as he gently squeezed her breast. Encouraged by his touch, she began a little touching of her own. Running her hands down his back, she felt the smooth skin and hard muscles as they tensed under her hand. Going even lower, she squeezed his bum and pulled him closer to her.

She could feel how hard and ready he was as he brushed up against the side of her thigh and the thought of him inside her caused her to moan and break away from his kiss.

“Toby, Angel, I want you.”

“Kendra, what you do to me. I never thought I would find someone like you to love. I will be as gentle as I can, but I want you so badly and it’s been so long,” he said as he looked up at her his eyes red and rimmed in blue.

His passion was back.

“It will be alright,” she whispered reassuringly.

“I will bite though Kendra, I will. What if in the haze of passion, I can’t stop?”

She smiled and gently ran a hand down his arm. “I’ll stop you, Angel, just love me.”

So, with a nod, he once more attacked her lips, his kisses rough yet she found she really liked them that way. He bit and sucked on her lips before invading her mouth to suck her tongue. The whole time he did his hand was moving over her body sending shivers down her as his touch lit a fire in her blood.

When his hand made its way between her legs, her back arched at the feel of those long fingers gently playing, arousing, making sure she was ready for his invasion.

Her head went back, and she gasped, “Toby!”

She whimpered as he moved his body between her thighs and she felt the tip of his manhood slip into her folds. She arched her back, ready for him, wanting to know what it felt like to be loved by him.

“Kendra, meine Geliebte,” he murmured close to her ear. “I will be everything to you if you will let me. I will be your first, I will be your last, and I will love you until we are no more.”

She whispered in return, “Tobias, you will be my first, my last, and I will love you until we are no more.”

With those vows to each other, she knew it was the vampire way of marriage because Kimmy had told her of Falco’s vow to her. She knew they had completed their bonding with each other.

Tobias then thrust into her even as his teeth extended, and he bit into her neck.

She felt nothing more then a pinch from his bite before the pleasure of him making love to her took over her mind. He was as slow and gentle, as she had asked him to be, yet suddenly she wanted more!

“Faster Toby!” She moaned.

So, he picked up his speed as he pushed through her barrier. She felt little more than a twinge as their hips began to move together in a dance of love.

She felt as if she was flying as pleasure continued to pulse through her. Her moans only encouraging him to thrust harder. She began to feel a building sensation in her stomach and could do nothing but moan. The pleasure grew until she felt her release burst inside and she screamed his name even as she cried.

She tightened her thighs on his hips as the waves of pleasure continued to flow.

Tobias thrust a few more times.

She tugged at him gently, letting him know he needed to stop taking blood.

He pulled away from her neck and groaned her name. He pulled further back to look at her with those sky-blue eyes and whispered, “Good?”


Then they smiled at each other.

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