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Blaze always knew she was different. She had an unnatural ability that no one she knew had. Then three mysterious new kids show up, and take her to a whole new world. Literally. Blaze Laflamme knew, ever since she was little, that she was different. She had unusually coloured eyes and hair that represented her in more ways than one. She was the epitome of fire, and everyone knew it. She was also the most feared. But she hadn't always been feared. She had been bullied, and had gone through a lot, though she'd never actually tell someone that. She didn't like the pitying looks many had given her. The only reason why she was feared now was because she had snapped. That's what happened when you were fire. Then one day three new kids showed up at her school unexpectedly, looking for her, and she doesn't know why. They drug her and take her to another where she battles, once again, with her inner demons, and a certain gorgeous water elementalist.

Fantasy / Scifi
Mady Grace Cooper
4.6 57 reviews
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Chapter 1

I was just walking into my high school. It was my first day of senior year, and I was ready to lay low, and graduate. I had gotten through grade nine, ten, and eleven without being noticed. I was ready to do so for one more year.

My best friend, Mya, was, as always, waiting for me at my locker. She usually did this because she was the only one I, really, was friends with. She would hang out with me all the time, although I never initiated our friendship.

But Mya also had to juggle her one-sided friendship with me, her grades, and all the other people she has friendships with. I really didn’t know how she did it. So, I usually just have a few close friends.

Mya was your typical popular girl, blonde hair, blue eyes, but she didn’t have the cruelness that a stereotypical one had. She didn’t bully or sleep around. She was a pure spirit, through and through.

And I envied her for it.

Anyway, as I said, it was my first day of senior year, and already it was off to a bad start. As soon as I walked in through the front doors everyone’s conversation died down, all eyes turning to me. I never knew why everybody always looked so surprised to see me, even though most of them knew me since grade nine. I was guessing it was because of my unusual hair, and eye colour. I had natural wine red coloured hair, and startlingly blue eyes.

But, what surprised me was the new kids, who continued talking in hushed voices until they realized nobody else was. When they did finally realize the three new kids turned towards where everyone else was, me. Their eyes went wide. I still wasn’t surprised because I was used to the warranted stares. Unless, they had known me for a long time, then they were unwarranted.

In the group of new kids there were two guys, and one girl. The girl had dirt brown hair, and iris pink eyes, which creeped me out a bit. The guy to her left, who was in clear view of me, had platinum blonde hair, and grey eyes. The guy to her right had navy blue hair, and he was in a position where I couldn’t see his eyes.

Even though all the attention was on me I kept a passive face even though all the attention was causing me to panic the slightest bit. But, then again, I always keep a passive face, even when I was some what content.

I also kept walking towards my locker, towards Mya, and everyone backed away from me. They either had fear or admiration. On the inside I was also smirking.

The only person who didn’t look at me with fear, and admiration was Mya. She didn’t back away from me like everyone else. Even though I didn’t show it, I was quite grateful for the company once in a while.

Once I got to Mya, and my locker, she ran up to give me a hug, locking her arms around me in a bear hug. Her arms were around my waist because she was way shorter than me. I awkwardly gave her a pat on the back, letting her know that her affection was appreciated, even though unwanted.

She finally let go of me saying, “It’s great to be back at school again, mostly because it means I can see you everyday. I can’t wait to catch up! I haven’t seen you all summer! Oh, and I’m so sorry-”

“Mya,” I interrupted her, “It’s okay. I knew where you were, and even though you weren’t here, I had a great summer. Now, Mya, get to class, the bell will ring soon.”

“Oh, right,” she replied, “I’ll see you at lunch! Bye!”

Mya raced away, the bell ringing. I turned back to my locker, opening it to grab my binder for my first class. Closing my locker, I headed towards my first class only to be stopped by the three new kids.

“Hello,” the new girl said, “My name is Iris, and I need you to come with us.”

“Yeah, ok,” I replied, sarcasm evident in my voice, “I’ll totally go with complete strangers to a faraway place. ’Cause that would be a smart idea.”

“Alright,” Iris said, “if you aren’t going to come with us willingly then I’ll just have to use force. Camden, Storm.”

Grey eyes, and ocean eyes, or Camden and Storm, made their way over to me, rushing in trying to take me by surprise. Both of them tried to grab either one of my arms which I dodged with ease, twirling away out of their reach.

They finally understood that I wasn’t going with them easily, I was going to fight until I couldn’t, and they to got into a fighting stance. Even Iris, which surprised me.

You could tell that they were all trained by an expert, but you could also tell that they were forced to learn to fight. You could tell because their movements didn’t flow together, they didn’t want to fight.

On the other hand, I have always had the drive to learn how to defend myself, how to fight, so I’ve always taken some sort of martial art every year. I started with kickboxing and jujitsu, and progressed to MMA fighting and other types of martial arts.

Iris, Camden, and Storm all seemed surprised that I had also taken up a stance, ready to fight if I really needed to.

First, who I’m assuming is Camden, came at me. He went for a feint left, followed by a hook to the right. I blocked it. I threw a roundhouse kick his way with a hard cross to the face. He went headfirst backwards.

Then, Iris rushed in. She hit me with a push kick to the ribs making me stumble backwards. She followed with a left hook to my temple. I went down; hard. The sound of bones against tile made me cringe, as did the pain from the impact. She pinned me down. She started punching repeatedly, directly in the face every time. I sent a punch her way when she was distracted. I hit her right in the nose, a satisfying crack ringing through the hallway. Iris fell back holding her nose. I pinned her down, returning the favor. I punched her repeatedly in the face, and ribs.

Suddenly I was ripped off of Iris. I was, once again, pinned down. The only difference was that the eyes were ocean blue instead of pink. I was getting ready to be punched but, who I’m assuming is Storm, just held me down. I smirked. He thinks he’s bested me. He gives me a confused look. My smirk grew wider.

I pushed my hips up, flinging Storm off me. I tried to get up, but my arms didn’t move. I looked up at my arms, as they were pinned above me, and I saw cuffs that were made out of water holding me down. Well, at least I wasn’t the only one?

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw Camden with a syringe in his hand.

I was so angry. They think they can come to my school, and drug me? They think they can kidnap me? Well, if they think so then they are sorely mistaken.

The rage turned into something else. It turned into something physical. I went up in flames, the water cuffs turning to steam.

I stood up, still engulfed in flames, only to be drenched in water. My fire went out for a second to long, and that gave Camden the window he needed. He put the syringe in my neck, pushing the contents of it into me.

My eyelids got heavy, and stars lit my vision. I took a step further ready to punch, but I collapsed. I was caught by someone. I opened my eyes briefly only to see ocean blue eyes. Once my eyes were closed I started trying to get out of the grip of them.

I got out of their arms only to be sent into oblivion.

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