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Chapter 10

I woke up early again, around 6:00. I really needed this run.

l hopped out of bed, and made my way to the small heap of clothes in the corner of the room. I picked up my sports bra. I was running early because I was going to be wearing my sports bra, and shorts. It was more comfortable for me when exercising, but I didn’t usually do it because of my scars. As I keep mentioning, I don’t like people looking at my scars.

I looked at my boots, and decided to look inside my closet for a pair of running shoes. I found them hidden in the corner. They were black running shoes. I slipped them on, happy to have something more comfortable.

I walked out of my room, and ran down the dark stairwell. Not my best decision, but I didn’t trip. When I got outside it was still very dark.

Before I started I quickly put my hair up. Then I started towards the forest. I could see a small path, so I ran towards that.

When I entered the forest I knew this was going to be a daily thing.

I let out my first genuine smile since I got here, and got lost in my own little world while I ran.

When I returned the sun had risen, but no one was out and about. I walked back up to my room quickly, not wanting anyone to see me.

Just as I was about to open my door, and enter my room I heard Iris’s door open, a little gasp coming out of her mouth when she spotted me. I opened my door quickly, and slammed it behind me.

I walked into the bathroom, and found Storm walking in too. His eyes widened slightly when he spotted me. I went straight for the sink, wanting to wash the sweat from my face. I washed my face quickly, and exited the bathroom, not wanting to interact with anybody.

I changed into tights, and put on a t-shirt, leaving my shoes on. I looked at the time. 7:45. I decided to skip breakfast, and find my classroom. I had Math, and it was in Room 8. It was near the office

I headed down to the office, looking at the room numbers. Once I saw 8 I walked in. The door was closed, so I’m guessing that I’m earlier than most students.

A woman sitting at a desk at the front of the room turned her head to look at me. She smiled. It didn’t reach her eyes. She saw the incident last night.

“Hi, Blaze,” she greeted me. “It’s nice to meet you. My name is Mrs. Atwater, and I’m Storm’s mother.”

I could see the resemblance. Even though she had dark brown hair she still had the blue eyes that his whole family had. Her eyes held disappointment, even though she was smiling.

“Sit anywhere you would like.”

I saw a seat in the back, and took that one. The bell rung, and, somehow, students started coming into the classroom, like they were waiting for the bell to ring. Iris walked into the class, dressed as she usually is in her dark green blouse, skirt, and makeup. At least she didn’t cake makeup on, she applied a reasonable amount, which enhanced all her features.

She spotted me, and came to sit down beside me. I saw the look in her eyes. The pity that was there. I hated pity.

“Don’t look at me like that,” I snarled at her. She just looked away, startled.

She thought I was going to hurt her. She was afraid of me. Just like everybody else. And here I was thinking I could finally have a friend. But I had pushed her away, like I do every single time. I scared them away.

I just ignored her. I didn’t need friends. I could take care of myself. I didn’t need anyone except myself.

Class started. It was filled with basic equations, ones that I had already learned. Class went quickly. Until a student came into the classroom, and whispered in her ear.

“Blaze,” she called. I looked up from my work. “Headmaster Azalea wants you in his office. Skyler is going to take you to his office.”

I looked at the student. She looked oddly like Camden. Maybe he had a sister. Who knows. I stood up from my seat, returned the pencil I had borrowed from Mrs. Atwater, and followed the Skyler girl out of the room.

Once we were out of sight of any teachers she whirled around, “If you touch my brother again I will kill you.”

I smirked, “If I can beat up your brother so badly then you wouldn’t have a chance at killing me. Just lead me to the Headmaster’s office, and we never have to see each other again.”

She scowled, but turned around, leading me to the Headmaster’s office. She knew that if her brother can’t beat me, she can’t either.

She stopped by the last door across from my Math classroom, and opened the door for me. When I stepped in she closed the door, and speed-walked away. There was a receptionist sitting in front of a door, sitting at her desk. She had a name tag that said ‘Mrs. Forest’ in bold lettering. She made a gesture saying ‘go on in.’

I walked in to see Headmaster Azalea looking at some papers. When he heard the door close he looked up, startled.

“Ah, Blaze,” he said, “I think you know why your here today. Please sit.”

“No, thanks, I’d prefer to stand,” I replied coolly. “I’m here because I shouldn’t have beaten up Camden, so on, and so forth. I know that I shouldn’t have, but I tried to walk away. You saw it go down. I tried to walk away, and he kept challenging me. Also, I’m not just a fire wielder. Fire is a part of me. It makes me have a temper. Sue me.”

“You still shouldn’t have done it,” he said, “and now you’re just making excuses.”

“Well, I’m sorry, nonetheless,” I said, crossing my arms in front of me.

“I’m not the one you should be apologizing to,” he made a hand gesture. “You can go now, but I expect you to apologize to Camden after your classes today. You are dismissed.” I turned to go. “Also, Blaze, I would appreciate it if you wore the proper school uniform.”

“I’ll wear it occasionally,” I retorted, “because someone has to be ready for an attack at all times.”

He just sighed. I walked out.

When I entered the class again, the ball rang. Time for Weapon’s Training.

I made my way to the field, where I saw a large man who, again, looked like Camden. He turned, like he could feel me, and scowled. Definitely related to Camden in some way.

I walked over to him, I was the first one out since everybody was getting changed.

“What are you doing out early, girl?” he snarled at me.

“I’m already changed, sir,” I replied.” And don’t call me ‘girl.’ I have a name. But you already know it, don’t you?”

“I’m going to be running you hard girl, for what you did to my son.”

Ah, so I was right. I smirked, “Good luck with that. I’ve already been to hell and back.”

That’s when students started arriving. All of them were wearing shorts and tank tops. It was really hot out here, but I wasn’t changing into anything else.

I looked at the different colours that they had. It was all Ignisa’s, and Aquem’s. That means I was going to be sparring against an Aquem. That way that anyone who freaked out could be shut down immediately.

Then I noticed that Storm was in this class. I would probably be sparring with him, since he’s one of the strongest. I internally groaned. I just hoped that it wouldn’t be awkward because of our weird conversation last night. Me naked in the shower. Him fully clothed. Watching me.

I pushed the memory to the back of my mind.

All of the students grouped around the teacher. Mr. Skye.

“Alright, today we are going to start swordplay. Partner up. Blaze, you’ll be sparring with Storm,” he said. Everybody partnered up, Storm and I being automatic partners, it only made sense, since we were both part of the Chosen. Everybody went, and grabbed a sword. They were two-handed swords since they were heavier, and longer.

Once everyone was lined up across the field, partners opposite each other, in a fighting stance. Then Mr. Skye yelled, “Alright, now that everybody is ready I want you to spar. I want to evaluate what you know. Alright start.”

Storm came at me immediately. He definitely excelled at this. I had never wielded a sword before, so this was an unfair fight. I tried my hardest.

He went for an overhead swing, which I dodged. He missed. He whirled around, ready to strike again. He swung. Again and again. And even though I had good reflexes I didn’t know how to wield a sword. Somehow he launched my sword out of my hand. He pointed the sword at my chest, smirking. He thought he had won. Too bad that I always win.

I knocked the sword out of the way, grabbing the blade you would if you were going this with a gun. I ripped it out of his hand, tackled him, and held the blade to his throat. His smirk vanished. Everybody was staring at us.

“Now,” I yelled, my eyes not leaving Storm’s, “I have a lesson to teach. If you ever lose your weapon, remember that there are several different ways to defeat your opponent. Don’t rely on one thing. But there is always one thing you can always rely on. Yourself.”

I got off of Storm and helped him up. I saw understanding in his eyes.

I wonder what that was about.

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