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Chapter 11

In Weapon’s Training I progressed quite quickly. I wasn’t perfect, but I wasn’t bad either. Once the bell rung I stopped Storm from leaving to ask him where Gym #1 was. He pointed to a building in the distance.

I nodded in thanks, and made my way over there. When I entered the teacher, a rather muscular woman with short, styled, brown hair, and striking amber eyes. She looked like an Ignisa but I could be wrong.

She looked up as I walked in, and half-smiled, “Hi Blaze, I’m Ms. Amber. It’s nice to meet another strong Ignisa. Are you ready for gym? We’ll be starting with soccer, if your wondering.”

“Good thing I enjoy soccer then,” I replied.

She looked up at me, and smiled, genuinely. Either she hadn’t heard about what I had done to Camden or she didn’t care.

She stood up, and started setting up the gym, which was like a regular school gym, for soccer. Soccer was one of the other sports I enjoyed to play, as well as swimming, and, obviously, martial arts. I also took dance for a while. It was a way for me to spend time around people since I didn’t like to get particularly close to people.

I scanned the gym. It was like any other gym, which was quite weird as this was such a different world from mine. Students started coming in, and from all of their uniforms it looked like they were all Ignisa’s. I guess it was safer because nobody could burn anybody.

This also happened to be an all girls gym class, so I knew absolutely nobody. Most girls went off into their little cliques. I shook my head and sighed. I guess that no matter where you are there will always be cliques.

One of the girls came towards me. She had golden blonde hair, and crystal blue eyes.

“Hi, I’m Kalama,” she introduced herself. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Blaze. Especially your ability to burst into flames. I wish that I could do that. I’m a weak Ignisa unfortunately. Which is ironic because my name means ‘flaming torch.’ Anyway, if you wanted to get away from anyone, come to the girls dorms, and ask for me. I have lots of secret places on this property.”

Ms. Amber walked in making most of the girls stop talking.

“Alright, girls, today we will be starting with the basics of soccer,” she said, her voice booming. “We’ll do about 25 minutes of passing, and juggling, and the rest of the class will be a scrimmage. Alright, first passing. Grab a partner, and a ball, and start passing.”

Kalama looked at me, an unspoken question in her eyes. I nodded. She beamed, and ran over grabbing a ball. She went over to an open part of the gym, and I followed. She set down the ball, and passed. It was a good straight pass.

We passed the ball around for a good while before Ms. Amber yelled, “Alright, ladies, time for some juggling. Start at one side of the gym, and use the side of your foot to kick it back, in the air, to your partner. Begin!”

Kalama was going toss the ball, and I was going to kick it back with the inside of my foot, switching it up, so that I was using both feet, alternating between the two. Once we got to the other end of the gym, lengthwise, Kalama tossed me the ball and we switched positions. We both did good at this drill.

“Now use your laces!”

We did so.

“Now, I want you all to use your head and head it back to your partner.”

I excelled at that one, though Kalama kept closing her eyes, and it went in a totally different direction. She eventually got it.

“That’s enough girls!” Ms. Amber yelled. “I need two volunteers to be captains.” Kalama’s hand went up, so I shrugged and did the same. “Kalama, Blaze. Pick your teams.”

I nodded at Kalama to pick first. She picked a slender girl with long legs. She was going to be fast. I spotted a short girl at the back. I picked her. She walked over. She was going to be a good forward. She could slip around many people because of her size.

I picked a different array of girls. Some bulky, some tall, some short. Kalama’s team was made of girls that looked similar. Average height, long legs. I smirked. I had the better team.

We went off to our side of the field to discuss what positions each person wanted to play. I didn’t care where I went, as long as we won.

“Alright, get in position. We’re playing,” I paused counting the girls. Eight girls, one small net. No keeper. “With three defense, two midfield, and three forward. Get into what position you want to play, and if there are any problems I’ll figure it out. I’ll play whatever’s left.” Nine girls with me. I forgot to count myself.

They got into position, and there was a squabble over who was going to go forward because there were four girls who wanted to play that position. I told one of the girls who didn’t care to play midfield with me.

“Remember girls, we’re going to be the winners,” I yelled encouragingly. “If you have no one to pass to, nowhere to go, look around. No clumping. Always protect the net. And work together.”

Everyone got in a ready stance, Kalama’s team ready. The ball kicked off, and the game started.

When I was walking back to the school after class Kalama caught up to me.

“Hey,” she panted, “You should try out for the soccer team. You’re really good. Too bad that there isn’t a girls team.”

“Why?” I asked.

“There just aren’t enough girls that are interested,” Kalama replied. “The girls in Gym may look like it, but Ms. Amber would have their heads if they didn’t try. I’ve tried out for the guys teams so many times it’s ridiculous. I’ve never actually made it, but you have a better chance than me.”

“I heard Storm plays,” I said, curious. “Do you know what teams he plays for?”

“He plays for the Crashing Waves,” she said, awed. “He’s the best soccer player, and the Crashing Waves are the best team.Their tryouts are next week.”

“Well,” I smirked, “If you’re going I guess I’ll meet you there.”

I walked away, Kalama stopped surprised, and made my way to the dining hall, I was hungry.

I was also content. I may have been crap at making friends, but I may have just made one.

Power Control was interesting because Storm was weird. He kept sneaking around, trying to get me angry, and writing stuff down on a clipboard.

After that I made my way to Camden’s room. I did feel really bad for what I did to him. When I got there I knocked on the door. A few minutes later I heard a muffled “Come in.”

I walked in to see Camden, bandages, and bruises covering any exposed skin. God, I was so ruthless. I walked over, and when Camden spotted me his eyes widened.

“I came to apologize,” I said, my voice low. “ I shouldn’t have done what I did. It was unacceptable. Usually I can keep myself in control.” I turned around and grabbed my head. “God, I feel horrible for what I did. I lost control. I never lose control. I’m so sorry Camden.”

I felt someone touch me. I turned around to see Camden holding my wrist softly, pulling me towards him.

He could barely speak, but he managed, “I’m sorry, too. I shouldn’t have pushed you when I knew you would’ve reacted like that. Don’t worry, I forgive you, and we can still be friends. I would like to be friends, Blaze. You seem pretty cool.”

I smiled softly, happy that somehow, some way, someone liked me. But I also felt guilty. I just wished I could heal him.

All of a sudden I heard a sudden intake of breath. Camden was in pain. I tried to get him to let go of my wrist, but he wouldn’t let me go. Then it just stopped.

Camden reached up to his head, and took off the bandages covering his burns. He reached up to touch his face. He gasped. I gasped.

There were no burn marks, Not even scars. His skin was smooth, apart from the bruises still covering his face. He looked at me in awe.

I had healed him.

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