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Chapter 13

At breakfast and lunch Camden was there, and he kept trying to include me in the conversation. I only ignored him. Even though I had apologized I still wasn’t very invested in trying to make friends. Usually if someone really wanted to be my friend then they would keep pushing until I just accepted that they actually wanted to be friends with me. Camden, I could tell, was going to be that person. Like Mya was.

Whenever I was around Storm I felt really awkward. I just ignored him for the day, though. Until Power Control.

I walked onto the field, feeling extremely nervous, but looking cool and confident. Today, since I had mastered one small thing as Storm made me continually create small flames in my palm, we were going to move onto something a bit harder.

Storm walked in. He didn’t say anything about last night, and pretended like nothing had happened.

“Today I want you to focus on the air around you,” Storm started. “Most Ignisa’s use the heat in the air around them when using their power. Of course, you’re a bit different than them since you can make your own heat, but it is still an important skill to learn. Whenever you can, I would advise that you use the heat in the air, and use your own heat for emergencies. Now focus on the air around you. You should be able to feel the difference between the heated air, and the cold air. I can too, but I use the cold, the wetness, in the air to make water or ice.”

I closed my eyes and felt the air around me. I imagined that I was reaching invisible fingers through the air, dividing the cool and the heat. It worked. I could feel the heat.

“Good,” Storm said abruptly. “Now, I want you to make the heat go all around you, making the field only cool air.” I did so. “Now I want you to make a small flame like you did yesterday. It’s important to be able to use the heat around you because when you use your heat you lose energy faster.”

I gathered the heat around me, and focused it on my outstretched palms that were facing skyward. I felt the heat flare up, and on my hand. I opened my eyes. The flame was there. I felt this unrelenting joy at what I had done. I was mastering my power, however slowly.

“Good job,” Storm congratulated me. “Now I want you to release the energy and try again.”

I released the energy. I tried, and succeeded, again and again and again. Until this session was over. When it was over I was exhausted. Storm said it was only natural, and that the more I use my power the better stamina I would get.

When I got back to my room I debated just having a nap right then. I decided that a nap would only be far since I stayed up late last night, and I had just exerted a lot of energy.

BUt before I went to collapse on my bed I went to wash my face from all the sweat that was on it. Not only was the heat excruciating, but I was also working really hard. Plus there was dry sweat from Gym, and Weapons Training.

I just washed my face because I liked to have showers after dinner, before I go to bed. I went back into my room, and looked in my closet. It had more clothes then it did this morning. I grabbed a pair of shorts, and a tank top, changing into those as I was collapsing into bed.

Oblivion welcomed me with open arms.

I woke up to someone shaking me, and yelling in my ear, “Blaze! It’s time to get up!”

“Go away,” I mumbled. The shaking stopped.

“Fine,” I realized that Iris was the one shaking me. “Then miss dinner. Also the guards are going to be here with your stuff tomorrow afternoon. They decided just to grab everything out of your room since you kept making requests.”

I shot up out of bed, excited, “My stuff is going to be here tomorrow?”

“Yes,” Iris said, “Now change, and head down to dinner. Storm and Camden are already down in the dining hall.”

I got up, and realized that I was wearing a tank top, and that she could probably she my scars poking out from my top. I gave her a look, and she scurried out. I grabbed a pair of jogging pants, and a t-shirt. I also put on my running shoes, and put my hair into a messy ponytail. I didn’t particularly care about the dress code. I was wearing the right colours, so that was enough for me.

I walked down to the dining room, a ‘I-don’t-care’ look on my face. When I walked in a few heads turned towards me, but quickly turned away.

I walked over to the kitchens, and piled my plate with whatever food I could get my hands on. I walked over to the table, and started eating. Camden eyed me and my food like I was crazy.

“What?” I snapped.

“I swear you eat more than me and Storm combined,” was Camden’s hesitant reply.

“Probably cause I do,” I responded. “You should see what I eat once I start playing sports. I can usually devour two heaping plates of food, and still be hungry. SOmetimes I think I was born the wrong gender.”

Camden, Iris, and Storm all looked surprised.

“You can eat two plates of food and still be hungry?” Iris asked disbelievingly. “I can barely eat a plate.”

I nodded my head, “I don’t think me using my powers is helping either.”

They nodded and went back to eating. I went back to devouring. Once I was done I left the dining room to shower, and go to sleep. I was exhausted, so I didn’t feel like reading today. I also didn’t want a repeat of last night. Maybe I could sleep in tomorrow.

No. I wanted to train tomorrow.

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