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Chapter 16

When I headed back to my room I was invited to Camden’s room to hang out. I decided to say yes.

I had to wait for Iris to finish first before we headed up to Camden’s room. When we did arrive at his room Storm, and Iris went to sit on Camden’s bed, while I stood awkwardly in the doorway. Camden gestured me in. I decided to sit in the corner, trying to stay out of the way of their conversation.

They started talking about things that friends do. They laughed, they threatened, they fought. I wished that I had had friends who were like that.

I was about to stand up and leave, but Camden said, “Stay.” He looked at Iris and Storm. “Let’s include Blaze. I had a conversation with her earlier, and she seems pretty interesting.”

Camden gestured me over, and I went to stand beside the bed.

“What questions do you want me to answer?” I asked.

“Hmmmmmm… Let’s start with your favourite colour.” Iris started.

“Believe it or not but my favourite colour is purple,” I answered. “What about yours?”

“Pink, like a flower,” Camden answered.

“Grey, like a cloudy sky,” Iris said.

“Orange, like the sunset,” Storm replied.

“Now.. what about favourite food, sport, basically your favourite anything?” Camden asked.

“Favourite food is anything, really,” I started. “Favourite sport is fighting, MMA specifically. Favourite band, don’t have one. Favourite book, don’t ever ask me that question. Favourite TV show, don’t have one. Favourite movie, also don’t have one. And that’s about it.”

“So, never ask you what your favourite book is?” Iris asked cautiously. I nodded my head. “Why?”

“Because I’ve read so many books, and I love all of them,” I answered.

“And You don’t have a favourite TV show or movie?” Camden asked. I shook my head. “Do you not watch TV or something? There are so many awesome TV shows out there. And some awesome movies, too.”

“Most of the movies I like are horror movies,” I said, nonchalantly, “But not the prissy, old ones. Those just make me laugh. I like the super creepy ones with gore, and jump scares.”

Camden’s eyes widened, “Really? I swear you and Storm were made for eachother. He absolutely adores horror movies.”

I cocked my eyebrow, “Really? Well, if you ever want to watch one with me just ask.”

“Ok,” Iris interrupted, looking slightly freaked out, “Let’s move on from horror movies. What is normal school like? Not normal, sorry, but school for humans without powers?”

“Honestly? Or do you want it sugar coated?” I asked.

They all looked enraptured in the idea of going to school without special abilities, “Honestly.” They all said it in unison. It was sort of creepy.

I nodded, “It was shit. It was boring because I already knew most of the materiel that we were learning, and I had only one friend. Everybody else feared me, and I was fine with that. I just had to finish and then a MMA sponsor would pick me up, and I would be traveling, and fighting for the rest of my life. I was the best teen fighter in the world, and I still think that that hasn’t changed.”

Storm looked slightly impressed once I stopped. But I continued, “I was also captain of the guys soccer team, and captain of the swimming team. I was also going to be valedictorian when I graduated, but that won’t be happening, ever.” I shrugged it off, but I was actually quite upset that my future was thrown away like it was nothing.

Storm, Iris, and Camden all had their jaws to the floor. I shrugged again. It wasn’t a big deal. I just worked hard, and kept to myself. I mean, I didn’t have any friends, so I found a way to occupy myself.

“Really?” was Storm’s surprised reply.

“Also, I took a police course on self defense, and other things. Investigation, forensics, etcetera.”

They, again, stared at me in disbelief. I, again, shrugged. Apparently they didn’t know as much about me as they thought they did.

Even though I shrugged it off I was actually smirking inside. I may not know how to wield weapons, not including throwing knives or a bow, but I could do a lot of different moves then most, if not all, of the people here.

“We’re all trained in combat, just not trained in those things,” Iris started, “And we all have an average mark in every class.”

I nodded. I didn’t expect them to be even more extraordinary than they already are. The only reason why I was that good at school and other things because I had the time to master it. They all shut their gaping mouths.

They were nice once you got to know them. Man, I was so mean to them in the beginning. They didn’t deserve it, no matter if I didn’t like some of the things that they did.

“I…” I choked out, and they looked at me curiously. “I… I’m sorry for being so mean to all of you when I first got here. I’m not used to, or good at, the whole ‘nice’ thing. So, I’m truly sorry for being mean.”

They looked at each other with the ‘you-thinking-what-I’m-thinking’ expression. Then they nodded at each other.

“I’ve forgiven you, if that’s worth anything,” Camden started.

“I forgive you, too,” Iris said. “You seem like a pretty cool person. And we’re a team, we have to work together.”

We all looked to Storm, and he nodded, “You don’t have to apologize to me. I wasn’t particularly nice to you, and You didn’t do anything particularly mean to me.”

I slightly nodded in understanding. He had a point.

I looked over at the time, as there was an awkward silence, and the digital clock said 9:something. I just saw that it was nine, and decided that I was going to finish ACOMAF.

“I’m going to head out, but I’ll see you tomorrow,” and with that I hurried out of the room, and made my way to my own room.

Once I was in my room I picked up ACOMAF, and made my way to my bed. I had a small smile on my face. Time for a long night of reading. I was determined to finish my book.

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