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Chapter 18

An hour later I was the only girl left standing, and I was dominating the field. I hadn’t scored any goals yet, though we were winning 3-2, but I had assisted two of them.

I had the ball now, and I passed it up to the midfield in front of me. I overlapped, ran in front of the midfield for a pass, and had a break away. I went for the shot, the bottom left of the net, and got it in. My team cheered, and I smiled. I full on smiled since the first time I had gotten here.

“So, you do smile,” was Camden’s remark that wiped the smile right off my face. I went back into my usual bored expression. “Well, the boys are calling it a day, but we won. Nice goal, by the way.”

“Thanks,” I replied. At that moment I realized how hungry I actually was, and my stomach grumbled really loudly.

I looked up at Camden who had an amused expression on his face, “Looks like we should get to the dining hall before your stomach eats you from the inside out.”

“Don’t mock my eating habits just because you’re jealous that I eat more than you,” was my reply, my eyes showing amusement, but my expression otherwise bored. He laughed at that.

I turned towards the school, and made my way to my room since I was still wearing my cleats, and soccer equipment. When I did get to my room I quickly changed into a t-shirt and leggings with running shoes. Maroon and black, like always.

I pretty much sprinted down to the dining hall since I was so hungry. When I did get there, I got my food, which was stacked to the ceiling, and made my way over to my table.

Everyone was already seated, except me, with all their plates filled, smiles on their faces. Even Storm was smiling. For once.

I walked up to the table, and all their smiles, except for Camden’s, shrunk when they saw me approach. I just put a damper on everything, didn’t I?

I sat down, telling myself to stop thinking like that, and dug into my food. They continued talking amongst themselves. Then Camden said, “So, Blaze, I know you said that you were captain of the soccer team, but I didn’t expect you to be that good. Are you going to try out for one of the school teams?” I nodded. “Which one are you going to try out for?”

I glanced over at Storm, and said, “The Crashing Waves. My friend, Kalama, who’s in my gym class, said that they were the best team, and I am the best.”

Storm looked surprise, then annoyed. Then his mask of nothing came back. I looked back at Camden and he looked surprised too.

“Really?” Camden asked. “A lot of girls who like soccer try out for other teams, but only one has ever tried out for the Crashing Waves, and she never makes it. No girl has ever actually made the Crashing Waves, and it’s not likely you will.”

“Yes, you’re probably right,” I said, “But I’m also not like other girls. I was seen as one of the guys, and I was always the best in my school. At almost everything, too. Plus, not only was I really invested in fighting I was also really invested in soccer. And a warning for all guys, never underestimate what a girl can do because next thing you know you’ll be on your ass. Just a warning.”

And with that statement I went back to eating.

They just sort of left, me to my food after that. I guess they learnt that when I was hungry I got violent. Who knew.

Once I was done my food I decided to head back to my room, like usual. I tried to read but my mind was still in soccer mode, so I slipped on my cleats, and went out to the now empty field.

I started with striking, or shooting, however you want to say it. I had gotten a bit rusty from not working on it for the first week I had been here. I had wanted to, but I hadn’t known where the field was... And I didn’t want to ask anyone. I may come off as demanding, and mean, but I actually had pretty bad social anxiety.

I started with the ball on the eighteen yard box (for people who don’t know soccer, its the big box around the goal), and took a few kicks from there. Then, I slowly made my way outwards until the half-line. I took a few shots from there. I then tried doing something crazy. I shot from 3/4 away from the net I was shooting in. I shot a few times, and got it in a few times, as well.

After the shooting I went on to juggling. This kind of juggling was done with your feet, though, not your hands. For this juggling, you would get the ball into the air, and, only using your head, chest or anything but your hands, you would keep it off the ground, counting how many times you could hit the ball. My record was somewhere around 200, but I had been playing soccer since before I started fighting. Although I do enjoy fighting the tiniest bit more then soccer, I still loved both.

I also did a few more ball control drills. Then, when I was tired, and my mind was tired, I headed back to my room where I decided to read for another hour or so. Since I had finished ACOMAF I picked Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill.

I was so wrapped up in the book, almost finishing it, that I didn’t hear Camden knock or enter my room until he was so close I punched him,and feel off my bed, where I was reading.

“Shit,” I said through my panting, still on the floor, “Don’t ever do the again.”

I looked up to see an amused smile on his face, and I glared at him. I picked up my book, which I had, thankfully, dropped onto the pages, saving my place.

“You almost missed dinner, which is really unlike you,” Camden started, “So I took it upon myself to make sure you didn’t miss it because you can get very violent and cranky when you don’t have food. And I’ve known you for a week.”

“Alright,” I sighed and rolled my eyes. I was getting too comfortable here. But I really wanted to make friends with these people. “I’m coming now.”

I got up off the floor, put my bookmark in my book, and made my way out, Camden ahead of me. I really couldn’t wait for food.

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