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Chapter 19

A few days later, on Wednesday, the Crashing Waves try out was after school. Monday, Tuesday, and the rest of Sunday went well, and all of my classes went as usual. I was bored out of my classes. Except for two, Weapon’s Training, and Power Control. I was slowly progressing in the latter, but in the former I was getting the hang of it quite quickly.

Anyway, I was extremely excited for this try out because I was finally able to do something that I loved to do, even if it was in a foreign place. Soccer was one of the few things I loved.

Right after Power Control with Storm I headed straight to the changeroom, as my equipment was already with me. I changed quickly, and made my way out to the field. The try out didn’t start for another thirty minutes, so I started running laps.

Suddenly many guys started emerging from the changeroom, Storm being one of the first, and started talking amongst themselves, and giving me weird looks. A couple of the guys from Sunday were there, and recognized me. Eventually Kalama showed up, and joined me doing laps.

“Glad to see you here,” I said, “my partner in crime.”

She laughed at the last part, “Yeah. I would’ve been here sooner but one of the teachers held me after class. I can’t wait to see you play again. You’re such a good player. A great player, really, and I’m sure you’ll make the team.”

“Thanks,” I responded, “But I’m sure you will too.”

Then I noticed what looked to be the coach, and asked, “Is that the coach?”

Kalama nodded. I then heard the coach yell at the boys to start running because, and I quote, “These girls are already showing me they’re layer material, and you’re over here gossiping like giggling school girls.”

I didn’t appreciate the mildly sexist comment, but it was still pretty funny. All the boys started running laps with us, and after about four more the coach called us in.

When he did he wanted us to start with a warm up, including stretching, and then we’d get to the beef of the tryouts. The warm up was done in about fifteen minutes. The coach got us to do some control drills, and some fast feet drills. Then, after about an hour, we went into a scrimmage. Me and Storm were, again, put on opposing teams.

I excelled at everything we did. I was the fastest. I was the strongest. I was the best. And, no, being the best isn’t everything to me, but I have worked many hours to perfect my technique. I ran for miles, even when I was going to throw up. I went to the gym everyday to work on my strength, even if it wasn’t just for soccer. It was also for fighting, but I love soccer almost as much.

I better make this team or I was going to be really irritated.

After the try out Kalama invited me to her dorm. Turns out the dorms are sorted by gender and ability, so that also means that I’ll be around a lot of Ignisa’s, which will be fun since I’m usually surrounded by Storm, Iris, and Camden, who all possess a different ability than me.

We both changed before heading over there. I was sort of nervous since I wasn’t very good at making friends, or at least being friendly. But I could get along with them since they’re Ignisa’s just like me, so they must share, at least, some similar character traits.

When we arrived the lounge area was swarming with girls, getting food, hanging out, and all of that. Most turned their heads as we walked in, and their eyes widened as they saw me behind Kalama.

“Hi, everyone,” Kalama started, “this is Blaze, and she’ll be joining us for movie night.”

“I will?” I blurted out before processing it.

Kalama turned to me and said, “Yes you will, and we’re going to be inviting a few guys over from the other Ignisa dorm. Also, we’ll be watching a horror movie, and that’s why I thought I would invite you since you seem like the horror movie type. Anyway,” she gestured to the group of girls, the nine that were here, and pointed at one girl with brown hair, brown eyes with mocha skin who was quite short, “That’s Agnimitra,” then she pointed at a girl with dirty blonde hair, green-blue eyes, and tan skin, “That’s Azar,” now at a girl with black hair, black eyes, and perfect tanned skin, “That’s Shula,” then she gestured towards ag girl on the couches already with dreadlocked black hair, and very dark skin, “That’s Pele, and she likes to keep yo herself, so I think you two will get along great,” I rolled my eyes, and she continued, “That over there with the strawberry hair is Hestia, the one with orange hair is Fiammetta, Adana, and Adeen are the twins with brown hair over there, and Aithne is the girl in the kitchen with dark brown hair. And that’s all the introduction until the guys get here.”

I nodded, “So, what horror movie are we watching?”

“We’re watching Ouija because one of the boys said it was pretty scary,” Kalama replied.

I smirked. It was pretty scary, although not the scariest horror movie, but many novices, as I liked to call them, would get scared easily. That’s why the guys were coming over. The girls would snuggle up to them, and the boys would comfort them.

Then something occurred to me, “I thought you guys weren’t allowed to have technology?”

She turned to me with a devious smirk, “We’re not.” Then she turned back to the kitchen to help with preparations, leaving me to myself.

I walked over to Pele, who was on the couch, a phone, that she probably wasn’t allowed to have, in her hand. She glanced up at me, making eye contact with me, initiating a challenge. I stared her down, not even blinking.

After some time she looked away a pleased smirk on her face. I ignored her, and went towards the only single chair. The rest were loveseats, or had lots of space for lots of people.

Then there was a knock at the door, and everyone was busy or didn’t care, so I decided to answer the door. When I opened it I saw five guys standing outside, one with red hair, close to the same shade as mine, one with dark brown hair, two with black hair, and one with brown hair.

They all looked surprised when they saw me but red hair said, “Hi, I’m Brenton.”

“Cool,” I responded, “I’m guessing you guys are the people Kalama invited for the horror movies.”

It was more of a statement than a question, but dark brown hair said, “Yeah. My name’s Mishal, nice to meet the one and only Blaze in person,” he stuck out his hand for a handshake, but I just stared at it until he got the hint. He blushed, “right, sorry. The two with black hair are Joash, and Flint, in that order, and the guy with brown hair is Phoenix. Can we come in?”

I stepped out of the way, and let them pass. I sighed. This was going to be a long night.

But at least I get to scare people, I smirked to myself.

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