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Chapter 2

I awoke to the sound of scuffling feet. My eyes flew open, and I sat up abruptly, searching around for something I could use for a weapon.

Someone who looked a lot like a nurse looked at me in fear, and hurriedly scurried out of the room, locking the door in the process. Once I heard the lock turn I jumped off the bed I was laying on only to find ashes outlining the place I was laying down.

I continued searching for a weapon, and I spotted some scalpels across the room. I grab one, and then started searching for a hiding spot. I heard fast approaching footsteps, so I went with the cliche hiding spot. I dove under the bed, pulling my leg under just as the door is opening. Three pairs of footsteps entered the room .

“Where did she go?” I heard Iris yell from the door. “She couldn’t have escaped. There are no windows in this room, I made sure of it. And the door was locked.”

“She may be hiding?” I heard one of the boys suggest, although I didn’t know which one.

I heard everyone start searching around the room. Eventually I saw a boot walk by the left side of the bed, conveniently the side I was looking at. The owner of the boots, and the feet, paused for a second too long beside the bed. They were wondering if I was underneath the bed. Before they could bend down and look I grabbed their foot, knocking them down.

They fell hard. The impact reverberated through me.

Before they could gather their wits enough to strike back I rolled out from under the bed, and pressed the sharp end of the scalpel into their throat. Iris whipped around, and paused. So did Camden. That means that Storm was the one underneath me.

I looked down, and sure enough I was right. I was straddling him, keeping his arms and legs pinned tightly to the floor. He was, for some reason, very calm. Or at least he appeared to be. But I could see that he was quite annoyed. I gave him the smirk I had been suppressing since school started. Talking about school...

“Where am I?” I asked. My voice came out gravelly.

“You are in Elamantti. And you are an Elamanttian,” Iris said.

“A what?”

“An Elamanttian. Specifically an Ignisa," Iris explained. “An Ignisa is a fire wielder, as igni means fire in Elamanttan. You are at Elamantti Academy, the only academy for element wielders. Like you. You are a fire wielder. And you need to help us. I am -”

“Well, sorry to interrupt,” I said from on the floor, “But you need to let me go or I will kill him.”

“No, you won’t,” Iris’s face hardened. “You will let him go because if you leave this world, your world will die. That includes Isabelle, and Ezra. Mya. Everyone will die if you don’t cooperate with us. Let Storm go, and we can explain everything.”

“Okay,” I said, “I’ll let him go, but I’m taking his dagger.”

I looked back at Storm to see him surprised. He was hiding a dagger in the left sleeve of his shirt. Only someone who knew where to hide blades would know that.

“Okay,” Iris said, “take his dagger. You won’t need it.”

Ignoring her statement of not needing it I slid my hands underneath Storm’s sleeve to grab the dagger only to find his skin alarmingly cool. I didn’t let the surprise show on my face, so I went straight for the dagger. I kept the scalpel to his neck the whole time.

When I pulled the dagger out from under his sleeve I took a millisecond to admire it. There were blue, teal, and white gems set into the hilt, and there were wave-like images crawling up the blade. Just from looking at it I could tell that this blade was also very sharp.

I took the scalpel away from his throat slowly, the dagger ready to strike if need be. When I was completely off of Storm he slowly stood back up, and made his way to his spot beside Iris.

Iris turned away from me, beckoning with her left hand to follow her. I followed.

We went down sterile white corridors until they hit tapestry laden ones. There were tapestries hanging on both sides of this large corridor. You could fit about twelve people shoulder to shoulder across this corridor.

When we got close to the middle of the large corridor I finally realized that my feet were cold. I looked down to discover that there were no shoes on my feet. Oh well. I still had my tights and t-shirt on from this morning. I ignored it only to realize we had stopped in front of a tapestry.

The tapestry said ′The ones with everlasting colours will be the Chosen. The one with everlasting darkness will be the Light. The one with everlasting light will be the Darkness’.

“We are the Chosen,” Iris said, breaking the silence. ” This is a prophecy. All other Elementalists eyes change colour only when they are using their powers. All four of us have hair, eyes, and other personality traits that define what element we have. I have dirt brown hair, and flower coloured eyes. My element is Earth. I am a Teraclea. Storm has natural blue highlights in his hair, and ocean blue eyes. His element is Water. He is an Aqaem. Camden has platinum blonde hair, and grey eyes. His element is Air. He is an Airia. And then there is you. You have wine red hair, and blue eyes. Your element is Fire. You are an Ignisa. One of the hardest elements to master. Come and read the next one.”

She lead me away from the first tapestry. My brain was still not quite processing what she was saying. The second tapestry said ′Earth will lead. Air will befriend. Water will love. Spirit will heal. Fire will destroy.′

“We’re not quite sure what this one is about,” Iris said, “but we think that when it says a certain element that it refers to one of the Chosen. Us. So, for example, when it says ‘Earth’ It’s referring to me.”

I finally got out, “I don’t get it.”

“Blaze,” Iris looked at me and approached. “Blaze Laflamme, Daughter of the Fire Goddess, you are the Chosen of the Chosen.”

My vision went black all of a sudden. I was going to pass out. Again. I tried to grab onto the wall near me only to miss. I fell onto my side, my arm still out stretched.

I was the Chosen of the Chosen? What does that mean?

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