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Chapter 23

I started fighting instantly. We were completely surrounded by creatures. Some weren’t Darklings. They all had a hideous feature about them. Some had bark-like skin, others eight legs like a spider, and so much more.

I started with a Darkling, but quickly cut down their lines with slashing daggers, and flying knives. Until I had to throw both of my daggers into the hearts of two faerie looking creatures with needle sharp teeth, and being spotted by a Darkling who started charging me. I didn’t have enough time to grab the weapons, so I flung fire at him. It took the form of a throwing knife, and lodged deep into his chest. It made him slow, but, much to my annoyance, kept running towards me. So I made two swords, one in each hand, manifest, and I swung.

I was quite good with dual swords, though not as good as Storm’s mother who I could see in the corner of my eye. It was actually quite fortunate because I had mastered only one weapon in my old world, and what you could do with dual swords you could switch to daggers, or knives.

The Darkling kept charging me, so, once it was close enough, I swung my left arm. It blocked, which I was expecting, so I drove my right sword in to his gut. Catching it by surprise it went to reach for the wound, to get my sword. I let it disappear from his gut, the stab wound still visible, and leaking white blood. It reappeared when I put my hand up for my last swing. Which cut its head clean off.

Out of the corner of my left eye I caught Storm making his way towards me, though I suspected it was towards his mother who I could see out of the peripheral of my right eye. She was bombarded by creatures, the majority of them Darklings, and I could see she was struggling.

I turned from where I was, as there were little creatures where I was, and made my way towards her. She obviously needed help, even being the skilled warrior she was.

I was almost in range of her when I saw a fatal blow from a creature with talons for claws cut right through her. Literally. The talons cut right through her gut, then her neck. I hurried towards her, spurred on by Storm’s scream of, “MOM!”

I reached her as she was about to fall. I caught her. I checked her pulse to find that she was still alive. Barely.

The creatures started towards me, but I flung my arm out, sending a slash of fire, setting creatures made of flesh and wood aflame. They started squealing, and screeching in pain from the flames devouring their bodies.

I looked back at Mrs. Atwater, then to Storm, and back to the creatures in front of me. They had dared to kill this compassionate, brave woman. Not in front of me.

I laid Mrs. Atwater’s head down gently, and stood up. Throwing knives manifested around me, and I flung my hands towards the creatures. It hit everyone of them, and I made sure that all the Darklings were hit the head or chest. Then I made fire erupt from wherever the knives hit them. Most of the creatures disintegrated into ash.

Then Storm reached us, and fell to his knees beside his mother. I glance back in front of me, and saw creature approaching us.

I glanced back one more time, and decided that I would protect them. With my life. So I threw myself into the fight. Lost myself in the fight. Until they all either fled or died.

Once no more live creatures were left in school premises I felt the pain. Somehow some creature had managed to slash their claws down my back, and another had stabbed my gut. A fatal injury, one where I would bleed out slowly and die. I also noticed all the blood that had poured out. A fatal amount.

That’s when I started to feel lightheaded and dizzy, the adrenaline wearing off. My legs went weak, and I fell. Really hard.

Then I was in oblivion when my head hit the ground.

I woke up in the infirmary, the smell of antiseptic, and other chemicals invading my senses. I opened my eyes to find that this time I was in a small room with a window. I could see the field littered with bodies, both human, and creature.

I looked away from the window, and a thought occurred to me. Storm’s mother was injured. Even if she wasn’t the nicest to me at first, she had grown on me. She was sort of like Mya, in a way. She was wholly good. Or at least she tried to be.

I got up off the bed I was laying down on, ignoring the waves of pain going through my body. I saw that I just had on my sports bra, and pants. I didn’t care. I had to see if Mrs. Atwater was okay.

I opened the door to find nurses, and doctors rushing around the hallways of the infirmary. I walked out of the room, and looked in all the open doors until I saw a familiar face. And I didn’t feel any relief at all about finding who I was looking for.

Storm’s usual mask was off, and all I could see was grief. Then I glance at the white sheet pulled over her, and I knew that she hadn’t made it here in time. She had died. She had held on for her son, but in the end she had died.

I turned away from Storm, and went to my room. It was a slow trek up the stairs since the wounds on my back and gut kept stinging whenever I moved a certain way. Once I did reach my room I collapsed on my bed in exhaustion, hoping I could get more than an hour of sleep.

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