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Chapter 24

I woke up on my stomach, face still on the cold floor, my back absolutely on fire. I heard voices. Lots of voices.

I opened my eyes, and lifted up my head to find I was surrounded by people. I looked around, and reoriented myself. I was still at school, and people from my school were surrounding me.

I slowly peeled myself off the floor, and said, “Call… 911… please.” My voice came out raspy, and hurt my throat when I talked.

I finally looked behind me to find that the fire had gone out, but the bathroom was still on fire behind me. Not blazing as it had first started out, but a slow burn.

I got up off the ground, slowly. It was painful to get up off the ground, my back screaming in pain. Once I was up off the floor I limped towards one end of the semi circle that surrounded me. The people parted like I was carrying the plague.

I made my way to my locker, nobody taking action to help me or call 911. It was a long journey to my locker sine I was so injured. When I did reach my locker I quickly unlocked it, and grabbed my phone from where I left it this morning.

I sent a message to Isabelle to come and pick me up. She asked why, which I replied saying that there was an accident, and I was injured. Then after that I called 911, telling them the situation, and where I was. Although, I didn’t tell them that I was injured. It wasn’t that important since they would see me when they got here. It was stupid of me to do.

I closed my locker, my phone still in my hand, and let my legs give out from under me. I fell to the floor, landing on my knees. I kept an eye on my phone while I got into a more comfortable position, and waited.

I got a text from Isabelle about twenty minutes later, letting me know that she was there. I told her to come to my locker. I heard footsteps heading towards me, as my locker was close to the main entrance. Then I heard the footsteps speed up, and a gasp of surprise.

“Isabelle,” I croaked, “I called 911, and they’re on their way. There was a fire in the bathroom. Chloe…” I debated telling her the truth. Around Isabelle, and Ezra, Chloe was an angel, and Isabelle had created a great bond with her. And Chloe was Ezra’s last remaining child. “Chloe got one of her crew to start the fire. I’m not sure if she made it out. I’m sorry.”

I felt the hot trail of tears flow down my face. This was all my fault. I had killed Sophia. I had made Chloe hate me because I killed her angelic sister. And I had killed that girl in the bathroom. I had hurt Ezra, and Isabelle, both losing two of their most beloved daughters. Ezra’s biological daughters. Who were blood, when I wasn’t.

I looked back up at Isabelle, having put my head down when I was talking. She looked surprised. She also looked angry, although at who I wasn’t sure. Then I heard the sirens.

The ambulance, police, and fire department got here shortly after I heard the sirens. They rushed into the building, and saw me on the floor, injured.

One of the paramedics ran towards me, motioning for the rest to go on, and investigate. Once the paramedic reached me, he asked, “Are you okay, miss?”

“Yes,” I started, but had to clear my throat, “No, I was almost caught in the fire, but escaped just in time. I think one girl was caught in the fire. I was the one who called the emergency.”

“Okay miss,” he said, “I see that you were caught on the back. Can you lie on your stomach, so I can take a look at it? I’ll try to be as gentle as I can.”

I maneuvred myself, so that I was lying on my stomach. He went to touch it, and inspect it. I braced myself for the pain, but still wasn’t ready for it. Excruciating pain washed through my body, and I hissed through gritted teeth.

The paramedics came back, a stretcher in between two, and a sheet covering the body fully. One dead.

The paramedic who was tending to me called over one of the three, and got him to help get me on a stretcher, and to the ambulance. They injected me with a sedative, and I blacked out again.

I woke up, tears on my face, and my back flaring with pain. This usually happened when I had that part of the dream. I stood up off my bed, and wiped my face. I hated crying.

After that it took months for me to heal. Physically. Mentally, I went to the gym a lot to help heal myself. I took self defense before all of that happened, but I kept learning more, and more. Eventually I became undefeated at mt gym, and stopped fighting other people. I even tried street fighting before, for money, but quickly learned that police were constantly scoping out new ways to shut down street fighting rings.

After that I just focused on training, and I got a couple request to join UFC, and MMA fighting, but I wanted to finish school first, as I already mentioned.

Also, after that I was transferred to another school, away from Chloe. Where I met Mya. Where I changed my whole personality from the quiet girl to the feared one. Mya was the only one who kept pushing for a friendship, until I just gave up trying to scare her away.

I got up off my bed, and made my way to the bathroom to wash my face. I used cold water. I was about to walk back into my room when I finally noticed the open door opposite mine. Storm’s room.

I walked in quietly to find Storm sitting against his bed, facing the window. He had his knees against his chest, and his head in between them. Storm’s mother had died. And Storm was crying.

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