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Chapter 25

I froze, not knowing what to do with crying people. I never knew what to do with crying people since the rare times I did cry I was by myself. But I did know how it felt to lose someone important to you.

So, with that thought, I walked silently over to him, and sat down beside him. I put my hand on his shoulder trying to be comforting. He looked up, seemingly shocked that I was there. Instead of pushing me away, like I thought he would, her uncurled, and hugged me, crying silently into my shoulder. I tried to hug him back, stroking his back comfortingly.

About thirty minutes later, still sitting in the dark, I realize that Storm had fallen asleep. I tried to unlock myself from his arms, going to move him onto his bed, and then heading to my own. Instead, he had other ideas, and tightened his arms around me. I sighed, and decided I might as well get some sleep in, if I could.

I leaned my head against his, bed and closed my eyes. It took me some time to get to sleep, but eventually did.


I woke up with Storm’s head in my lap, and a crick in my neck. My wounds from the fight were also aching. I looked down, and saw that Storm’s face while sleeping lost its inteneness, its harshness. And he looked beautiful without it.

I looked away from his face, and slowly eased his head from on top of my lap, trying to make sure he didn’t wake up. I was so close until he started waking up. He started to blink his eyes open, but then suddenly just stopped. His breathing evened out until it sounded like he was sleeping.

I eased myself out from under his head, and set his head down gently. I then rushed from the room, quietly. I didn’t breath properly until I had closed the door to my room. I didn’t realize the heat in my cheeks until I closed the door. God, what was this guy doing to me? I was turning into the girl I used to be. The one who got flustered in front of boys.

I checked the time, but quickly realized that classes were probably cancelled for today because of the attack. I composed myself then made my way to Camden’s room. We had made a secret knock so that he knew it was me who was standing at the doorway. We had grown very close in the last few months, and we acted like we’ve known each other for years. Although I still hadn’t told him much of my past.

One knock. Pause. Three quick knocks. Pause. Two slower knocks.

I waited a few minutes for a muffled come in. I entered to find Camden with his arm flung over his eyes, and still half asleep. I smirked. I knew what would wake him up.

I walked back into my room, and found a fairly big cup to put freezing cold water in. Once it was filled almost all the way I walked back into Camden’s room to find him in the same position. I walked over to the side of the bed, and poured the water over his head. He jerked awake from the freezing cold water.

I smirked, and he looked at me with mock betrayal. He got up off the bed, and glared at me.

“What was that for Blaze?” Camden asked.

“I felt like it,” I answered. “Also, I wanted to ask if classes were off today, since it’s past class time.”

“Yeah,” Camden said, “Class is cancelled today, but the dining hall is still open for breakfast.”

“Okay, thanks,” I said, turning to the door, “I’ll be down there if you need me because I really need food.”

I closed Camden’s door behind me as I made my way out. I immediately made my way down to the dining hall to find that it was almost empty. I piled my plate with food, and made my way to my table. Nobody else was at my table, as Camden and Iris were still in bed, and Storm was who knows where.

I started eating, by myself, and I was extremely bored. I saw Kalama walk in, and waved her over once she had gotten food. She looked surprised but came to sit down with me.

“Hey,” she said, “Crazy attack yesterday, right? I saw you fighting, and you were awesome.”

“Thanks, but I’m not the best fighter out there,” I said, “Most of the people that fought had years of experience fighting these creatures, and I’ve only really fought in hand to hand.”

“You were still awesome,” she rebutted, “You may not have been the most experienced but on the battlefield I could see you thinking, coming up with new ways to fight species that you didn’t know existed or didn’t know the weakness of. Also, you could rival any warrior on that battlefield, whether or not you can use a sword. Don’t look down on yourself like that.”

“Well, I could still be better,” I said. “I have to be better or I’m not going to survive this war.”

“Again, Blaze, you’re improving fast, and,” she paused, giving me a look that says you-can’t-argue-me-on-this, “You’re one of the top fighters in the whole school. Storm is the best, but you’re catching up quickly.”

“I guess,” I said, still not believing her. I didn’t want to argue her on this since sometimes she could be more stubborn than me sometimes. And that’s saying a lot.

I went back to eating, and we started eating in silence. Once I was done I said, “I’m heading to the library to read, join me if you want, but be warned that I could actually be in there for hours.”

Kalama responded, “I’m good. Me and Pele were planning on watching movies all the time.”

I nodded my head, and wiggled my eyebrows at her. She blushed. Over the past few months I realized why Kalama and Pele were so close to each other all the time. They had something going on in between them, but I wasn’t going to push her. This was obviously something she was still unsure about.

I made my way out of the dining hall, and to the library. I had visited the library several times during the last few months. I had wandered through the library and found history on Elamantti, and interesting books from different worlds.

I had read lots of these books, and I had enjoyed them a lot.

Once I had entered the library I wandered to the history section, and looked for Elamantti history. I picked out a few books that were on different species in Elamantti. Once I had a big stack of books in hand, I checked them out, and found a place to read in the library.

I sat down in a lounge chair in a darker corner of the library, that I curled up on, and immersed myself in the books.

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