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Chapter 29

A few hours later I’m interrupted by people calling my name. I put my bookmark in my book, and stand up, making my way out of the garden. When I emerged from the ivy ridden gate I see Kalama, and the group scattered around the area close to the garden. Kalama was the closest to me, so when she saw me she rushed over.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“There is this girl in the infirmary,” Kalama starts, “She says her name is Mya, and that she knows you. She also says she’s a Spirser, or a spirit elementalist, which is really rare.”

“Take me to her,” I said sharply.

Kalama yelled at everyone she had found me, and lead me inside to the infirmary. When we got there she led me to a small room where I saw an injured Mya lying on the bed in the middle of the room. It was definitely Mya. She had the perfect, straight blonde hair, and the peaceful, blemish free face. But she was pale, probably from the injury, and she had blood and grime covering her face.

She knew she was a Spirser the entire time that I’ve known her and she never told me. When I thought I was the only one who had these abilities she knew who I was, and she had told Iris, Camden and Storm where to find me. She had betrayed me. Given away where I was, and never told me what she really was. Who she really was.

I looked at the nurse, and said, “Let me know when she wakes up.”

I left after I said that. I couldn’t handle looking at Mya without feeling the heat rise up in me from the anger. The anger at her betrayal.

I stopped for a minute in the hallway, and closed my eyes, taking a few deep breaths to calm me down. I really needed to calm down.

I made my way to Iris’s room where I knocked on the door. Iris answered almost immediately.

“Do you know where a lake or a pool is nearby?” I asked.

“Ahhh, yeah,” Iris replied, “We have a lake, and a pool. Just let me get dressed, and I can take you.”

I nodded, and she closed the door. I went over to my room to grab a one piece bathing suit, and a pair of swimming shorts. I changed into the one piece bathing suit, but put on a t-shirt and sweatpants over top of it and carrying my shorts with me, as well as my towel.

When I exited my room I saw Iris waiting for me in skinny jeans, and a dark green t-shirt. She started walking when she saw me, and lead me to a lake a few miles past the small garden I was previously at.

When we got there Iris left to go back to the Academy, and once she was out of sight I went behind a tree, since it was in the middle of a forest, to change. I took off my t-shirt, and sweatpants, slipping on my shorts once both were off. I also took my hair out of its messy ponytail. I couldn’t stand swimming with my hair up, I had to have it free from an elastic.

I jumped into the lake without a care in the world. Surprisingly, I loved swimming even though I was an Ignisa. I loved feeling weightless, like I could fly.

I was walking down the hallway towards the infirmary. I had finished swimming a few hours before so my hair was still wet, since I had thick hair, but I had changed into dry clothes.

When I entered Mya’s room in the infirmary I saw that she was awake and talking to Headmaster Azalea. I was still furious that she hadn’t told me she was a Spirser.

“Blaze!” Mya exclaimed when she saw me.

“Mya,” I said indifferently, still furious that she had lied to me. Her face fell when she saw me, arms crossed across my chest, face indifferent, and fury in the depths of my eyes.


I cut Mya off with a sharp look, and told Headmaster Azalea to give us time to talk. He exited the room quickly, feeling the waves of fury washing off my body.

Once he exited the room I turned to Mya, spitting out, “Why would you lie to me about what you truly are? If I had known, Mya, maybe I would have actually been your friend, instead I pushed you away. And you always knew about my power. You always knew. And then you lead them right to me. How could you?”

She had tears in her eyes, and she looked down, guilt clouding her features.

“I’m sorry, Blaze,” she started, “I just wanted to keep you safe. I wanted you to live your life, and do what you love. But I also knew it was inevitable that they would find you. So I let you live in blissful ignorance until I thought it was the right time to tell them that you were the one they needed. You were the one they needed to complete their circle. They’ve never needed me, Blaze. You were the last piece of the puzzle and I knew that if I had kept you away from them the worlds would be destroyed. So I never told you about me, and I was going to stay in the other world. Until I was attacked by Darklings. Then I knew I had to come here, where I had protection. I’m sorry I never told you the truth Blaze, I never wanted you to find out because I knew how betrayed you’d feel. I knew how little you trust people. And I knew that you trusted me, so I didn’t want to break that trust. I’m sorry.”

“I never trusted you, Mya,” Lies. “Tolerated, sure, but I’ve never trusted you. And now I never will. Stay away from me Mya. I don’t care if you still think you’re my friend, I want you to stay away from me. And I want you to stay away from my real friends.”

Now there were tears running down here face, but I didn’t care. She had broken the trust I had unknowingly given to her. So she didn’t deserve the little kindness that I still had.

So I turned around and walked out of the room.

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