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Chapter 3

When I came to I immediately noticed that someone was in the room. I wasn’t sure who it was but I felt waves of coolness coming off them.

They went down to touch me, but they never got to. I grabbed their hand, and twisted it behind their back. Their skin was also alarmingly cool. The only person who ever felt this cool was Storm.

My eyes flew open. And there was Storm craning his neck to look at me, entirely unimpressed with my actions.

“Sorry, instinct,” I said, shrugging.

“It’s fine,” he said as I let go of him, “But next time make sure that whenever you feel someone in your room you don’t wait for them to reach for you. I could have easily strangled you with a simple maneuver.”

I scoffed, “I’m not that easy to kill. I’ll let you know that I took eight years of martial arts.”

At, my statement I saw a hint of surprise flash through his eyes. He ignored me, and went back to doing whatever he was doing in here. I watched as he put bandages, gaze, and tape back in a container. I then felt a sharp pain in my head.

The pain didn’t show on my face. I touched my head, and felt fresh bandages. “So, you’re the healer of the group?” I asked.

“Water has healing properties,” he said.

“Thank you,” I said, truly grateful. “I know you don’t like me. I know that you don’t like me because I wrecked your ‘perfect team.’ I’m sorry about that. But that’s not what I planned. I’m just here to help my family, whether blood or not.”

He turned towards me, “Believe it or not I don’t don't hate you. Maybe a bit of dislike, but I don't hate you. I just wish that you had grown up with us. Iris, Camden, and I grew up together. We trained together. We are family. But you weren’t born here, so we just have to deal with it. Also, I am here for another reason other than healing you. Well, two other reasons. to show you around and answer any questions.”

“Is there a limit to what I can ask?” I said, my face turning expressionless.


Okay. “What does ‘the Chosen of the Chosen’ mean?”

“Well,” he started, grabbing a chair to sit, “as the first prophecy said we four, plus one other person, are supposed to destroy this ‘Darkness.’ But we have to work together to do so. In the last prophecy it said ‘Fire will light the way’ as you’ve seen. That pretty much means in the end it has to be you, not anyone else, who destroys Darkness.”

“What is the last person supposed to represent?” I asked. What could it be? What would the fifth element be?

“Spirit.” he answered, saying it like it was common knowledge. “Spirit is the most rare element, but it is rarely used. When you use it, if you have it, it takes away a part of your soul, your spirit, each time. In the end if you use it to much it will ultimately corrupt you.”

“Where are we?” I followed with, “I know we’re in Elamantti, but where in Elamantti?”

“We’re at Elamantti Academy,” he replied. “Since elamant means element it translates to ‘Element Academy.’ Also, there are four territories, and every one represents an element. Spirit is represented by the Academy since it’s in the middle of all the territories. To the north is the territory of Aqaem, the west Airia, the south Ignisa, and the east is Terraclea. Although, many humans live amongst us since not every Elamanttian is born with elemental powers. Would you like to see the Academy now?”

“Sure, but, uh, I need some shoes.” I said, swinging my legs off the bed getting into a sitting position.

“Right,” for the first time I had met Storm he looked flustered. He went to a small closet in the corner of the room. He pulled out a pair of boots from the closet. “Here. Let’s go.”

I quickly slipped on the boots, which were surprisingly comfortable without socks. I jumped of the bed, but I immediately felt dizzy from getting up to fast. I quickly recovered, and followed Storm out of the room down familiar corridors. Only this time I took a good look at them.

They had engravings in them that seemed to represent the five elements. It was truly beautiful. There were vines, waves, gusts of wind, stars, and tendrils of fire among other things.

Storm finally led me into what looked like school hallways, with several doors lining the hallway. Muffled voices made their way through the doors, which also had engravings on them. “This is where the classes are held,” Storm said, gesturing to the door. “We teach the basics, Math, English, and Science among other things. We also teach special classes such as Self Defense, Weapons Training, and specific element classes specialized for each element. Although there are plenty more classes.”

We continued until we reached a set of stairs. When we reached the top there were five doors down this hallway. Two on each side and one at the end. “This is the hallway for us specifically. The rooms beside each other have a door connecting them inside. Iris and Camden have the left, and I’m in the first one on the right. You can pick whichever room you want. The Headmaster will want to meet you tomorrow to go over your classes, but right now you can do whatever you want.”

He started towards his room, so I decided to choose between the other two. I think that I was going to go with the one beside Storm’s. I don’t know why, but I felt safe around him.

Minutes after walking into my room, and checking it out I heard a bell ring loudly three times. I peeked out my doorway to find Storm, Iris and Camden running out of their rooms with weapons and armor.

“What’s happening?” I yelled over the bells.

Iris turned to me, panic obvious in her expression, “The Darklings attacked.”

“Okay. How many?” I asked, wondering what Darklings were.

“At least fifty, if not more.” Iris replied.

“How do you kill them?”

“A wound in the head or heart.”

“Do you have an extra set of throwing knives?”

“I do,” Storm said. “Why?”

“Because I know how to fight,” I said, my hand outstretched for the set of throwing knives. I learned how to throw when I was a little girl. “Come on, let’s go kill some Darklings.”

Iris led the way out so I just followed closely behind. When we got to the bottom I noticed a strange looking creature watching us. It had bat-like wings, and a flat nose. It’s eyes were black and it looked like it was sniffing us. Like it relied on scent.

I unsheathed my first throwing knife from the belt, which I had secured around my waist on the way down the stairs, and threw it. It landed in the Darkling’s skull hilt-deep. I smirked.

Let the hunt begin.

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