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Chapter 30

“Why would you say that to her?” Storm asked as he entered my room.

It had been a day since I had spoken to Mya, and I had spent the rest of that time reading in my room. Mya was still in the hospital recovering from her wounds. Until now when Storm had burst into my room.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I deadpanned.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” Storm said, his mouth in a sneer. “Mya hasn’t talked to anybody since you talked to her, and when anybody mentions it she starts sobbing. So you had to have said something that upset her. And you need to tell me what it is so I can fix it.”

I stood up from the window seat, where I had been reading, and set my book down beside me. I was still reading the book the I had gotten from the library about Elamantti creatures.

“I didn’t say anything to her that should have upset her,” I said. It really shouldn’t have since we weren’t great friends anyway.

“Well, you had to have said something, Blaze,” Storm retorted, “and knowing you it had to have been something insensitive, if not mean. Why can’t you ever be kind to anybody, Blaze? So many people are kind to you and you retaliate with insensitive comments, and threats.”

I had started to walk to one of my book shelves when I whirled around at his comment, the heat rising again, fury evident on my face.

“Don’t ever tell me to be kind ever again,” I said, warning in my voice, “I’ve been through so much shit in my life, and I may be mean or insensitive but I was kind. Until it bit me in the ass, and I created a new and improved me. A me who would stand up for themselves. A me who wouldn’t get bullied for being different but would be feared for it. If you had lived my life, Storm, you wouldn’t have been any better. And from what I know, the only really bad thing you’ve been through is losing your mom. Boo hoo, Storm, I lost my mother, my father, and both of my sisters, whether they were blood or not. I have straight up ruined a person’s life just for existing. So don’t tell me to be kind.”

He looked a bit taken aback at my words but quickly recovered so that he was emotionless, once again.

“Well, Blaze, you’re turning into the bully,” he turned away.

The heat rose up, but I pushed it down again. He had said I was the bully. And maybe he was right. I closed my eyes to calm myself.

“You know, Storm,” I said, just before he walked out, “I trust very few people in this world. And I was starting to think you were one of them.”

His shoulders stiffened before he continued walking out. And slammed the door behind him. I sighed, sitting down against my bed, pulling my legs up to my chest, and resting my head on them. Just when I had been making progress in befriending him, I had to go and do something that ruined it.

I stood up. I was not going to sulk over a lost potential friendship. I was going to run it off. So I grabbed workout clothes, tights, and a t-shirt, my shoes, and went to run.

I got called down to the Headmasters office hours later after an awkward dinner with Storm, Iris and Camden. All three of them were also in his office when I entered.

“Blaze,” was the Headmaster’s greeting. “Alright, not that you’re all here, I would like to discuss recent attacks on Aquaia, the Capital of the Aqualands. All of the reports mention seeing the Darklings, and other Del creatures during these attacks. I would like you four to go to Aquaia, and investigate. There is already a place for you to stay as Storm’s father, Ervin, is currently living in Aquaia and went there after the last attack. Condolences to you Storm. Anyway, a small group of guards will also be coming with you. I have had someone deliver the appropriate clothing for the trek, as well as bags, there will be a suit in each bag, and I expect you to wear that tomorrow. Now, I’ll send you on your way now, so that you can pack, but I expect you at the entrance to the Academy at 8:00.”

Once he was finished I nodded, and headed out of his office, looking indifferent, but feeling really annoyed. I had to interact with people, including Storm who I was still sort of mad at, and I had to deal with traveling. Although I am wondering what we’ll be traveling in. Do they have cars? Will we have to go by horse or something?

I really wasn’t sure.

I went back up to my room, the other three following. When I got to my room I saw a large bag. I picked it up, and took it into my room. I dumped out the contents onto my bed. There was a winter coat, fur-lined leggings, long sleeves, sweaters, and snow boots. Where exactly were we going?

There was also a deep red, skin tight bodysuit, and matching boots. The suit went up a few inches on my neck, had long sleeves, and reached my ankles. It also had a zipper on the front that reached my belly button so that you could adjust how zipped it was. It had the feeling of a bathing suit. Almost.

The red of the suit matched my hair, which I found extremely amusing. The boots were black, and looked like combat boots. But not the ones that you wore for fashion, actual combat boots. I decided that there wasn’t really anything that I wanted to pack except for weapons.

Another event that happened over the last few months is that I earned my own weapons, so I had a small stash in my room. I had dual swords, two daggers with rubies embedded in the hilt, and a belt of throwing knives. And the sheaths that go with them. I left the throwing knife belt out, but put both swords and daggers into the bag along with their sheaths. I also threw one of my books into the bag after putting it in a smaller waterproof bag. I put everything else back except the suit, and the boots. I also threw in a few elastics because I could not live without them.

I took the bag off my bed, changed into an over-sized t-shirt, and collapsed into bed exhausted.

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