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Chapter 31

I arrived at the entrance about half an hour early, my bodysuit on, throwing knife belt hanging low on my waist, and shoes forming to my feet. The boots were extremely comfortable, and fit my feet perfectly.

When I got to the meeting spot I was the only one there, not even Headmaster Azalea was there. I leaned against the wall of the school, and set down my duffel bag. I had to wait about fifteen minutes before Headmaster Azalea, and Iris came around the corner together, talking. When they saw me they paused surprised.

“Well, Blaze, good to see someone else is early as well,” Headmaster Azalea said. Iris nodded in agreement.

“When is our transportation going to be here?” I asked.

“Around 7:55,” he said.

I nodded my head. About another ten minutes until they got here. I was extremely curious as to what we were traveling in, and how this whole trip was going to work. I had a feeling the Headmaster Azalea had it all planned out though.

I looked over at Iris and saw that she was wearing an identical suit to mine, only it was a forest green instead of a red. She also had her bow and quiver strapped to her back. Her hair was in a side braid, and for once she wasn’t wearing makeup. It did make sense that she didn’t wear any, though, since we were going to be traveling for, at least, eight hours everyday.

We waited together for another few minutes until we saw two Range Rover-esque vehicles come up the walkway. Just as they rolled to a stop Storm came out of the front entrance. He went to stand beside Headmaster Azalea, putting Iris and the Headmaster between us. He was wearing a navy blue suit, and had his sword sheathed at his hip.

I looked away from him to see two guards exit from each vehicle, making the four in total. Each were in similar suits depicting their power, only they were a brighter colour than ours. There were two women and two men, coincidentally. And they were all different elements, as well.

The two men were fire and earth, each wearing a bright red one, and a grass green suit, respectively. The two women were water and air, wearing a bright blue, and a light grey suit. They introduce themselves as Arden, Ignisa, Clay, Terraclea, Lana, Aquem, and Aline, Airia.

Then Headmaster Azalea sent us on our way, saying that the guards knew the plan, and the way to Aquaia. He looked at his watch just as Camden walked out of the Academy, and joined us.

“Ahhh, right on time,” the Headmaster said.

“Always, Headmaster,” Camden replied.

“Well we have to get on our way,” said one of the women, Lana, “So were going to have four per car. To start out Clay will be taking Iris, Camden, and Aline. I’ll be taking Blaze, Storm, and Arden. Get in your respective cars, and we’ll have students in the back, and guards in the front. Chop, chop, guys, we have to leave now to be on time.”

I internally groaned at being stuck in a small space with Storm for an extended period of time. But I didn’t complain about it, and started heading to the vehicle Lana had entered after telling us what to do. I got in behind the passenger seat after I put my bag in the back, joining two other bags that had already been put in there.

When everybody was in their respective cars Lana led the group, and we turned around, heading down the forested road. I sighed at the awkward silence that had ensues after Storm had entered the car. This was going to be a long trip.

We had been in the car for a few hours now and I really had to pee. We had already stopped once for Camden and Aline who had each found their individual spots in the surrounding forest. Also, turns out Lana and Clay both have walkie-talkie’s to communicate with each other. So, if anyone spotted something suspicious or someone needed to stop then we could tell each other.

Anyway, I really didn’t want to mention to Lana or Kaiden that I had to go to the bathroom, so I waited until the last possible second until I asked, “Can we stop for a minute?”

Lana looked back at me questioningly. I tried to convey why in a facial expression, which must have worked since she nodded her head and pulled over.

I hopped out quickly the moment she stopped the car, escaping into the forest. When I was heading back to the vehicles I felt eyes on me. From behind me.

I pretended like I didn’t notice it, and slowed my pace. I started looking around at the scenery, making sure to look to the side of me to see if I could catch a glimpse of whoever was behind me in my periphery. I saw Storm behind me.

I turned back around, and pretended like I hadn’t seen anything. I took a sharp turn, disappearing in the trees and looped back around so that I was behind Storm. I crept up behind him, and saw that he was looking for me.

“Boo,” I said monotonously.

He jumped, and turned around. He looked surprised that I was behind him, but quickly masked it. Then he yelled, “Watch out!”

I looked behind me, and saw a creature jump at me. I didn’t quite get out of the way in time, so it knocked me over and landed on top of me. I pushed it off, and slipped out one of the throwing knives on my belt, stabbing it in the heart.

I stood up, and started walking back towards the vehicles. I looked back at Storm, and saw that he was still standing there looking at the creature. He looked up at me, and I raised an eyebrow in question, asking ’are you coming?

He snapped out of it, and started walking. When we arrived back at the vehicles Lana looked suspicious when we both emerged from the forest.

“We were attacked,” I said, then restated, “I was attacked, but killed the creature.”

Lana looked at me, surprised. I just shrugged, and jumped back into the vehicle to endure more awkward silence.

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