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Chapter 32

We stopped at an inn a few hours later. We got four rooms, so that means two people per room. Lana and Arden took a room, and Aline and Clay took one. Surprisingly Camden took Iris into one of the rooms, sending a suggestive look my way. I just rolled my eyes.

I headed to the last door, and the last room the we had gotten. Storm followed me in. I was exhausted so I didn’t bother changing or anything, I just took off my boots, grabbed a pillow and a blanket, and crashed on the floor. I laid my knives beside me before passing out.

I jerked awake, cold sweat covering my body. I bashed my head against something.

“Fuck.” I breathed under my breath. Someone said it at the same time I did. I looked up to see Storm holding his forehead, sitting on the floor beside me. “Shit, sorry. Why’d you wake me up?” I asked, ice in my voice.

“Because you were yelling in your sleep,” he replied. “Again.”

Shit. I need to stop that. I felt the flush creeping up my cheeks. I got up, and went into the bathroom. I brought my bag in, wanting to shower, but I saw that there was a window big enough for me to fit through. I grabbed a lighter and my half full pack of cigarettes. I had felt the addiction pulling at me to sneak away all day.

I slipped out the window, and scaled the building. We were at the very top floor, so it was pretty easy to get to the roof. When I got there I went to the opposite side of the roof, pulling out a cigarette, and lighting it.

I breathed it in and immediately felt my body relaxing. Then I heard, “So this is where you disappear to every night.”

I jumped and turned to see Storm standing behind me, arms crossed across his chest. I replied, “Yeah, so?”

“You do realize how bad that is for you, right?” he asked.

“Of course I do, I’m not a fucking idiot, Storm,” I said, then added, “Whether you believe that or not.”

I turned back around, so that I was facing the horizon, and the sinking moon. I took another inhale of the cigarette in my hand. Storm walked up beside me, and grabbed the cigarette out of my hand, throwing it over the ledge that surrounded the roof.

I stared at him disbelievingly, “What the fuck? Why’d you do that?”

I looked back down, then back up to see Storm walking away. I ran up and grabbed his arm turning him around. “Why the hell would you do that?” I said in a deadly calm voice.

He took my arm, spun me around, and got me into a choke hold, obviously not choking me, but just holding me. Flush against his rock hard body. Shit. He whispered into my ear, his breathe making tingles erupt on my neck, “Because I wanted to piss you off.”

“Well you did a damn good job at that,” I said while ripping his arm out of the choke hold, and slamming him down onto the roof, knocking the air out of him. I went down with him, pinning his arms down with my hands, and his legs down with mine.

Our breaths mixed together as we were both breathing hard, although not from exertion. I leaned down towards him, whispering in his ear, “Next time you piss me off, make sure that you can keep me in the hold. Or you’ll end up on your ass again.”

I took my mouth away from his ear, and made eye contact with him as my head came back up. We stayed there for a minute, indecision running through my mind. Then I realized we were both in our skin tight suits, and we were both not wearing any underwear, that’s how tight these suits were.

At that though all thoughts left my mind, and, be the impulsive person I am, I leaned down and kissed him. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I was really hoping he wouldn’t back away from me. But all doubts fled my mind when he started pushing against me. A fight for dominance, since we were both dominant people. I didn’t let him win.

I pushed him back down, a hand on his chest, and my hands leaving his arms. They immediately went to my hips. He ran his arms up and down my sides. A low moan escaped my mouth. God, he felt so good.

He chuckled at my moan, so I decided to get revenge. I slid my hands down his chest, over his abs, stopping just before I went below the belt. He moaned in frustration and pleasure. He then trailed his hands back down my back, making me arch my back in pleasure. Then I grabbed his hands, pinned them over his head. I took my lips off of his, and he groaned in protest. I smirked.

I kissed the corner of his mouth, “If.” His jaw. “You.” The start of his neck. “Ever.” another on his neck. “Do.” His neck. “That.” His collarbone. “Again.” Back to his neck. “I.” Where his shoulder and neck connect. “Will.” His shoulder. “Leave.” Down to his chest. “You.” Across his chest. “With.” Down his abs. “More than.” Back up his abs. “Just.” Back up to his jaw, and to his ear. “Sexual frustration.”

As he exclaimed, “What!” I climbed off him, and sauntered away yelling back, “You might want to deal with your little problem.”

I climbed back down to our room, and slipped in. Before heading back to bed I washed out my mouth. Not because I wanted to wash away the taste of Storm, but the taste of smoke still in my mouth. Then I decided I didn’t care about sleeping on the floor, and just collapsed onto the bed. It took me a little longer to fall asleep than last time, but, before I fell into oblivion, I heard Storm start, what I assume is, a cold shower.

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