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Chapter 34

I woke up in someone’s arms the next morning. I already knew it was Storm since it was a silent agreement that we both slept better when we slept near each other. However cliche that sounds, It did help me sleep, which then made me more alert. The previous night we had been sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, but it seems our sleeping selves had other ideas.

I pushed out of his hold, and went to start packing up our things. When I was done that I saw that it was extremely early, so I decided I would go and do some exercise. I left on my suit, which I had slept in again since it was so comfortable, and put on the boots. I decided to leave my knives in the room since I could, literally, manifest knives from fire.

I went outside, did a few laps around the inn, then started on my strength. I did push ups, sit ups, squats, plank, side plank, and so much more. There’s a reason that I had so much muscle. I tried to exercise, and stretch everyday.

Once I was done I went back up to my room, cleaned my face, and gathered my stuff to leave. By the time I got back from my workout, Storm was still asleep but I had passed Lana who had told us that we were leaving soon. I also got to wake up Storm. Which was quite fun if I do say so myself, as I dumped a bucket of freezing cold water.

We headed out again, and we kept in that routine for the next few weeks. I would wake up in Storm’s arms, got to work out, and then we’d get on the road. Then, we’d have breakfast on the road. Also, we switched around who sat in what car, although Lana and Clay were always the ones who drove since we weren’t allowed to, and Aline and Arden would always fall asleep. Then we’d be on the road for at least eight hours, and stop. Somehow, I’d always end up sharing a room with Storm, and we’d always sleep in the bed together. And as we kept going north, towards Aquaia, it kept getting colder and colder. Storm and I were the only ones who didn’t actually have to wear a coat since we both had a high resistance to the cold. You know, since I was literally a human furnace, and Storm was.... Well, he was Storm, and that’s the only way to describe it.

Then we entered the city. It was beautiful. There was a market going down the main street when we got there, and several shops lining the streets as well. There was also a mix of races, but most of them were extremely pale, which really made Storm and Lana stand out, And me and Arden, but we were Ignisa’s, not Aquem’s. We drove through the streets, which were littered with cars, until we reached a small house nestled amongst the shops.

We stopped outside, and Lana knocked on the door. Storm’s father opened the door, and invited us in. We stepped in and all of us immediately stripped our heavy winter coats. Lana and Mr. Atwater went off to talk while the rest of us, except Storm, stood awkwardly at the door. Lana came back into the room a few minutes later, Mr. Atwater, just behind her.

“Now, Rein,” she gestures at Mr. Atwater, “Has so generously let us stay here while we take down this threat. Since there is only one guest room, us four,” she gestured at herself, Aline, Clay, and Arden, “Will take it, Storm you already know where you’ll be sleeping, and the three of you will be sleeping in the living room. Now that that’s cleared up let’s get to sleep. I am exhausted.”

I could relate to her on that one. We had spent around fourteen to fifteen hours on the road today since Lana wanted to power through to Aquaia.

Rein, or Mr. Atwater, got Camden, Iris, and I sheets to set up on the floor or couch, wherever we had chosen to sleep. We thanked him and got to work. Since there were only two couches I volunteered to sleep on the floor. Once we set up we took turns using the bathroom since there were only two bathrooms in the house, one in the master bedroom, and one upstairs. Since we didn’t want to bug Mr. Atwater we just took turns using the other bathroom.

Once I got my turn I took off the gods forsaken suit, which was extremely dirty from the travel here, and changed into jogging pants and a t-shirt. When I got downstairs I saw that both Camden, and Iris had already fallen asleep. On the same couch. Snuggled close together. I smirked. I knew something was happening. Then I smiled. They both deserved someone like that.

I went to turn off the lights, since I was the last one to use the bathroom, and tried to sleep. But I found I couldn’t stay asleep. I woke myself up everytime I found the nightmare starting. Once I was sick of trying to sleep, and I had realized why I couldn’t, I got up, and went to Storm’s room.

When I got there I saw that the door was still open. I stood in the doorway, and saw that his room was covered in drawings. I was about to enter his room, but decided not to. I didn’t want to have to rely on him to sleep. I couldn’t rely on him to sleep. I was independent, and I didn’t want to ever be beholden to anyone. I wouldn’t ever be beholden to anyone.

Just before I walked away I heard Storm say, “Blaze? Is that you?”

I turned back around, freezing in place, “Ah, yeah. Sorry of I woke you.”

Just as I was about to start walking away he said, “Blaze. Come here.”

I looked back, and debated whether to just go back downstairs or go into Storm’s room. I decided on the latter. I didn’t want to be stuck on a loop of nightmares for the whole night. I wanted to sleep. To go into a sleep so deep maybe I won’t wake up early tomorrow morning.

So I turned back around, and entered Storm’s room. Walked to his bed. Got underneath the light covers, and was engulfed with the coolness of Storm. Then I fell into the deepest sleep I had ever had in my life.

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