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Chapter 35

I woke up when I heard footsteps outside of the room. And voices. When I opened my eyes I saw Storm standing in his doorway talking to his father. I closed my eyes again. Out of all the people in this house to catch us, it just had to be his father.

I couldn’t hear them very well since they were whispering, so I didn’t get to eavesdrop on their conversation. Once they were done, there was a pair of footsteps that walked away, and a pair that walked towards me. Someone shook my shoulder to wake me up, and I opened my eyes to see Storm.

I was actually quite surprised that he had woken up before me since usually I woke up super early, and he could literally sleep until noon. I had never been able to do that.

“Everyone else is awake already, and breakfast is ready downstairs,” Storm said. That means that the whole house had probably seen me and Storm sleeping together. Well, isn’t that just amazing.

I nodded my head and got up. I went downstairs to get my suit, then changed in the bathroom before heading down to the kitchen, which was pretty easy to find. Everyone was sitting around talking. When I entered the kitchen, Storm right behind me also in his suit, everyone was to occupied with talking that they didn’t even notice us walk in.

Storm headed towards a buffet-esque set up, with eggs, bacon, and fruit laid on the counter. There were also two plates still on the counter. Storm dished up before me, already knowing how much I ate. And I was starving since I didn’t really have dinner last night because we had gotten here so late.

When I sat down at the only other open seat at the table, in between Storm and Arden, everyone glanced over at me, looked away, then back at me, eyeing how much food I had. Of course, Mr. Atwater, Storm, Camden, and Iris all knew how much I ate, but the other four didn’t.

“Are you sure your going to eat all that?” Arden asked, a smirk on his face.

I rolled my eyes, but didn’t answer him. I just ate. Eventually, when I was almost finished my plate of food, all four, Lana, Aline, Clay, and Arden, looked at each other in disbelief, then back at me.

“How?” Clay and Arden asked in awe.

I shrugged my shoulders and answered, “I have a big appetite.”

“But you never ate like that on the trip here,” Arden pointed out.

I rolled my eyes. Sometimes I wondered how these guys were one of the best out of the guards. I just asked, “Was I ever able to pick how much food I had on my plate?”

They shook their heads, but still looked a little confused. I asked another question, hoping this would clear it up for them, “And when did you see me not eating?”

That’s when realization dawned on their faces. Idiots.

Lana shook her head, seemingly getting rid of the cobwebs, and said, “Alright, if everybody’s done eating then get all your weapons on, we’re going on a patrol now, and around midnight.”

I nodded, cleared away my dish, and went to my bag to get my weapons. I had my belt of knives, my back sheath for my swords, two sheaths for two daggers on my hip, and two knife sheaths for each thigh. I was pretty much armed to the teeth, not to mention that I had my power as well.

When I met everybody at the front door we waited a few seconds longer for a few more people then split up into teams of two. I was with Arden. Unfortunately. I mean, I like Arden, I really do, but he annoys me so much. But that might be because we were so similar.

“So…,” Arden said, “Where do you want to start?”

I looked around, and saw a grate in an alleyway. “I say we go that way,” I said pointing at the grate. Arden saw where I was pointing and groaned. But I headed that way, and Arden followed. I opened the grate, and jumped into the darkness, a smirk plastered on my face. I was going to enjoy watching Arden squirm.

We had found some sort of goop in one of the tunnels,but we weren’t sure if it was just sewage or if it was an actual clue, so we climbed back up to the surface. Unfortunately, we were also covered in sewage, gross.

I was contemplating how we were going to clean our suits, and boots when we were suddenly drenched in water. I burned away the water, and turned to see Storm and Lana standing behind us, both with identical smirks. Actually, now that I really looked at them side by side, they looked really similar. One of the major differences, though, were Lana’s hair and eyes, since she had ice blue eyes, and black hair, almost identical in shade to Mr. Atwater’s.

But I cast that though out of my mind for the time being, and glared at them, Arden copying me, just his glare was less intimidating. Mostly because they knew he was mockingly glaring at them. I wasn’t. Their smirks only widened.

Lana turned, and said, “Let’s get back.”

We all followed her home, ready for a day of doing nothing. Only we had to clean the mess we made. And explore the city. Although the city was quite beautiful. There were parks filled with snow and ice. Little kids running around playing, their smiling parents right behind them. And the sight of that warmed me. Even though there was the big bad world out there, there were also these innocent little beings. They were just content playing with each other, no other care in the world. I wish I could be like that.

Then we repeated what we had done that morning. Again and again and again.

Then, a few weeks later, just as we were going out for a patrol I heard a voice in my head. Come and find me, sister killer.

The voice sounded familiar. Who was it who was it…. Then it dawned on me just as all hell broke loose.

Chloe. She was here in Elamantti.

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