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Chapter 36

Storm hurried over to my frozen figure as roves, and roves of creatures flood down the street, coming from all angles.

“Are you okay?” Storm asked into my ear.

She was here. My worst nightmare was here, “I need to find her. Storm, I need to find her.”

He was probably really confused as to who I was talking about, but he only nodded and said, “Astalla da ita.”

And he was off running towards a horde of Darklings attacking innocents. What? What did that mean? I let it slip my mind for the time being because I had to find her. So I set off across the city, my instincts taking over. I was intercepted by many creatures, and innocents. Whenever I saw a civilian getting attacked by a creature I stopped, killed the creature, sent them in the direction of safety, and then continued on my way. Even if I was desperate to find her I wouldn’t let defenseless people get killed by these things.

When I did find her she was in the heart of the city, a fountain created of ice. She looked the same as she had in my old world, but she had an aura of darkness around her. No, the darkness was coming from her. She had somehow gotten the powers of darkness. But, how?

When she spotted me she said, “Oh, Blaze! You’ve finally made it. Glad to see it. Do you like my subjects? They do a lovely job of making people fear them.” She gestures to the terrified people running away from Darklings, and other dark creatures.

“What happened to you?” I asked. She was darker than she used to be. It may have been the magic, but even when she was my bully she had some sort of pity or sympathy for people. Now she was completely…. Bad. Like she had absolutely no remorse for anyone.

“Well, Blaze,” she said, her voice sickly sweet, “I became stronger. Now you can’t beat me. Now I can destroy all those you care about.”

“I don’t care about anyone,” I said.

“Yes, you do,” she said, smirking, “I’ve been watching you the last couple of weeks. You’ve made quite the friend group Blaze. Camden, Iris, Arden, Aline, Clay, Lana, and even the Ice King himself, Storm. So I’m going to kill all of them, and then you’ll know what it’s like to lose someone you love. Then you’ll know how I felt when Sophia was gone.” Any teasing she had in her voice vanished when she mentioned Sophia. She composed herself again, “I already took care of Isabelle and Ezra, almost got Mya, too. But the little bitch got away.”

Isabelle. Ezra. The names reverberated through me. I looked up at her, steel in my voice, “You didn’t.”

She just smirked again, “I did. And I relished it. If we had stayed with mom Sophia would still be here, and Isabelle was next to useless.”

The heat rose up, and this time I let it lose. I sent a wave of fire Chloe’s way. She blocked it, and sent tentacles of black my way. I tried to block them with a shield, but the shield wasn’t strong enough, and soon I was engulfed in blackness. I tried to conjure up some fire, but everytime I did it was extinguished. I couldn’t get out.

I was helpless. I couldn’t do anything. I was good for nothing. I couldn’t even conjure up a fire strong enough to get rid of the darkness. And she was going to kill the people I had befriended.

Clay. Aline. Lana. Arden. Iris. Camden. Storm.

I said them over and over in my head, each time with more conviction. I wouldn’t let them die. And I wouldn’t let Chloe break me again. So I closed my eyes, and dove deep into my power.

It was torture, like swimming through boiling water. But I kept going until I hit the bottom. Then I pushed off the bottom, bringing my power with me. As it ripped out of me I let out a loud cry. And aimed my hands towards Chloe.

Before she was engulfed in flames I saw the look of surprise on her face. Then she was just a pile of ash. And I looked down to see I was floating above the ground.

Then a loud roar was heard over the crackling of my flames. I looked back up to see a large shadow in the shape of some sort of grotesque beast. It charged at me.

I wouldn’t let it kill me. A few years ago I would’ve let it, but I wanted to live.

So I burned. And the world burned with me.


(June 2021) This is another random update because I'm a little dumb. If you're a new reader, the next book in this series is Angelfire, and the last book is Soulfire, just to clear things up. Also, my short story, Call Me Empress, is not connected to this trilogy (unless you include the whole 'parallel universes' thing, but it doesn't follow the same characters), and has been updated fully.

Thank you for reading!

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