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Chapter 4

We ran out of the Academy. The grounds of the Academy were filled with people that had armor on. They looked like old-fashion guards. They had swords and a whole ton of other blades strapped to their body.

The Darklings surrounded the school, and there weren’t that many. The Darklings were still overwhelming us even though we had more numbers than they did. They had about fifty or more and we had around 100 men. But the Darklings were stronger and faster, and we had to fight in close quarters with swords.

Well, time to save everyone else’s asses.

I grabbed two knives, one for each hand, and started picking them off, always with a knife to the heart or head. We started winning.

The guards were teaming up against the Darklings, two or three against one. I ran through the field collecting any sharp object that I could throw. Some guards had fallen, so I grabbed any of their daggers or knives, guilt running through my brain.

It was horrible to pry their dead fingers off of whatever knife they had held when they died. When I had to roll their bodies over to unfasten their throwing knife belts. But I had to do what I had to do to survive.

When there were two or three Darklings left they fled. Or at least we thought they did.

When we started picking up our fallen guards, whether dead or injured, they came out of the tree line that they had hidden behind. They went for the people helping their fellow comrades.

I reacted quickly, pulling knives and daggers out of their sheathes, and throwing them towards the remaining Darklings, aiming to make sure I didn’t hit anyone else.

I threw three at one time.

Hit. Hit. Hit.

I got one in the head twice and in the heart once. It collapsed on top of somebody.


I rushed over towards the Darkling that I had just hit, and pried them off of whoever it had fallen on. Turns out it was a fellow Darkling.

When I pulled the dead Darkling off of the one that was alive it attacked.


It tackled me to the ground, and in a raspy voice it hissed, “A message from our master, the Lord of Darkness.” And he slipped a small piece of paper into my hand a few seconds before a sword went through its head.

The Darkling collapsed on top of me, knocking the breath out of me. I pushed it off of me. It was so heavy.

I gasped in a breath as I look into the eyes of the person who had killed the Darkling. Ocean blue eyes.


He held out his hand to help me up, but I ignored it and got up on my own. When I was up I looked around.

The field, where we were standing, was covered in bodies, and there was a small stream of blood running through it.

“Is everyone okay?” I asked. It was a really stupid question to ask.

“Other than the people that died?” Storm replied, venom in his voice. “Yeah, just peachy. We have about fifty dead guards, and twenty injured ones. There’s a river of blood running through our field. Oh, and the best part is we were just attacked by Darklings, one of the most dangerous creatures in Elamanttia. So, to answer your question, everything is fine.”

He had never shown his anger like this before. I get that it was a stupid question but nobody talks to me like that. “You don’t have to get bitchy about it,” I said, my anger rising. “I was making sure that all the students, and everybody else was okay. Also, I know that some of the guards are dead, I fought with them, and when I ran out of weapons I had to use theirs. I also saved several people’s lives. You should be thankful I even helped, otherwise you all would be dead. Or at least most of you.”

My anger was rising, but so was my heat. I needed to calm down. And being around Storm didn’t help. I turned around to walk away, but someone grabbed my arm. They spun me around to face them.

“You stole from our dead guards?” Storm asked, a dark look in his eyes.

“Yes I did,” I replied, ripping my arm out of his grasp. “It was either that or let your men die.”

I walked away, this time without any interruptions, and made my way back the way we had come to the field. The Darkling I had killed on the way had turned into dust, the knife lying on the ground in the dust.

I walked over and picked it up. One side, the one that was lying on the ground, was covered in dust. Nothing water wouldn’t clean away, I thought.

I walked up the stairs to my new room, knife in hand. I would keep this just in case.

I entered my room, and I was finally able to look around. My room had a double bed with red sheets, and blankets. There was a night table beside the bed, and a bookshelf. There was also a closet to one side, and another door opposite of it.

I went over to that door, and opened it. There was a bathroom inside. There was a toilet, sink and shower. There was also a door across from mine. I opened that door too.

Storm ’s room was on the other side. We would be sharing a bathroom. I groaned at the thought.

I closed the door, and then looked for a lock. There was none. That means we had to share a bathroom without being able to lock the door. Damn.

I walked back into my room, shutting the door behind me.

So much for privacy.

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