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Chapter 5

I went to sleep the minute I fell into my bed only to be woken up by a loud knock on my door, and someone yelling, “It’s dinner time! You have ten minutes to get ready or I’m pouring water on your head!”

I got out of bed quickly, I’ve always been able to wake up quickly, and I just walked out as I had no clothes and no shoes here. I walked over to open the door, and when I did the person who knocked was just turning around. He turned around.

“I don’t have any clothes or shoes,” I said to Camden, “so I can’t really get dressed for dinner.”

“Rigggghhhhhtttttttt,” he said, “Iris told me to tell you to go to her room for clothes.”

I nodded and headed to the room that he pointed at. It was the one right across from mine. I knocked and the door flew open, “Yes, I know Cam-” Iris cut herself off noticing that I wasn’t Camden. “Oh. It’s you. Come in.”

I stepped into her room and noticed that most of it was pink, like the colour of her eyes. Her room was set up similar to mine with a bed against the opposite wall of the bathroom door, a window with a window seat, a dresser, and a small closet beside the bathroom door. Also pink bed sheets, walls, and anything else that could be pink was pink, like her eyes.

“I sort of need clothes and shoes,” I stated.

“Yes I know,” she closed the door behind her. “Right now we have some guards going to collect your clothes, and school things as well as they have to tell your parents that you have been invited to a school for the gifted-”

“Also tell them to bring all the books from my room,” I cut her off.

She gave me a glare, “Okay, as I was saying, right now a guard is getting your shoes from the medical wing, and then tomorrow we figure everything out. You are going to be fitted for a uniform, and we need to figure out your schedule for school. You will need Weapons Training, Elamantti History, Math, Science, English and any electives you would like to do. Your Power Control class will be after school as personal training, and Storm will be training you.”

“Okay.” I said.

Then there was a knock at the door, and Iris yelled, “Come in.” A guard, who was dressed in armour with a sword sheathed at his side, came in with my black converse and socks.

Iris went over and took them from him, gesturing for the guard to leave. She then tossed them at me saying I could wait in the hall. She walked over to her dresser, the top had been turned into a vanity, and started applying makeup. I zipped out of the room making sure to be quiet. I hated makeup.

So we had the brooding healer, and the girly girl.

Outside Camden was waiting for Storm. I quickly pulled on my socks and shoes before talking.

“So,” I said, making Camden jump, “How long does it usually take them to get ready?”

“Usually thirty minutes or so,” he replied, a joking smile on his face, “I take about that too, but I start getting ready earlier. How long do you take to get ready?”

“Ten to fifteen minutes,” I replied, emotionless. “Fifteen if I decide to brush my hair.”

If you decide to brush your hair?” his smile grows bigger. “I think I just found the tomboy of the group. If you haven’t noticed we’re all very different. Iris is a full out girly girl, Storm is a brooding healer, and I am the jokester of the group. I can make anyone and everyone laugh.”

“Except me,” I piped in. “I don’t laugh very often or very easily.”


Then he turned around, a smirk evident on his face, and knocked on Storm’s door yelling, “Hurry up or we’re going to be late!”

Then he did the same to Iris. A few minutes later Iris came decked out in makeup, and Storm came out with dripping wet hair.

Then we made our way down to the dining hall.

When we walked in every head, as we were late, turned towards us. Everyone else looked normal.

The dining hall was set up like a cafeteria except it looked a bit more luxurious. There were padded seats, which was a plus, and the food smelt amazing.

The students were packed into tables ranging from four to eight seats. There were also booths set up against the side walls. Then there was an upraised area for teachers. All of the seats were filled except for one in the very back corner, hidden in shadow. So hidden most people wouldn’t have realized it was there.

Iris lead us to the upraised area. There was one person who was sitting in the very middle. He was a middle aged man with eyes similar to Iris’s.

“Blaze, this is my father, Headmaster Azalea,” Iris introduced me.

Headmaster Azalea stood up to shake my hand. His hands were very calloused, and sweaty. The handshake was very brief.

Then the Headmaster turned to the students still paying attention to us, “Good evening students and faculty. This evening we have a new student, Blaze LaFlamme. She is part of the Chosen, Fire to be specific, and she will now be joining the Academy. Please welcome her.”

Then he sat down again, which I guess was a signal that the students could go back to their conversations because the dining hall was suddenly filled with chatter.

Iris whispered into my ear, “Follow me.” Which I did do, for once actually listening to her because I didn’t want to get lost. Plus, I was really hungry.

She led me to the kitchens which had a buffet like set up so that students could grab what they wanted. Iris grabbed a plate and started dishing up. I followed suit.

When we walked back out, me balancing a plate packed full of food and a drink, she led me to the booth in the corner. Camden and Storm soon followed.

Since one booth seat only held two people me and Storm sat together, me on the outside facing away from the dining hall with Storm beside me, and Camden and Iris across from us. They started chattering away while I started eating.

They were easy around each other. Camden and Iris were smiling and laughing and they were even able to coax a half smile out of Storm. Camden tried to start a conversation with me but I ignored him, more focused on eating my food.

When I was finished I stood up, and asked where I put my empty plate. Camden pointed to a spot across the room where there was a gray bin with water and dirty dishes. I hurried over there, and made my way to my room right after. I remembered the way back.

Once I was in my room I realized that I didn’t have anything to do. Except dig through Storm’s stuff or sleep. I went with the former option, starting with the bathroom.

When I was just returning to my room I heard laughter outside. I went to my door and opened it.

“Iris,” I said, “Can I talk to you for a moment?”


She came to my room and I said, while closing the door, “I don’t have any clothes to wear to bed, and I would really like to shower but I don’t have any soap.”

“I already got some pajamas for you since I thought you would need them, and I can bring you over some soap.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

I was a few minutes into my shower, shampoo in my hair, when the door to Storm’s room opened. I panicked a bit. Why the hell would Storm be in here when I was showering?

I peeked out behind the shower curtain, “Why the hell are you in here?”

“To brush my teeth.”

“I can see that, but I’m showering so could you get out.”

“I’ll be a few minutes,” was his reply his face still emotionless.

As promised a few minutes later he made his way out of the bathroom, and I finished washing off. I then turned off the shower, and made my way to my room in a towel.

Iris had gotten me shorts and a t-shirt, which I slipped on and collapsed into bed, falling asleep instantly, still a bit grumpy.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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