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Chapter 6

I woke up just before the sun rose. I usually woke up pretty early, no matter what day of the week it was. My clothes, the ones I wore yesterday, were folded on the side table behind the bed. I pick those up, a pair of black tights, a plain black t-shirt, and the boots I was given, and threw those on.

A few minutes later I got on a knock on my door, and I said, “Come in,” because I was across the room. Camden walked in, and looked surprised that I was up and ready.

“Iris wants you in her room,” Camden said, and walked out.

I shrugged, and made my way to Iris’s room.The door wasn’t fully closed, so I just walked in. I walked over to the open bathroom door, and Iris was doing her makeup.

“What did you need?” I asked.

“We are going to get a tailor to get your measurements for your school uniform in a few minutes,” she said, “and I need to escort you and make sure you don’t murder him.”


“Give me a minute to finish my look, and I’ll be right out,” she said, applying her lipstick.

I stepped outside right when storm stepped out of his room. Shirtless. With only gym shorts on, and a water bottle in hand. He had an eight pack, and his arms were muscly but not bulky. It was sort of attractive.

My expression didn’t give my surprise away. He looked my way, and I just cocked an eyebrow. He had the same cold expression on his face as he looked away, and made his way down the stairs. I was still looking at him.

He was approximately 6’3” or 6’4”. His back was also extremely muscled, and he had several scars, and tattoos covering his back. His hair looked like he just ruffled it, and thought, That’s good enough.

Then Iris came out of her room, and grabbed my arm, dragging me down the stairs. Through the school, until we ended up in a room where a man with a measuring tape, and fabric was. The room was also filled with racks full of, what I guessed were, school uniforms.

“The uniforms usually correspond with what element you wield,” Iris started, “But ever since I was first found they started making uniforms specifically for us. The Chosen. The normal uniforms are whatever colour represents your element and black. Air is light grey, Earth is green, Water is blue, and Fire is red or orange. For you, it will be maroon and black. I have a darker green and black. Camden has dark grey and black. And Storm has navy blue, and black.”

“Now,” the tailor, “To get your proper measurements I’m going to need you to strip to your underwe-”

“No,” I said, my voice commanding, “not unless I have a girl tailor. No guys. Or Iris. Just the girl tailor or I won’t be doing anything.”

Iris looked surprised at my demand, “Why?”

“Because,” was the only explanation I gave her. I didn’t elaborate.

“Ok,” she said, slightly annoyed, “I’ll call Camille.”

Then she walked out, the tailor following her. She came back minutes later with a small girl with blonde hair, and brown eyes. She also held a tape measure in her small hands.

“Alright,” she said, her voice slightly commanding, turning to Iris “I need you out of the room, and I need you,” she turned to me, “in your underwear.”

Iris walked out, locking the door behind her. I internally smirked. She still thought I would escape. Lucky for her I wasn’t thinking about it or I would’ve already been gone.

Camille looked my way a stern expression on her face. I sighed. I really didn’t want to undress in front of anyone. But I did it anyway.

I started peeling off my shirt, exposing my purple sports bra. And the multiple scars on my back. Camille gasped, and I snapped, “Don’t say anything. No questions. No pity. Just do your job.”

Then I continued until I was in my sports bra and underwear. She quickly measured me and went to find some clothes for me to try on for the fit. She came back with a black skirt, and maroon blouse.

“I’m not wearing a fucking skirt,” I snapped. “Find something else.”

She walked away, a bit of fear in her eyes. I took a few breaths to calm down. I currently didn’t feel like bursting into flame.

She came back with black dress pants instead. I tried them on, no fuss. Then Camille suddenly started talking, “You are going to get gym wear and school wear. Your school wear will be similar to this, and your gym wear will be tights, jogging pant, or shorts with a t-shirt. You will get bras and underwear also because those are necessities, and any dresses, if you wear them, for special occasions. You are to wear your gym wear only for gym. Also you will get a pair of dress shoes, of your pick, and running shoes, also of your pick, to wear. Anything extra you can get at the small mall outside the school. Iris will explain the allowance system. Anyway, Iris is waiting outside, and I have all your measurements, so you are free to go.”

I quickly started to change out of the clothes, but Camille said, “Those are yours since they fit, and you’ll have your full wardrobe by the end of the week. Clothes will slowly be added to your closet. Good bye.”

With that she walked out of the room before me. I just grabbed my boots, slipped them on, and grabbed my folded up clothes.

Iris walked in shortly after, saying, “We have a busy day ahead of us since I need to give you a tour of the school, and your classes. Here’s your timetable for your first semester.” She handed me a piece of paper, which I assumed had my classes on it. “Class starts at 8:00, ends at 3:00, and we have six classes that are fifty minutes long. Plus lunch. But there is a small difference to yours because at the end of the day you have Power Control for two hours. But we should go because I want to give you a tour of the school while classes are on.”

She grabbed me, and we headed down the corridor to the main entrance.

We had visited every single hall in the school. We were finally getting to the good part. The field. We had gone the girls dorms, and guys dorms, two buildings separate from the school, and I learned that my room was at the very top of the school.

We walked out to the field. It was like any other sports field, with a track going around it, and football net/soccer net. There was also a class going on at the moment, and they were running laps around the track. I spotted Storm among them.

“We have normal sports teams,” Iris said, “But we have several inside the school. We compete against the non-magical schools, but there are only four, one for every place in Elamantti. So we have to improvise, and there are usually several from each school. Anyway, stop eye-raping Storm, and let’s go.”

“I wasn’t eye-raping Storm,” I mumbled. I totally was.

“Yes,” Iris said, a small smirk on her face, “You were, and next time I see him I’m going to tell him.”

“Go ahead,” I said, “I could care less.”

My face was back to it’s emotionless state. Iris’s smile dropped, and she cleared her throat, “Well, um, we should head to the mall. I’m sure Camille mentioned allowances?” I nodded my head, and she continued, “Allowances are Elamanttan money that we can earn by good behaviour, good grades, so on and so forth. Being on a school team will get you extra, and new students also get a bonus. The mall has clothing shops, bookstores, electronic stores, although we aren’t allowed electronics without permission from teachers, food store, etc. Anything you would have at your own mall in your world.”

“How did I get here?” I asked suddenly.

“Well….” she trailed off, “It’s kinda hard to explain, but we are like a parallel universe to the world that you know. We have portals that can travel to any universe, as long as we have the right symbols. You could probably find a better explanation in the library.”

“Why do you have modern technology here?”

“Well, that’s a bit easier to explain. We are actually more evolved than humans, not including plumbing because we definitely stole that from your world, but we have added several different worlds technology to our world. We have whatever your world did, plumbing, phones, laptops, etc., but we also have different technology that you’ll be introduced to. At the Academy we only really have plumbing open to us. Faculty have other technology though, like computers, that we aren’t allowed to use. Nobody knows why they do it, but it's always been like that.”

With that last sentence we arrived at the mall. When Camille said it was small she was lying. I mean it was small compared to the Academy, but it was big compared to any mall I’d ever seen.

“Where would you like to go first?” Iris asked. “We have two hours to kill until lunch, which is when we get back.”

“Didn’t you say that you had a bookstore here?” I asked. She nodded. “Can we go there?”

She nodded again, her eyes holding a bit of surprise. She led us into the deserted mall, as everyone was in class, and we reached the bookstore. My eyes lit up.

The bookstore had books from my world, and other worlds. I couldn’t wait to read all of these.

“You can leave.” I said, “I might be a while. Come get me in two hours.”

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