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Chapter 9

Blaze’s POV

When I got to the dining room everybody was already seated, and they just ignored me as I walked in, which I was grateful for. I beelined to the kitchens. They were serving wraps tonight. Mine had ground beef, plain yogurt, tomatoes, and cheese. I had two or three.

I walked to the corner table, and sat down. Storm was walking in as I was sitting down, Iris and Camden following closely. Storm came out with his plate a few minutes later, and headed towards this table, as it was his regular table. It was also the only one with any open seats.

When he arrived I nodded towards him in greeting. He nodded back. He sat down across from me, in his usual spot. Soon Iris and Camden arrived, plates in hand. Me and Storm stood up, Iris and Camden sliding into their seats.

When I sat down I immediately started eating. There was an awkward silence at the table as everyone else started eating as well. This is about what I did. I sighed.

“I’m not going to apologize,” I said. “I warned everyone about the consequences of touching me, and you grabbed me. Be happy I didn’t do worse. That was me being easy. Next time anyone touches me I might not be as nice.”

Camden snarled, “You shouldn’t be hurting your teammate like that. She is your teammate, and will probably lead this group once we go into battle. You should show some respect.” He stood up slamming his palms against the table, “Ever since you’ve gotten here everything has gone wrong. Everything. I wish you weren’t even here. We can defeat Darkness without you.”

I stood up to walk away, but Camden grabbed me, yelling, “I’m not done.”

I paused. His yelling finally caught the attention of everybody, and the dining hall went silent.

I took a few breaths to calm myself. Again the heat was rising.

“Well I am,” I said, my patience wearing thin. I whipped my hand out of his hold, and turned, trying to walk away. I was trying to stay calm because he was right. They were my teammates. But he wasn’t letting me walk away.

“Don’t walk away from me!” he roared. “Don’t be a coward!”

That was the last straw. I whipped around, trying to push the heat down.

“You really think I’m the coward?” I said, walking towards him. He had pushed his way past Storm, and was standing in front of the table. “I’m the one trying to walk away, trying not to hurt my teammate, like you said. But I’m the coward.” I turned to the rest of the students, and teachers, laughing maniacally. “Does that make sense to you?” I turned back to Camden. “Let me walk out of here, and I’ll think about not hurting you. You stop me one more time, and you’ll be out for weeks, teammate or not.”

“I choose the second option!” he hollered. “A little girl like you couldn’t stop me.”

Storm put his hand on Camden’s shoulder in warning. Camden shrugged him off. He made a ’come at me’ gesture with my hands.

And that’s when I lost control.

I rushed at him. He wasn’t prepared for that. I knocked him to the ground, punching him repeatedly in the face. I let the heat take over.

I don’t know how long I was punching him in the face for, but I felt hands grab onto me, pulling me away from him. The hands were cold against me. Storm.

“Let. Me. Go!” I roared, struggling against his hold. Then he drenched me in water.

I immediately gained back control. The heat went away. Went back into hiding. I took some deep breaths to calm myself down. I looked over at Camden. What I saw was horrifying.

He had burn marks all over him. His nose and mouth were leaking blood. He was unconscious.

It was then that I realized that I had been engulfed in flames while punching him. That’s why there were burn marks all over him.

I stood up, pushing Storm away, and putting my mask back up. No one was going to see the fear. The disappointment. The guilt.

I strolled out of the dining hall, ignoring everyone as I walked out. There was a crowd around us, but they made a path towards the exit. They all held fear in their eyes. I exited the dining hall, my facade falling, and ran towards my room. I kept my footfalls light.

I burst into my room, and locked it behind me. I walked over to the closet, and picked up the shorts and another t-shirt. I headed towards the bathroom. Maybe a shower would help me calm down.

I put the dial for the water temperature at the coldest it could be. I needed to cool down.

I stripped, and stepped in, the water shocking me. I pulled in a deep breath. Let it out. And sunk to the ground in guilt.

I wasn’t fit for this team. I couldn’t even control myself enough to stop myself from harming my teammate. God, Camden. I hoped he was okay. He would heal though. Quickly with Storm’s help, I thought.

When he was better I needed to apologize for losing control.

Storm walked into the bathroom, and started to brush his teeth. What the hell? Was this going to be an everyday occurrence?

He stopped, “You really shouldn’t have done that. Now Camden will have to miss weeks of school till he’s better. Also, why is your shower freezing cold?”

I didn’t answer him. I stayed silent, still sitting on the floor. He sighed, and I could practically hear him roll his eyes at me. He turned, setting down his tooth brush, and walked towards the shower curtain. I quickly stood up. He pulled the curtain back, and I turned around, away from him, so that my back was to him.

“What the hell?” I yelled. “Close the shower curtain, perv. And stop staring at my ass.”

I turned my head, and he was staring at my ass, but that wasn’t all he was staring at. My scars. Damnit.

I had burn scars on my back. “Close the fucking curtain.”

He didn’t listen, “No. Not until you tell me why you attacked Cam and why your shower is freezing cold.”

My shower was still freezing cold. And it was pouring down my body. God. I squeeze my eyes shut. I hated people looking at my scars.

“Close the damn curtain or I won’t tell you anything.”

He took one look up my body, most likely taking one last look at the scars going up my back, down my legs, and closed the curtain.

He stood waiting for an explanation, his arms crossed across his chest, so I started, “I hurt Camden because I told everybody not to touch me. And when I tried to walk away, before I did anything I re-” I cut myself off. “Before I did anything to hurt anybody he kept challenging me. The last straw was when he told me I was ‘a little girl who couldn’t beat him’” I put quotations around the last part, quoting almost exactly what he said. “Then I lost control. And my shower is freezing cold because I need to cool down. Now, can you leave?”

“Be ready for training tomorrow. I have an idea,” was his only reply.

I sighed, and actually started washing myself. When I was done I grabbed a towel off the rack, dried myself off, and put my clothes on.

I walked into my room, and collapsed in bed.

Tomorrow I was going to go for a run in the morning. Before dawn. To blow off some steam.

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