My Desperate Alpha

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A story based on two characters, one who searched high and low for their mate and the other who hides high and low from their mate. Until he finds that she's been right under his nose the entire time. A half and a half makes a whole but what happens when one or both of the halves is broken? Will they fix each other or just rip each other further? What happens when one half isn't interested in the other? What happens when one half is clingy and protective and the other is independent and hard headed with a bad upbringing? So many questions to be answered, read to find the answer.....

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Lycans ( Wolves) can find their mates from 17 + years, they can shift into their Wolves from 14-15 and can talk to their Wolves in their head. Their Wolves can also take over their human side... If that’s what you want to call it and not have to physically shift into their wolf.
Each wolf has its own name & every wolf has different and uniquely coloured fur ( different splotches and patches) . Werewolves can also hide their scent from other wolves or their mate, which can stop the other mate or other wolves from finding them or their mate that covered/hid their scent.

NOTE: The characters do not have to look like the people in the pictures, you can vision this story however you want.

Preview of the Characters

( Coco + Alexa + Isla + Tori can all speak Latin/Spanish) Mainly speaks Spanish when they don’t want others listening into their convos

Coco (18):
Wolfs name is Winter
(Full White coloured Wolf)
(Latina: Can speak Latin fluently, mainly speaks in Latin when she is pissed)
Long brown-black hair that’s naturally wavy with few loose curls here and there, olive/tanned skin with delicate & lovely facial features.Sassy, smart, independent and stands up for herself. Is the daughter to an Alpha and doesn’t want to meet her mate because of what her father did, her father left her mother after she had had 3 children & it broke her mother into pieces so they grew up with a depressed mother that had no mate. Coco doesn’t enjoy the ideas of a mate and when she finds her mate she plans to reject him.

Isla (17-18) :
Wolfs name is Blizzard
(Light Grey + Silver coloured Wolf)
( Speaks Fluent Latina by isn’t a Latina)
Blonde hair (short- medium length) Pale skinned,smart, has good style,gets hit on a lot and ignores a lot of it cause %75 of it is from the humans or dumb asses, sensitive/emotional ,caring, placid, the kindest outta them all... Gets the highest grades

Alexa (18-19) :
Wolfs name is Sasha
( Chocolate coloured Wolf)
( Latina: Speaks fluent Latin/Spanish)
Black medium length curly hair, olive-tanned skin, Sassy AF, doesn’t get hit on as much because she’s so sassy. Smart, chill, & Coco & Alexa pretty much have the same personality.

Matt (19) :
Wolfs name is Theo
Shortish dark scruffy hair, lightly tanned skin, often annoying, likes to play pranks, can get protective, plays sport, enjoys running & his wolf is a complete nutter that runs wild. Acts/pretty much, is like a brother to Coco

(Bella +Isla, Alexa & Matt are all from the River Run Pack)

Wolfs name is Zelix
( Full Black coloured Wolf)
( Alpha of Red Moon Pack) Scruffy dark hair, tanned skin, ripped body, plays football, enjoy running, DESPERATELY wants to find his mate! Greyson’s father has partly handed the pack over to Greyson until he finds his mate. His father also wants him to go to school so he can get to know his pack members . • Since Greyson was 16-17 he was sent to an Alpha Training Camp where he learnt what it was like to be an Alpha, he has come back this year and is attending Caimbridge High for a year, for Social reasons ( so he can get to know his pack better before he becomes there main alpha).... (idk who to put as his picture so it might change xoxo)

Ace (18):
( Light Brown + Red coloured wolf)
Wolfs name is Spike
Scruffy brown hair, brothers with Kal, has roughly the same personality, more caring though. Enjoys a laugh and has a close relationship with his bro & they always play pranks on each other. Liked to play pranks on humans along with Kal.

Wolfs name is Drogo
( Light Brown + Orange coloured wolf with 4 white coloured paws + black circles around eyes)
Brown Hair, light olive coloured skin, likes football, smartass, fucks with people, always cracking a joke, can’t be taken seriously, even says shit about Greyson.

Harry (19-20):
Wolfs name is Sampson
(Dark Grey/Charcoal + random light silver patches coloured wolf)
( Beta of the Red Moon Pack) Brown hair, light - tanned coloured skin, protective over his mate Tori ( Victoria) gets in a few fights, has slight control issues, great friends with Kal, Ace & Greyson.

Wolfs name is Victoria/ Tori
( Silver/Grey with Brown coloured fur blended together)
( Can mostly speak Spanish)
( Mates with Harry) Light Brown Shoulder length hair with a few subtle blond highlights through it, nice but sassy, can get fired up by people bringing up certain things that happens to her in the past, adores little kids and can’t wait until she has her own, keeps to herself when around Harry and doesn’t let Harry know about her problems cause she thinks he might reject her because of it.

(Greyson, Harry, Ace, Kal & Tori are all from the Red Moon Pack)

Heidi - Greyson’s MotherSam-warrior

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