A Month of Midnights

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Living out an actual fairytale seems like a dream, but for one young woman, it means a hellish nightmare. Lost in a world of magic and evil, she must fight to find the one person who'll help her. Her world is divided into two realms: the poor and the magical. To be chosen and sent into Istoria to live out a fairytale character's life is the highest honor. For Blyss Bannon, a young woman with enough problems of her own, being sent to Istoria means a miserable life and a bloody death. With one month to find a way to erase her predetermined destiny, Blyss sets out into the mysterious Istoria and finds herself in a fight for survival against the lurking evil surrounding her. Along the way, she enlists the help of two off-beat fairytale creatures and a charming young man with a few uncanny secrets of his own. With each passing day, Blyss struggles to decide whether she should accept her fate or stand firm in what she knows to be true. The clock is ticking down for her to prove to herself, and to the adamant world around her, that evil will not prevail and that goodness is always stronger.

Fantasy / Adventure
J.C. Ziegler
4.7 3 reviews
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Millions of years ago, when our ancestors created the first written story, our land came to be. This magnificent land quickly shifted and shaped into two known realms: Istoria and Chorio. Istoria is our realm of magic. It is home to fairytale characters and their adventures. Chorio is the realm of the villagers, the commoners, and those not involved in a Story of any kind. Chorio and her villagers do not not contain any magic. Magic is reserved for fairytale creatures and characters. Every once in great while, special people from the villages of Chorio are assigned by Storytellers to enter Istoria and live out the Story of their new character. Once chosen, magic is bestowed on the villager so they may function properly in Istoria. This cycle continues with new people being chosen to take their place and relive the timeless Story. To be chosen to live in Istoria is a great honor, whether as a villain or a simple castle servant. None must refuse. Once they cross into Istoria, they are not allowed to return to Chorio. One’s fate is sealed.


-Excerpt from The History of Istoria and Chorio by the Writer

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