The rage Within

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Chapter 14

The breeze picked up and he caught a light familiar scent in the air. It had been quite a long time and the scent flooded his mind with memories from the past, both good and bad. He scanned the cliental knowing it would be hard to find who he was looking for.

When he came into view he could tell that he had been spotted as well. The hulking man, who looked like a cross between a professional wrestler and a fairly hygienic biker, headed straight for him. The worried faces of the other patrons spread as he crossed the room. They were right to be worried if they were the wrong sort.

The large man sat down across from the gentleman at one of the outside tables of the café without saying a word. The chair creaked as it struggled with the weight of him. The other customers did their best to hide their gaze, but with little success. The contrast between the two men was glaring.

“Nice to see you old friend.” The gentleman said.

“I knew I would find you at some fancy-ass place like this. I bet there isn’t one bottle of beer in the entire building.” He said.

He looked at his surroundings before catching the stare of a middle aged woman with another man. Her smiling stare was anything but fearful. She winked.

“I think the maitre d’ would be glad to get you s six-pack if you asked.” He said.

“How’s Bilinda?” The big man said.

“She’s good. Staying out of trouble most days. She reminds me of someone else I know.”

The big man gave a harrumph that could almost be considered a chuckle.

“Last I heard you were somewhere in Prague? A few issues that needed some sorting?”

“I’ve spent a little time there.” The big man said. “A few folks needed some assistance and they got it.”

“What brings you to this side of the pond my friend?”

“Was traveling on the small island when I caught wind of some disturbing news.”

“What did you hear?” The gentleman said. This was not good and his face reflected it.

“Deni said he was contacted by a third party who wanted to hire him for a job in the States. The details were vague, but when your name was mentioned he refused the job. It’s far from conclusive, but I think it’s something you should take seriously.”

“Any Specifics?”

“Not many, but enough.”

“Do you think they know the whole of it?” He said looking at his big friend. He knew he had made some mistakes, but he couldn’t find it within himself to regret them. Every decision, large or small, has consequences.

“Doubtful, but half-truths could make this situation all the more volatile. Though Deni didn’t take the job it won’t be long before someone else does. Might be time to pack up and do some traveling.”

“No. Those days are over I’m afraid. I have obligations now. I suppose this was inevitable and it needs to be.....dealt with.”

The big man sat back in his chair and gave a knowing nod.

“I guess it does.”

“Thanks for the information. Looks as though I owe you now.” He said.

The big man got up, looked up in the sky and took a deep breath. He looked around, surveying his surroundings.

“I always liked this area. I may be around.” The big man said.

It was dusk and the full moon was the perfect assisted lighting to the outside lamps of the café.

The big man gave a nod to his friend, and what could possibly be considered a smile to the attentive woman at the next table. When the woman’s date turned to look to see what she was looking at, he nearly broke his neck reversing his stare, hoping beyond hope that the man didn’t approach him.

The gentleman knew why the big man was sticking around. He was a rare friend and considering whom they were, their friendship was an uncommon one to say the least.

He had hoped this day would never come, but deep down he always knew that it would. You can run from destiny for only so long before it comes looking for you.

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