The rage Within

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Chapter 18

“What do you mean, even with me?” Emily said.

“I mean with a psychiatrist.”

Emily looked at him closely and intently.

“Really?” Emily said with a look that said bullshit.

She knew a lie when she heard one, and this one was involving her. She felt that this one detail couldn’t be let go. She needed to see his response to her question. It was about time she started pressing Jack when she felt it was appropriate.

“Impressive doctor.” Jack said. “Very intuitive. Have you always been like that?”

“What, able to read people? It’s a necessary component of my job.”

“I can see where that would be very advantageous. I’m sure you get lied to on a regular basis. Some intentionally, some unintentionally, am I right?”

“That’s true. Would you say that you would fit in to one of those categories?” Emily said.

She asked this question with some trepidation, knowing that it was possible that Jack would take offense. Being a fairly good judge of the situation she felt that her rapport was to the point where she could push it a little.

“That’s the question isn’t it? From your prospective I’m sure you will have to assume anything said is up for interpretation. Time will tell, but I think you may be questioning it sooner rather than later.” Jack said.

This surprised the doctor. Not only did Jack not bat an eye at her accusation, but he all but admitted that everything he was saying could be a lie. Emily was close to her first break-through and she knew it.

“Why is that?”

“Patience doc. We’re getting there.”

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