The rage Within

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Chapter 23

I walked into the night with an overwhelming feeling of contentment. I felt like my life was on track. I had a great job, good friends, and the potential for further dates with a beautiful girl I couldn’t stop thinking about. Life was getting much better, even with the occasional paranoia.

I was on Main, walking along the shops when I came upon a group of people coming out of a bar. There were at least six or seven of them, all about my age, having a good time and heading in the same direction as I was. I was behind the group listening to them banter back and forth. They were not unlike my friends and I smiled as I listened. Their one loud friend was just like Ben. I was certain that every group of friends has one.

I was almost to my work, which is where I planned to turn around and head home, when I thought I saw something unusual. I couldn’t see clearly past the group of people in front of me, but it looked like Viktoria walking from the front doors of the POH to a waiting car parked in front. I tried to dodge the bobbing heads in front of me to get a better look, but she was in the car before I could see clearly.

It was a newer luxury car of some kind with tinted windows, even the front, so when she got in I couldn’t see a thing. The car did a U-turn as soon as it left the curb and headed in the opposite direction.

What the hell? Was that really her? Was she looking for me, or was this something else?

The whole thing was surreal. It could have been someone who just looked like her checking to see what the store hours were. Like I said, I didn’t get the best of looks, not to mention that I had been drinking. It was weird for sure, but instead of guessing I would just ask her the next time I talked to her. I’m sure there was a simple explanation and I didn’t want to waste time mulling over the negative.

I shook it off and headed home. The house was quiet when I got back and Ted was sound asleep. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep either, but what I never expected though was what followed.

I have had a few lucid dreams before where things seem fairly real, but nothing like what I experienced that night. This dream was so fantastic and disturbing that when I did wake I wasn’t sure if it had actually happened or not.

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