The rage Within

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Chapter 25

There was a light fog settling over the city. It was that time of night when the very late and very early overlap and there is just a silent existence. The streets were vacant of any activity and the only sound was that of hard soled shoes hitting the sidewalk. The sound began to grow louder as it echoed off the surrounding buildings. She was close enough to smell her now, and there was no doubt she was the one she was waiting for.

As the footsteps approached she heard the subtle change in her gait and the speed of her walk. She knew she was there waiting, but continued on. She was waiting inside the doorway of a restaurant, which was set back just enough to hide her physical presence until in she was right in front of her. When she reached the doorway she stopped, turned, and faced her would be assailant.

“I wondered if you were going pay me a visit. Bilinda is it?” Viktoria said.

Not a hint of nervousness in her voice or fear in her body language. Using Bili’s real name was telling and no accident.

“I’m curious. You are one of a very rare few I had ever come across in this area, and only quite recently I might add. Now you’re dating Jack. Quite a coincidence don’t you think?” Bili said

“I confess, I don’t usually go for his type, but then again, there is something different and familiar about him. Wouldn’t you agree?” Viktoria said smugly.

Bili could tell that she knew, but how much was the question. The last thing she wanted to do was give her information inadvertently that she didn’t previously have.

“Who are you working for?” Bili said

“I work for a financial company three blocks away, but something tells me that’s not what you mean.”

“Smart you are.” Bili said in her usual tone.

“I know what you’re getting at, but trust me, I’m not the problem. Do I know who he is? Of course I do. That doesn’t mean I’m the enemy, or trying to hurt him. Quite the opposite actually.”

She was telling the truth.

“Who’s your maker?” Bili asked, changing the subject.

Viktoria’s demeanor changed in a heartbeat. It went from pleasant to cold.

“Nice talking to you Bili. When you see Jack feel free to tell him about this conversation. Something tells me you won’t though.” Viktoria said as she turned away from Bili and started walking.

Bili grabbed Viki’s arm and pulled, causing Viki to whip back around putting the two face to face. Their eyes locked unflinchingly. Bili knew she was playing a dangerous game with Viktoria. Then again, Bili didn’t give a shit.

“If anything happens to him there will be no place on this earth you could run.”

“Is it a sense of duty to Theo, or something else I wonder?” Viktoria said.

Viki peeled Bili’s iron grip from her arm, slowly and deliberately, while staring directly into her eyes. She was letting Bili know, in a not so subtle way, that when it came to the physical, Bili could not match her. Bili knew this as well, but when it came to people she cared about, self-preservation was the last thing on her mind.

Viki took a few steps away from Bili then stopped and looked back to Bili.

“Trouble is coming, but not from where you may think. Keep sharp.”

The more Bili thought about this brief encounter she

was sure that Viki may have indeed given her more information than intended. Even the most guarded make mistakes when trying conceal their secrets. It’s almost inevitable, especially when you have the ability to see what most cannot. The fact that she wasn’t lying about anything was equally interesting.

To say that the situation was becoming complex was the understatement of the century. The dull and mundane life that Bili had become accustomed to was over. She couldn’t in all honesty say that she was sorry either.

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