The rage Within

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Chapter 26

“Wait a minute Jack. I have so many questions my questions have questions.” Emily said interrupting the story again.

Even though Emily told Jack that she wouldn’t interrupt too often she couldn’t help herself. Her training wouldn’t allow her to go on without at least a few answers.

Though Jack was not saying it out right, he was implying some incredible things. Usually in cases like this, when the patient is beyond delusional, there are many natural breaks due to major inconsistencies and nonsensical ramblings. Jack’s story was very different in that she had not yet found any. Though some of his implications seemed implausible, they were well thought out and consistent in nature. That’s why Emily found herself giving Jack a little more leeway than most.

Jack looked at Emily disapprovingly.

“I know what I said, but-”

“Doc, please.” Jack said dropping his stare a bit as to say may I please go on.

“Sorry, but…”

“Remember what I said. Though it may seem I am not making sense, it will come together. Plus, after the next part of my story you will have far more questions, as I am sure you will find it hard to believe. I fear I will then be forced to answer some of your doctor questions so that you won’t think I’m utterly insane. It may take some doing I’m afraid too.” Jack said.

“Okay.” Emily said. “I will give you some time, but I will hold you to your promise to give me answers soon.”

Emily had never felt less in control of a treatment session, or a conversation in general, but something inside her told her to be patient and wait. There will be time. She was more than certain that Jack would be spending the full 72 hours with her now, which took the pressure off as far as the time was concerned.

“Okay Jack, sorry for the interruptions.”

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