The rage Within

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Chapter 32

“Thanks old friend. You saved their lives tonight.” Theo said seriously

“Luck.” Jacques said dismissively.

Theo smiled, knowing his friend would never take such credit. He never did. He looked around as if taking in the whole of the situation that they now found themselves.

“They have the advantage now, and I don’t mean Kristov and Franklin.”

“These events don’t add up.” Jacques said.

“Agreed. Kristov isn’t smart enough to plan all of this. Someone is pulling his strings.” Theo said.

“That someone knows about Jack. He was all that Kristov.” Jacques said.

“My initial thought was the General, but he would never be so careless.” Theo said.

I agree, but he is in the States.” Jacques said. “I was able to confirm that only yesterday.

“Not surprised, but if not him, who?” Theo said.

“That’s the question.” Jacques said.

“We need a meeting. Think you can find him?”

“Yes.” Jacques said. Then after a short pause, “Did you notice?”

“I did. Ever see anything like it?” Theo asked.


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