The rage Within

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Chapter 36

Emily was in her old office, boxing up her things to move into her new digs. She couldn’t believe how much crap she had in this little office

Nancy walked in with the worst poker face of all time.

“You knew the whole time didn’t you?”

“What kind of secretary would I be if I hadn’t?” Nancy said

“Any idea what really happened to Spencer? It doesn’t make sense.” Emily said.

Nancy became serious and lowered her voice.

“It’s strange. I have contacts everywhere at this hospital and no one, and I mean no one, knows anything.” Nancy said.

“Hmm, that is weird. Not complaining mind you.” Emily said. “Other business. You are getting a raise. Move your things to our new office space as soon as you can. I need to get to work.”

“In that case, you deal with your patient, and I will finish up with your things as well. I think there are some interns here today. I’ll put them to work.”

“Thanks Nancy.” Emily said as she almost skipped off down the hall.

Emily was excited to get back to her patient. Jack’s story was taking some fantastic and unbelievable turns, which she found very interesting to say the least. She felt that she was getting somewhere and too much delay could impede progress. She wasted no more time and went to his room.

She gave a quick obligatory knock then went in without hesitation. Jack was standing at the window, looking out. He was freshly showered and had on a fresh set of scrubs.

“Good afternoon Jack. Any Blue Jays?” Emily said.

Jack turned to look at Emily.

“Funny you should ask. There was one earlier, but he just disappeared. No idea where he went either.”

Emily paused at that statement, and then shook it off.

Jack sat down in the conversation chair without being asked.

“Are you just visiting, or is it something else?” Jack asked.

“Apparently things worked out after all. I will be taking over for Dr. Kaufland.” Emily said.

“Hmm, something happen to the good doctor?” Jack said.

Emily looked at Jack suspiciously. She wasn’t sure if it was the way he spoke, the comment about the bird, or the fact that he wasn’t overly surprised about her coming to see him.

“Do you know anything about Dr. Kaufland?”

“Not much, no. That’s not what you mean though is it?”

“No. Did he talk to you earlier today?”

“Yes. He came in here, made some threats about keeping me locked up indefinitely, then left. He couldn’t have been in here more than ten minutes.”

“He threatened you.” Emily said. The anger was not veiled. “I’m sorry about his behavior Jack. Rest assured you will no longer be dealing with him. He quit today.”

“Can’t say I’m sorry to see him go. How do you feel about it?”

Emily smiled a half grin.

“It may not be very professional to say so, but I’m not sorry either.” She said.

They both had a quick laugh, and the more Emily thought about it, the more silly she felt about being suspicious of Jack. He had been locked up this whole time. How could he have anything to do with it? Not to mention he isn’t even from this area.

“Do you have somewhere to be, or would you like to get back to our story?”


“I do not. Do you remember where we left off?”

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