The rage Within

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Chapter 38

Bili was out on the showroom floor pulling pieces of glass and ceramic from the drywall and throwing them into a garbage can in robotic fashion. The worry on Bili’s face was palpable. She knew what she had done, and would do it again under the same circumstances, but she would forever feel responsible what she had just done to Theo. The only person in this world Bili loved.

Theo approached her slowly, knowing what she was thinking before she said a word. She didn’t have to. No one knew her like Theo. He got within arm’s-length before Bili stopped what she was doing, and turned to face him. She started to say something, but swallowed the words. Tears filled the wells of her eyes and Bili tried to wipe them away as fast as they fell. It was a losing battle.

“I’m sorry, I...” she tried to say, but Theo cut her off.

“Shh” Theo said as he grabbed her in a tight hug and held her tight. Nothing needed to be said. He knew the situation had to be dire and with Kristov involved he was surprised that they both made it out alive. It was a minor miracle.

“Don’t worry about this mess. I’ll take care of it.” Theo said.

Bili didn’t argue. She used her shirt to remove the trails of tears on her face, nodded quickly, and walked to the back to get her things.

Theo sat down in one of his expensive antique chairs like it was a piece of lawn furniture and stewed over the night’s events. Though he was not showing it on the outside, he was livid. Bili was like his daughter.

Theo was not just going to look the other way and wait for another attack. It was time to go on the offensive. He needed some help to get answers and he was going to call in some favors. Whoever was behind this attack had made a mistake tonight. An unforgivable one that will have repercussions.

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