The rage Within

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Chapter 41

As I ran through the woods I could hear every sound around me as if I was listening to it in surround sound stereo. I didn’t recognize where I was, but I didn’t feel lost. I was running fast and with a purpose. The speed I was traveling seemed unreal and fantastic. My sure-footedness became completely instinctual and I hardly gave it a second thought. Dodging and jumping obstacles was now as natural as a leisurely stroll through a flat freshly cut park.

I slowed as I came to a house in a clearing, knowing I had arrived at the right place. The plot of treeless land was just enough for the house and a shed in the back. It didn’t appear that the owner was a very hospitable person. Even the construction of the home screamed No Trespassing from every angle.

I walked hesitantly as I approached the front of the house, which was really more of a cabin. The two small windows didn’t allow for much information, so I made my way around the back to see if there was another, less conspicuous, way in. I don’t know why, but I was sure someone was inside with information I needed and I was going to get it.

The back door was open, which sent my senses in overdrive. As stealthy as I could I made my way inside. The first room I came to was small, like an old mud room that was separated from the main living area by a hanging bed sheet. The cloth was a thin white material and almost see-through. Though the sheet was stained throughout, I could see the outline of a man on the other side and the scent was unmistakable. I immediately became enraged with an uncontrollable anger. I kept the silent rage temporarily at bay as I passed though the sheet bringing the man into view. His back was to me and he was staring out the tiny front door window like he was looking for something.

I didn’t waste another second and burst into a run, jumping on the back of this unsuspecting bastard. The rage over took me and I couldn’t control myself. I started biting this man’s neck and with each bite came chunks of sinewy meat. I finally brought my anger under control as the body went limp and fell to the floor in a pool of blood. His heart was still pumping, spurting streams of blood from his neck intermittently. After about four spurts it stopped, as did his heart.

At once I became completely confused about the entire situation. What had I done? What had this person done to make me do this to him? I rolled my victim over, seeing his face for the first time.

I couldn’t believe who I had just killed. That’s when I looked up and across the room I saw myself in the mirrored wall standing over my prey. I was a large four legged hairy wolf with a blood stained furry mouth. Then everything went dark.

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