The rage Within

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Chapter 44

Theo had said that whoever was behind the attacks was very patient, which also means they are smart. Predicting anything was almost impossible and this more than anything made them very dangerous as well.

Theo and Jacques were doing what they could with what they had so far, but every new piece of information seemed to lead them on another wild goose chase. I could see it was starting to eat at Theo. He was used to war, but this was different. Not being in control or knowing who the real enemy was started to wear on him. Both Theo and Jacques agreed that Kristov was a hired hand and not acting on his own. He was not the sort to plan out heavily detailed events, especially if there were numerous moving parts.

Theo was at the POH more than ever and was constantly on the computer or making phone calls at all hours.

The ambush at the POH had caused a chain reaction throughout the community, for lack of a better term. Aside from Theo’s core group of friends in Michigan, who I met at the warehouse, he was getting calls from others concerned about the events unfolding.

Steve had been working steadily and deduced that more than one group may be attempting to locate Jack and cause problems within the community. The other issues were the individuals like TruVamp, who were either out for quick money, or just curious. This would certainly present problems when trying to get a sense of who the greatest threats were. An influx of immortals in the small city of Ann Arbor would have them tripping over one another, and would almost ensure conflict. Especially with the rumors that were circulating.

There had also been several blatant lies being spread that Theo had attacked and killed two innocent wolves. It was nonsense, but propaganda is powerful tool. Now we had to worry about almost every wolf we came across who may be looking for some payback. One attack could turn to two, and two could turn into all-out war.

It was a capricious time to say the least and we were on the front lines.

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