The rage Within

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Chapter 52

Jack sat back in his chair, took a deep breath, then let out a big yawn.

Emily followed suit, then relaxed her body, not realizing how tense she was until he stopped talking. True or not, Emily was fully engrossed in the tale Jack was telling.

“What did Bili tell you?” Emily said.

She said it eagerly and immediately regretted it. This was the equivalent of tipping her hand. Getting sucked into the story was one thing, but she didn’t want the patient to know that. It might make the patient feel they have the upper hand and more reluctant to let their true feelings out.

“That is a story for another time. How about a coffee doc? I’d buy, but you guys confiscated everything.” Jack said.

Emily let out a chuckle.

“Good idea. I think I can spring for it.”

“Any chance you have access to anything other than vending machine coffee.” Jack said.

“Don’t care for an 8 ounce cup of sludge?”

“Would rather drink used bath water.”

“Ah, a fellow coffee snob. There is a good coffee shop across the street from the hospital. What would you like?” she asked.

“Dark coffee. Large and strong please. One raw sugar if they have it. If not black is fine.” Jack said.

“Okay. I’ll be back in a little while. Get some rest.” Emily said as she gathered up her paperwork and went back to her office.

She sat at her desk, still amazed at her new digs. She logged in some of the progress she had made so far. Even though she recorded her sessions she wanted the highlights at her fingertips.

Nancy poked her head into the office.

“Is your patient glad to have you back?” Nancy asked, knowing she wouldn’t get any juicy details, but hoping for anything, considering the buzz around the hospital.

“I hope so.” The doctor said, not elaborating.

“I also wanted to tell you that I have a contact at the police department who said she can get you a copy of that letter of his. I will let you know when I have it.” Nancy said

“That’s great. Thanks Nancy. I’m going to grab some coffees, want anything?”

“Sure. Anyone of those fancy cold coffees with whip cream if you don’t mind.”

“You got it.”

Emily finished up some typing then made the coffee run.

Jack sat patiently in his room thinking.

Things were progressing well he thought to himself. She was a lot like he suspected. He was glad that he had been chosen for this job.

Emily could have drove, but she chose to walk. The longest part of the walk was through the parking lot of the hospital itself. It was a nice day and she enjoyed the fresh air.

She was a half a block away from the coffee shop, in front of a strip of clothing shops when she past a small group of girls, who appeared to be in there early twenties. They were taking up the bulk of the sidewalk and Emily had to wade through the middle of them like crossing a river. As she past the last one Emily ran into another woman, who did not appear to be part of the group. She was dressed differently than the group, and definitely more sophisticated than the others.

“Sorry.” The Emily said, though she was sure she got the worst of the exchange.

“No problem.” The woman said as she helped Emily right herself.

“Thanks. I’m usually not so clumsy.”

“I’m sure that’s true.” The woman said.

Emily looked at the woman suspiciously. There was something about this woman that was familiar to her, but she was certain she had never seen her before.

“Have we met?” Emily asked, more to fill the silence as the woman stood in front of her not moving.

After another short pause the woman spoke.

“No. I don’t think so. I would have remembered something like that. Have a good day doctor.” She said.

“You too.”

The woman crossed the street and got into the rear seat of a waiting vehicle that must have had a driver, as it took off as soon as she entered and closed the door. The windows were tinted so Emily couldn’t see anything inside.

What an odd experience.

When the doctor came back with the coffees she set them on her desk. When she did she noticed something. Her white doctor jacket hanging was over her chair. It was a sure give-away in public, but without it.

How did she know I was a doctor?

Emily quickly shook it off. The lady must have been to the hospital before. That would also explain why she looked so familiar.

Emily dropped off Nancy’s sugar filled fake coffee drink, which she loved, then went back to Jack’s room, where he was resting in bed.

He sat up when Emily entered the room with the coffees.

“The coffee they had appeared to be a medium roast so I had them throw in a shot of espresso, I hope that’s okay.” Emily said.

“Perfect, thank you.” Jack said as he took his coffee from the doctor. “This should get the blood moving.”

The doctor settled into her chair with her coffee and gestured to the other chair.

Jack moved to the chair and sat

“I think we may have time for one more talk before we call it a day. Are you game?” Emily said.

“I am.”

Jack took a long sip of his coffee then began.

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