The rage Within

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Chapter 57

If you didn’t know whether or not 50,000 volts of electricity would be enough to stun an extra large muscle-bound wolf, let me tell you it is.

Prior to our trip to Mr. Hendricks’ home we scouted the land and placed several helpful items around the grounds just in case.

Stun guns, rope, double heavy tape, and 100 CC’s of Propofol were the items of choice. The plan came together, but it was far from perfect. Mr. Hendricks getting killed was not part of the plan and a heavy loss that we all would have to live with. I still carry that guilt with me today. He was a nice man who didn’t deserve what he got.

This was not luck that we were ready for such an attack, but rather the culmination of endless preparations. We had prepared for this type of attack on several different occasions that we thought may proof fruitful, but it wasn’t until this delivery that they tried again. It also was the first trip that Bili was with me on the delivery and not lying in wait with Theo and Jacques.

Muscles and Franklin were still out when we sat them on Mr. Hendricks’ large couch. Jacques was putting the final touches on Kristov’s restraints. Jacques didn’t use any of the items I just told you about, but insisted on using the old methods he was used to. He beat him unconscious and then tied him up.

Kristov was secured to a separate chair, made from heavy steel, a few feet from the other two. He was wide awake and not happy.

“I should have killed you in the alley.” Kristov said, looking at Theo. He then spit a large glob of saliva and blood onto the orange shag carpet.

Without any hesitation or a word of warning, Bili stepped in front of Kristov and hit him in the face. Hard.

His head whipped back like he was hit by large man. Her hands might be tiny, but they are strong. It was because of her tiny hands that I think she lacerated his face from ear to nose.

Bili didn’t bother with any threats, or this is for this, or that. She just hit him and backed up to where she was. It was payback plain and simple

The cut healed quicker than I remembered from the POH. Maybe even faster than Bili’s from what I remembered. It was then that something occurred to me.

Kristov glared at Bili and evil thoughts ran though his mind. Probably no more than the thoughts that ran through mine as I looked at Franklin who was just waking up.

Franklin had a different look on his face than Kristov. He was scared and he was right to feel that way.

“Hi Franklin.” I said. “Appears we didn’t miss you this time.”

The look I had on my face must have stirred something in him, as all pretense of playing it tough and cool was gone.

“It wasn’t my idea. I never wanted to hurt her. I was-”

“Shut up you whinny little bitch!” Kristov spouted.

I turned to face Kristov and without a hint of anger or raised voice I spoke.

“One more word from you I will tape your head so that the only airway you have left will be your left nostril.”

He must have believed me, because he shut up.

Theo and Jacques looked at each other in an exchange of unspoken words. I’m guessing it was a look of approval.

Our plan was to take Kristov to one location and the other two to another. We were getting answers and Theo figured it may take some time so we needed a place more suited to our needs, and this was not it. Jacques had a plan in place for just such a scenario.

Bili and I were watching Franklin, Kristov and Muscles while Jacques pulled the van to the front door and Theo packed up the remainder of our gear he had stashed. Like I said, we had items in several places and we weren’t leaving any trace that we were here.

Franklin squirmed where he sat, testing the strength of the rope and tape. It was kevlar rope and the tough tape we used was almost as strong. Jacques figured the combination of both should be adequate to hold them.

“You were saying?” I said, looking at Franklin. I wanted to know why Viki was killed, and Franklin was in a talking mood. If he didn’t tell me now, he damn sure was going to tell me later.

Franklin looked over at Kristov, who glared back at him. It was not a friendly look.

“He is not the one you should be worried about.” I said.

“You are right about that Jack. Sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt again, but there is something I need to tell you.” Kristov said.

“Me too. What color tape do you want?” I said, not looking at him. I was still waiting for Franklin to start talking.

Kristov cracked a hint of a smile that I caught out of my peripheral vision then he said something that I will never forget.

“Do you think your mother misses her little goofball, or do you think, who gives a shit, she’s dead?” Kristov said.

“What the hell did you just say?” I said.

“Ah, so it is true. I wondered. The bitch kept babbling something about her little goofball just before I ripped the bitches throat out. It was more of a gurgle really, as you can imagine. Oh, that’s right. You don’t have to imagine. You saw.” Kristov said smiling wide.

“Jack, no.” Bili said, knowing what I was thinking before I did.

A burst of fire exploded inside my gut like never before. So much so I didn’t feel like the same person. I got tunnel vision and for the moment I shut the world off. There was just Kristov.

I moved quicker than a cat and grabbed Kristov by the neck and picked him off the ground with one hand, chair and all. He gasped for breath, as he tried to breath. I knew he couldn’t because I was almost touching my thumb to my fingers from each side of his neck. I felt like I had the power of a hundred men.

Jacques and Theo had just walked in to see Kristov wiggling wildly in my grasp.

“Jack! Don’t kill him!” Theo said.

I couldn’t hear him as my only thoughts were of those I loved and that this animal was responsible for their deaths. I was blind with rage.

“Why did you kill my mother?” I growled.

He was still trying to breath and in no position to answer, but the fury in me just wanted him dead. I wanted him dead more than I wanted anything in the world at that second. I could see the look in Kristov’s eyes as I held him as easy as a new born. Vampires were not supposed to be this strong and this confused him as much as scared him.

Exceptions to every rule

I was about snap his neck, which I knew would be beyond easy, when it happened.

I felt the spray of blood hit me before I heard the distant popping sound of the gun. Franklin’s head all but exploded and he slumped over where he sat. Muscle wolf tried to stand, while still tied, and took two shots almost at the same time. One through the chest then another through the head, causing him to crumble to the ground.

This happened so fast I barely felt the bullet hit my arm that held Kristov in the air. It tore through the skin and bone of my forearm, causing me to drop Kristov.

Finally able to breathe he focused on getting out of his restraints. I stayed on the floor as more shots rang overhead. My arm was dangling awkwardly, so I straightened it out and was amazed how quickly it healed. It was good as new within seconds. I knew this was not the norm, but I had no time to ponder it.

More shots sprayed overhead shattered everything in its path. Shards of glass where falling everywhere. Kristov wasted no time. He grabbed a small piece of glass and manipulated it enough to cut through the first layer of rope and tape. It gave him just enough of a start to burst from his bindings. He let out a roar and sprinted to the rear of the house in a crouched fashion, but still took several bullets to the back. They must not have hit anything vital because he never broke stride.

The bullets filled the air keeping us pinned down for another minute or so. Long enough to give Kristov enough of a head start that chasing him would have been pointless.

Just as quick as the shots started they stopped. We gave it another few seconds before we all began to get to our feet. The damage that the bullets caused, not only to Franklin’s head, but the house itself made it obvious that it was an extremely powerful weapon of some kind. Jacques guessed it was military grade.

“That was fun.” Bili said to no one in particular as she stood, brushing glass from her clothes.

Theo came over to me, gave a quick glance to my arm then put his hand on my shoulder.

“You okay?”

I know my arm wasn’t the only thing he was referring too. I nodded solemnly.

“I’m sorry. I lost control.” I said.

Guilt was already upon me as I couldn’t help but feel I screwed things up by losing my temper.

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” He said with a pat on my back.

Our plan had worked and we were so close to getting some answers from either Kristov or Franklin. Even when we do get the upper hand we find that we are still one step behind. This cycle had to end.

“What the hell just happened?” Theo asked.

“From what that asshole said just before you took Franklin for a ride, I’m guessing he double crossed Parrus. He mentioned that he had a new employer, and I believe he didn’t tell the rest of his team, including Franklin. They looked surprised when he spoke about it.” Bili said.

“So now there is someone else who wants me dead?” I asked.

Bili shrugged with raised eye brows as if it was obvious.

I saw Jacques take a deep breath and slowly blow it out his nose. It made me take notice, and I don’t think I was the only one either.

“What do you think?” Theo asked

“It’s time to see the witch.” Jacques said.

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