The rage Within

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Chapter 59

Jack motioned with his hand to let Emily know he was taking a break from the story.

“This may be a good place to call it a night doc. I’m getting a little tired.”

Emily looked at her watch, surprised at the late hour. Where had the time gone? Emily had been on the edge of her seat, literally and figuratively, as she sat back and relaxed. This tale was one for the books for sure, but she was making more of an effort to stay objective and professional. After the bombshell of Jack’s knowledge of her parents. Emily was looking forward to getting home and doing some investigating of her own.

“Okay Jack. Is there anything you need before I leave for the day?”

“My letter?”

“Ah, yes. Nancy said her contact at the Police Department was going to make a copy of it and send a car to return the original. I will put it in your property when I get it. Is that alright?” Emily said.

Jack looked at Emily sincerely.

“That’s fine. But you should read it first.” Jack said.

Emily had every intension of doing just that, but Jack suggesting it gave her pause.

“Okay. I will.” She said then got up to leave.

She thought about asking him about the contents of the letter, but it was indeed getting late. If this topic opened another door of conversation, which it most likely would, she wouldn’t have time to properly discuss it. That being said she had one last question for him.

“Why do you want me to read it?”

“If you still have that question after you read it I will be more than surprised. Good night doc.”


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