The rage Within

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Chapter 9

The doctor held up her finger to pause Jack for a moment.

“Sorry Jack, but I have a few questions. More than a few actually. Can we start with...”

“Dr. Richards I know that the usual methodology is to have a constant back and forth so you can pinpoint signs toward a certain diagnosis, but I’m afraid that won’t work in the this situation. If you want to hear my story I’m afraid you are going to have to hold the questions until we reach a natural stopping point. I will be glad to answer all of your questions, I promise, but as we proceed you will understand why I believe this is the best way to go about our journey together. Acceptable?” Jack said.

Emily contemplated everything and made to the decision to let Jack keep talking. The last thing she wanted was to have him go silent now that he was talking. She didn’t like patients dictating her treatments, but every case was different. This one especially so. She figured as long as Jack was talking that something useful would come from it and would allow her further access into whatever core problems existed.

“Okay Jack. Please continue.”

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