Fire Breathers

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They hadn't planned to turn into what they were destined to become, it just sort of happened. Just like they never planned to be friends and they never planned to fall in love. They just did. Alma and her friends believed they were living normal lives, that the only things they'd ever have to worry about is school, their own private secrets, and their relationships. That is until their true destiny catches up with them. Then they are suddenly thrown into a life they never new about. A life filled with magic and danger, partnered with the normal teenage issues. They soon learn that they are capable of more than they could ever imagine and that their school nurse isn't just a school nurse. Join these seven teens as they try to navigate their way through this journey of drama, heartache, and danger.

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Chapter 1

The thunder was loud and the rain was coming down hard, Alma sat at her kitchen table and looked out the window as the rain dropped heavily from the sky.

Her step-mother, Kim came rushing down the stairs in her usual bohemian styled outfit, “Come on, I’ll drive you to school.”

“I can drive myself,” she told Kim.

“Are you sure, cause I can drop you off on my way to the shop.”

“Yeah I’m sure, I have to pick up Davis anyway, like I do every morning,” Alma said with attitude.

Kim just nodded and then grabbed her keys and left. Kim and Alma’s father, Caesar, had only been married a few months, but they had been together almost a year and a half. She owned her own candle making shop in town. Alma didn’t like her all that much, since she felt as if her father was only with her to replace her dead mother.

Alma grabbed her car keys and coat and headed out, she started her car and off she went to Davis’s house. Davis was her best friend, their 7th grade year when Alma moved to the small town of Shadow Ridge with her parents, back when her mom was still alive. They had become best of friends and did everything together, had sleepovers, watched movies, visited bookstores, record shops, and frozen yogurt parlors. They confided in each other and trusted only each other with their secrets. They were always there for each other, especially when Alma’s mother had died.

She honked as she pulled up to his house. Davis came out with two thermos’s in his hands.

As he got in the car he handed her one and then drank from the other then put it in the cup holder and shook the little drops of water off his hair.

“My dad says morning,” he said with a smile.

She looked out the window to see Davis’s dad, standing in the doorway of the house waving. She smiled and waved back then drove off.

Davis was a tall, dark haired, and brown eyed. He dressed to impress every day, was full of attitude, sarcastic, and he was always up to date on all the school drama.

The drive to school wasn’t long, it was only about a five or ten minute from Davis’s house.

As they pulled into the parking lot they saw a spot right between a black truck and a red car, a spot with her name on it, literally. It was being saved just for her. The black truck on the left belonged to her friend Sage’s boyfriend, Oliver, he wouldn’t be parked there for long though. He only ever was there to either pick up or drop off Sage. He had dropped out his sophomore year and got his GED. Unfortunately for Sage he wasn’t exactly the guy her mother wanted her to be with, so she was forbidden to date him. But that didn’t stop them, they still dated secretly. Alma spent a lot of time covering for her, it actually happened to be how they became friends. They had Science together freshman year and Sage had mentioned how she needed someone to cover for her while she went out to a concert with Oliver, Alma offered to be her cover that night and the rest is history. They quickly became very close and Alma loved Sage like the sister she never got and she loved Oliver for Sage. He treated her right and that’s all that mattered to Alma.

Sage was a 5′0, Korean girl, with short silver dyed hair. She was skinny and slender and tended to be sarcastic every now and then and had quite a short temper at times, but she was also very smart, and kind and had the voice of an angel and could draw like it was nobody’s business.

The red car on the right belonged to Xander, Alma’s boyfriend of a little over one year. Alma got out and ran around her car over to Xander and kissed him, even though the rain was still coming down.

He was 5′9, not to tall but not too short, with a nice build. He was the perfect height for Alma and had beautiful hazel eyes and black hair.

When she turned she saw Oliver and Sage still sitting in the truck with the windows up, Alma, Xander, and Davis all huddled under Davis’s umbrella and walked over to the truck to go talk to of them.

Oliver was a 6′1, blonde haired, blue eyed, punk looking guy who loved Sage and his truck and regardless of the fact that he dropped out and got his GED, he was very smart.

“Hey guys!” Alma yelled excitedly, scaring both Oliver and Sage.

They laughed and Sage grabbed her bag, gave Oliver one last kiss, and then got out of the truck. The four of them waved at Oliver as he pulled out of the parking spot and drove off. As he drove off a blue car pulled into the spot and out stepped Acacia with a bright lavender umbrella.

Alma had met Acacia in English at the beginning of her sophomore year. She had moved from New York to live with her dad, her and Alma connected right away as well since they both shared the same love of music, fashion, and dislike of step-mothers.

Acacia had dark black hair, her being of Puerto Rican and African American decent made her hair curly, but she preferred to straighten it on most days. She stood at 5′5, played the viola, and was always on top of things when it came to school.

As she got out of the car the school bell rang and they all hurried from the parking lot into the school. Xander and Alma’s classes were on opposite sides of the campus so they parted ways and went off to class.

As Davis was walking to class he turned a corner and before he knew it crashed into someone causing him and the other person to drop their bags and spill out all their stuff. Without saying a word Davis began to quickly pick up his things.

“I’m really sorry! I was looking for my class and I didn’t see you. I’m sorry,” the kid who had bumped into Davis said as he picked up his stuff.

“Yeah well you should be sorry,” Davis told the kid.

The kid then stood up and said, “I’m Aaron. I just moved here with my family.”

“Thanks for the life story kid, now if you don’t mind I have to grab a late pass from the office, since you made me late,” Davis told Aaron with attitude.

“Wow someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Are you always this rude?” Aaron asked Davis.

“Only to people who make me late for class, now if you don’t mind I’ll be going now.” Davis said and with that he was off to the office.

Aaron looked at Davis as he walked off to the office wondering if all the people at this school were as sassy and rude as he was. He then continued his search for his first period. As he walked off Davis turned to look at him, as he watched him walk away he thought about how people need to watch where they were going. But he also thought about how Aaron was kind of cute. He then turned back around and walked into the office.

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