Alpha Marcella

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"I, Marcella, challenge you Thorne for the Alpha title." "I, Thorne, decline you Marcella for the Alpha title." My body shook with rage. How dare he deny me my birthright. I watched my world fall apart. I watched my pack fall into the hands of the devil. I watched my pack fight each other for scraps. Finally I had enough. I left and I promised my pack freedom. Security and peace. Now I have to keep that promise.

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Summer warmth filters through the windows and into my face, the beaming sun ordered me awake. On any other day I would roll over in a grumble and bury my head under the covers. But today is not any other day. Today seems different. Today my body wakes up easily and I allow myself to sit in bed for a few minutes to contemplate life as my bed hair spirals all out of sorts in unimaginable angles. My hand rubs my head in an attempt to massage away the pounding headache from last nights events. Chuckling to myself I try to recall just what happened after I started hitting the vodka.

I remember sitting around the bonfire with the pack, telling stories that we’ve all heard but love to hear again. The youngsters were sent to bed by eleven by their scolding mothers and then the adults brought out the strong stuff. Few of us stood up to dance and cheer along to old songs that we all love. As the night went on, the bonfire slowly started to empty, just a couple of wolves left to occupy the open space. The heat was slowly dying down, the night surprisingly becoming cooler and the stars really starting to brighten up. We made random mixtures of alcoholic beverages and taste tested new flavours for the next big party.

I smiled as I remember Kehlani finally getting the girl he’s been chasing after. I was so happy, still am happy for him. The lucky girl finally gave up playing hard to get and allowed her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet and cherish her for the night.

My pounding headache brought my back to reality. Groaning I pulled myself from bed and wrapped my body in a silk robe, trudging my way downstairs and into the kitchen where mum prepared breakfast.

“Rough night?” She sang from the stove, not even bothering to turn around and give me her full attention.

I nodded my head lightly, multiple times that I dazed out. Finishing what she was doing, mum turned around and handed me a protein shake. I leaned against the kitchen island, sniffing her ‘hangover cure.’ As quickly as I sniffed, I brought my nose back, wrinkling it with disgust.

“What is this?”

“Coconut water, sea salt and matcha green tea powder. Do you like it?” The green liquid looking revolting, the white foam at the top alone is able to make me regret drinking last night. Hesitantly I took a sip, hating the bland taste it left in my mouth.

“Love it.” My face said otherwise.

How could three simple ingredients cause such a disgusting beverage? Taking a deep breath I sculled the liquid down, hating the way it slowly lugged down my throat, and handed mum the empty cup as I dashed upstairs. How I managed to run upstairs without tripping over and vomiting is beyond me, but I was thinking of the warm shower that lay ahead.

Quickly stripping down and stepping in, I sat in the shower for a good fifteen minutes before psyching myself up to get out and face the challenges that span out across today. Drying myself and dressing into gym shorts, a loose tank top and tying up my shoe laces, I approached my mirror. My hair was damp yet still a mess, luckily it being shoulder length gave me an advantage unlike those long haired girls. Pulling it into a half up half down, I jogged downstairs and through the kitchen to the back door. The training field was already in use, and it was only eight o’clock.

My stomach grumbled and growled as it was demanding a feast of apology after last night. As much as I love the idea of food, I would unfortunately bring it back up during training, and that’s not good. Especially when it comes up all over your opponent and you have to ignore their death glare for the rest of the day. But if it happens to be Kehlani, then I’ll happily vomit over my best mate if it means I get to laugh in his face as girls avoid him and his stink.

Feeling a presence behind me, I spin around in time to see Kehlani throwing a haymaker punch right at my temple in an attempt to surprise me. My reaction time is faster that he realises, as I step to his side and grab his wrist, pulling him towards me and jamming my other arm onto his forearm. I push down, waiting for his yield as his arm becomes sore and painful.

“Ok, ok!” He growls, rubbing his forearm as he glared at me.

“Good try.” I tease, loving it when he becomes grumpy and easy to trigger. “So how was she?” I ask, wriggling my eyebrows in an attempt to make him uncomfortable. Keyword: attempt.

“Amazing. She even done this really good technique where she-”

“I don’t wanna know.” I cut Kehlani off before he reveals anything unnecessary. “I don’t really wanna know what goes on in your sex life, only if their good or not.”

“Suit yourself.”

Kehlani and I begin our exercise, stretching to warm up our muscles before taking a light jog around the field. Along the way he attempts to make me laugh, wanting to see me fall over or trip over my feet as I clutch my stomach in laughter. It’s either I chuckle, or I burst out laughing, loud enough for the entire village to hear me. My wolf suddenly shifts around, becoming uneasy. I frown, staring into the open forest before me as I register her uneasiness, then quickly I disregard it. Probably sensing a predator deliver it’s killing blow, as she is quite a gentle wolf.

Jogging to the middle of the field Kehlani and I face each other. We bring our fists up to our cheeks, before we start sparring. He offers some fantastic blows, blows that leave me covering myself before seeing an opening and incapacitate his motives. His stands shocked has my palms strike his under eye bone before he overcomes himself and goes into defence. We grow tried of constant sparring and wrestle around for a bit.

Kehlani and I have been best mates since birth. We were born on the same day, just seconds apart. From then on, we’ve told each other everything that happens when the other isn’t with us. He was with me all through my first shift, helping and taking control of the situation was I began the painful transition. Then after me it was my turn to help him. It was easier for me, being as I had already turned.

Suddenly I grew tired of disarming Kehlani, quickly grabbing his shirt behind his head and sweeping his feet from beneath him. I grabbed his shirt so I could have control of his landing and not injure him. The moment his body slammed the grass, my head snapped up. Somethings wrong. My wolf jumped up and began to claw her way out, desperate to find herself in the situation. Kehlani must have sensed it also, as his eyes flashed, man and beast fighting for dominance. Kahlani’s wolf is dominant, wanting to be in control at every moment possible.

The wolves that skirted the field were no more, as they had left to attend the situation that had my wolf so unhappy. Standing up I ran to the front of my house, not bothering to run through the house and short cut it. To my dismay, a large crowd stood around, quiet as a ghost. Kehlani caught up, his wolf on alert and in battle mode. Each step I took his matched mine, his way of telling me he has my back no matter what. When I ascend to the Alpha title, I intend on making Kehlani my Beta.

When wolves realised I was making my way through, they parted slowly, allowing my to come face to face with what was happening.

In the centre stood my father, the Alpha. And in front of him was a strange male I have never seen before. My wolf stretched out, sniffing him for an identity check. Rogue. A growl was on the verge of coming up, but quickly I swallowed it down as I did not want to draw attention to myself. My father is a gentle man, always wanting peace and a happy place. He hated war, always hated sending his men and women off to fight alongside him and the King whenever he deemed it. He always returned alive though. He may be gentle, but his wolf wasn’t. His wolf was a beast, an untameable beast that only tolerated family and nothing else. He wanted blood, power and much of it.

“I, Thorne challenge you, Ralph, for the Alpha title.” Gasps flooded the area, the wolves whispering and murmuring amongst themselves as they tried to grip what the Rogue had said.

Challenge my father for the Alpha title? That’s ridiculous. He won’t win. The beast won’t let him. I looked to my father for his reaction, only to see a smirk. He did not say anything, just simply stared at the Rogue before him. From what anyone could see was a calm and collected man, but I know what was going on. He’s having a mental battle with his beast, fighting for control and to reign him back from taking over and unleashing Hell.

A loud bang turned everyone’s attention to behind. At the front door stood my mother, the door itself nearly unhinged as she growled in anger and her eyes flashed a warning. A warning to her husband to consult his answer but speaking freely. My mother is the only person that can calm the beast momentarily, long enough for dad to grab control and do as he see fit. I heard the uncertainty in her growl. She is scared for my father, as every mate should be no matter how experienced they are.

“I’ll give you your answer in one hour. Until then, get off my territory.” My dads voice was laced with a dark growl, threatening the Rogue to overstep his boundaries. Holding his hands up in surrender, the Rogue nodded quickly before heading off East.

Turning around dad stared at me, a silent communication for me to get inside the house. I can hear him following, closing the door behind me as mother stands in the hallway glaring. Usually dad would have said yes without any hesitation, but this time it seems different. And completely out of whack.

“What’s a Rogue doing challenging an Alpha? An experienced Alpha at that!” I growl, sitting on the leather chair that mother used to always fall asleep in when I was a baby.

“It’s because he’s experienced that the Rogue thinks he has a chance. He thinks your father is getting old, which he is, but now that he’s not in his prime as he once used to be, he won’t be as strong and fit.”

“Hey! I’m not that old. Last night should’ve proved that.”

“Oh. My. God! I don’t want to hear that!” I widen my eyes in shock that my father would even think about saying that in front of his daughter, me! I make fake vomiting sounds as my parents make lovey dovey eyes at each other. They becoming engrossed in small childish talk, kissing and hugging in front of me as if I wasn’t even there.

“Ahhhh my virgin eyes!” I yelled, covering my eyes as my parents howled with laughter.

Dad suddenly stops, becoming more serious. “Hunny I’ll be fine. Whilst I’m kicking his ass you’re going to be guarded with as many men as possible. I don’t care.” My mother began to growl as she hated security when she was completely capable of looking after herself. She is one of the fiercest warriors I’ve seen. “You never know what Rogue’s are capable of. They’re unpredictable, and you of all people should know that.”

It’s true. My parents met in battle, fighting against each other actually. Dad was a newly made Alpha, seeking war against the Rogue’s that camped too close to his border for his liking. My mother was a fine warrior, scouring the ranks from a young age and asserting respect throughout her little group. Her Rogue group wasn’t a pack. They didn’t have a leader, and someone to make rules. They just simply picked what they wanted to do. Some would hunt, some would tend to the ill and others would fight. If you wanted to do everything or change from hunting to fighting you were able to, no one would stop you. What they did have was a select few of fine warriors that were approachable to seek wise advice.

My mother actually had my father near death before they realised what they were. As stubborn as my mother is, she had my father chasing after her, finally winning her heart months later.

Giving my father a hug and whispering a ‘I love you,’ she followed my dad outside after he gave me a fatherly bear hug. The Rogue stood in waiting, the crowd of wolves reappearing to witness a scene that would go down in history. My father nodded, yelling out loud enough for all to hear that he accepts the challenge.

My wolf began to shuffle around, anxious to know what happens. I am too, I’m nervous for my father. I’m nervous that this young male may just overpower him.

“Then by the old Gods and the new, I bid good luck to whoever comes out alive.” The Rogue called out, capturing everyone’s attention. A Rogue following the Gods? That’s a first.

Both males walk to their end of the circle. They remove their shirts, wanting to be as free as possible. My father puts his fists to his cheeks, nodding to the Rogue before bracing himself. The Rogue races froward, throwing a haymaker punch then an uppercut to try and make up for the blocker haymaker. My father grunted, his ribs bruising. Growling he launched himself at the Rogue, barreling him over and unleashing a mass of punches. The Rogue’s face become blue and black, before he thrust his hips up and unbalanced my father.

Rolling onto his shoulder and standing up, my father quickly recovered from the unexpected dismount. The Rogue shook his head, his eyes trying to focus on the area in front of him as my father kicked out a fake kick, only to bring his leg back behind him, hop and punch as hard as possible onto the Rogue’s temple. The Rogue stumbled, growling and managing to trip over. To recover he shifted, turning the game around. Returning a ground shaking growl, my father shifted, unleashing the beast.

His storm black fur rippling as his hackles raised and muscles tried to relax so he was able to move more fluidly. Bracing himself my father stood his ground, taking the full force of the Rogue’s tackle. Teeth and claws pierced skin and tore chunks out as the two males wrestled and fought for control over the pack. My nerves bundled higher, bile threatening to rise as I took deep breaths. I glanced over to my mother, watching as she stared on ahead with hardened eyes.

Turning my attention back to the fight, my father had the Rogue pinned, his back claws trying to still the Rogue’s wriggling hind legs. I turned back to my mother, anxious to see her expression on her mate about to win the fight. My wolf unleashed a deep growl before I could control it.

“No!” A dagger was slicing my mother’s throat, the guards around her dead and heartless. A Rogue stood behind her, the wolves around standing in fear and shock as they were unable to make a move or utter a sound. My vision broke. Tears falling and my throat burning from the constant yell.

“No. No, no, no!” I realised what that meant. My father was going to die.

The beast froze, his teeth on the way to ripping the Rogue’s throat out. He’s shocked. He’s unable to move as his whole world has just been ripped apart and tossed aside like nothing. Like she was nothing. I fell to my knees, tears pooling at my knees and causing a mud pit as the wolves around grabbed onto me as they knew what would happen next.

My father’s lifeless body lay limp, blood and organs torn out and spilling onto his soil. The Rogue stood triumphantly, his eyes shining. He won. He’s the Alpha. I’m nothing.

By pack tradition and law, when a wolf claims the Alpha title, the pack is to take a knee and bow. It’s their way of saying “you won. You won the challenge and we accept that.” But today is different. He didn’t win. It wasn’t a fair fight, he knew he was going to loose and had my mother killed in order to succeed and live another unworthy day.

As the Rogue shifted back, he stood proud and bloody. His pack mates slowly began to take a knee, bowing their heads and accepting this new line of leadership. But I won’t. I can’t. My wolf was no longer the gentle female that loved everyone. No, she was a demon who wanted blood. His blood. I mustered up all the hatred I have towards this day and stood, not cowering from his authority.

“Do you dare defy your Alpha?”

“I will not bow to you. You are not my Alpha.” My voice came out crackly, tears threatening to fall as I just wanted to curl up in a ball and let my body shut down. How has my life turned around so quick within a span of one hour?

The Alpha nodded, his Rogue friend that murdered my mother came and grabbed me. My wolf was not happy. A male that wasn’t her friend touched her and she hated it. Growling and spitting I attempted to free myself from his disgusting hands. My pack had to watch as I was dragged away, screaming and fighting back. I’m assuming the Rogue had enough, as something hard hit my head and my vision went black.

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