The King's Claim

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Irina Valentino, was not exactly normal, with those red curls and violet orbs and not to forget those unusual dreams. Or was it just dreams? ...... watching the story of another girl, with a very familiar shade of amethyst eyes, from the other side of the world. ....... and a man who just appear in them mysterically, but before she could see his face, the dream would vanish and she would find herself back in her bed. And another mystery, as her new boss, who seemed to know her more than anyone else. Luciano Vitally, the infamous buisness tycoon, was a swoonworthy playboy, or a narcissist 'asshole' in the terms of Irina, with his charming smirk to the fiery mane of black hairs and the cold intimidating vibrant green orbs, which always burned through her with a promise of delicious night. Or was it something else? Would she figure out between the lines? Or would the hidden remain the part of the past or would the mystery man make an appearance in the near future?! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fantasy / Romance
Muskaan Madan
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he was running. Deep and deep into the cave, paying no attention to the dark surroundings and gasped at the sight of the huge shinning mirror in front of her.

The only source of light in the cave, crackled and sparkled from behind the dark clouds scattered around it.

Her violet orbs looked at the large mirror in awe as the silver mirror jutted and scrutted as she walked towards it. Even the dark grey clouds parted to make way for her, as if she was a long lost recollection of it.

Her hands, on it’s own accord, settled against the cool glass and the shining glass scrambled, twisted and circled, before finally settling down, and her eyes widened at the sight of the amethyst eyes peering at her, which was an exact shade as hers.

But her hairs were brown, the loveliest shade of brown, she had ever seen and not the tangled red curls, she called hers.

“I have a very bad feeling about this!” An unfamiliar voice called out from behind her and the two amethyst pair of eyes peered at her, one visible and another invisible.

She could make out the whole scene as if it was going on in front of her eyes, from the tensed and nervous blonde to the giggly excitement of the amethyst eyed girl.

As if....... it was a part of her.

As if....... she had been there before.

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