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Queen heir of Camelot, Lady Guinevere must now face one of her greatest of challenges..... The demi-human mockery of woman; that is a monstrosity of gods' cursing..... Arachne...... The Demon of the Wood..... The spring they are searching for is nearly within their grasp..... dark secrets of trusted alliances and a return of one of Camelot's greatest of nemesis now threatens her seat of power upon the throne.....

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Prologue: Time and Passage


It continues unaltered on multiple progressions, with the exception of those rare few; that may be a testament of cosmic influence’s true nature in power....

Not recommended ever, the tampering of one’s own existence in ongoing collaborations with time’s progression, for it may draw upon the wrath of many a jealous god.....

Merlin of Brittany

May 19th 500 CE

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