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"You have the right to remain silent, but I dare you to try..." As a hot shot detective in the great city of Chicago, there wasn't much Dominic Hastings hadn't seen in his lifetime of thirty-three years. 'To Serve and Protect' had always been his mantra, even when it came to the things that went 'bump in the night'... Becoming one however, had never been part of his plan. With a newly acquired arsenal of supernatural powers, a gorgeous mate and a donut obsessed partner named Doug, Officer 'Wolf Cop' Hastings suddenly finds himself in the midst of much more than a war on drugs. When he uncovers a plan by an ancient vampire hell-bent on destroying the city, Dominic soon realizes that sometimes it takes becoming a monster, In order to defeat another.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter One

-Lethal Weapon-

His eyes remained closed, as his left hand slowly trailed down the stiff fabric of his uniform. Though he was almost certain he was in danger, there was a strange sense of calmness that kept him lying still. Especially as his long fingers curled around the badge over the right side of his breast pocket.

Without even looking, he knew his fingers had just skimmed over the engraved words, ′Chicago Police, To Serve and Protect’. Everything else seemed intact, as he continued to feel along his abs and chest-- two arms, two legs, ten fingers, ten toes. It wasn’t until Officer Dominic Hastings tried to lift his right arm, that his eyes suddenly shot open.

“The fuck is this?” The man muttered in a panicked whisper. He frantically tugged at the metal restraint around his wrist, but it wouldn’t budge.

Embarrassment blossomed on his cheeks at the realization that these were his own cuffs. How had he gotten here, he wondered. And who the hell had restrained him? An incredible sinking feeling popped into his head at the idea of the numerous hours he’d spent in the gym being a waste. What good was it having the body of Hercules, if he couldn’t even save himself?

The enormous muscle in his arm swelled and strained, while the vein along the top popped as he tried to wrench himself free. His long, tree trunk sized legs were spread out in front of him on the very bed he was cuffed to, but even they were useless right now. With a shout for help, Dominic cringed as the words, “Officer Down” flew past his lips.

As he continued to scream for what felt like hours, the hulking policeman couldn’t help but regret all the times he had passed on a sugary donut or a frosty pint of beer. He had denied himself life’s simplest pleasures-- camaraderie with his colleagues-- and for what?

Dominic licked his lips, his throat tight from screaming. He opened his mouth to let out another shout when suddenly the door in front of him slammed open. He was terrified as the dark silhouette shifted in and out of the shadows. There was something almost inhuman about the way the figure moved-- like a predator stalking her prey.

He shuddered involuntarily as she finally stepped forward into the moonlight. His memory was a little hazy, but he definitely remembered her glowing green eyes and sharp teeth sinking down into his flesh before he blacked out.

“I am truly sorry for that.” She gestured with a nod as his free hand flew up to his neck.

When he pulled them back, he was surprised to see a sticky copperish substance smeared across the tips.

“I always thought that I would have more self control,” the woman confessed. “But the moment I saw you, well--” Her voice was husky and oozing with desire as she trailed off before wetting her lips.

As she looked up at him through those hooded eyes, Dominic couldn’t peel his gaze away from her. She was tall and curvaceous, her stunning little hourglass figure calling to him. Big tits and a rounded ass-- unlike the hard bodied chicks who hit on him at the gym. With her, he would be the one with the ginormous muscles and unrivaled strength, pressing her soft curves against all his hard planes.

The longer he stared at her, the more he could feel an intense burn coursing through his bloodstream. As she moved to sit next to him, he could almost swear that the room was starting to get warmer-- smaller. He watched her lips turn downward into a frown as perspiration broke out across his forehead and neck.

“The fever is starting to set in already,” she announced, giving him a look of concern before swiping his brow. “I didn’t mean to bite you so soon,” she apologized again. “But now that I have, you’re going to experience some changes.”

With a loud groan, Dominic rolled his head back and forth across his broad shoulders, trying to clear his thoughts.

“You should let me go.” His eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. Was that his voice, he thought. It was so deep-- so animalistic.

“I’m a cop,” he continued, despite the change in octave. “People are going to come looking for me,” he said. “And when they do, they’ll put you in cuffs.”

“Is that a promise?” She purred.

As her hand ran across the thickest part of his leg, he was almost positive he could see his muscles rippling underneath his own skin. His body surged with excitement at a power he’d never felt before. He began panting slightly as she shifted closer. What the actual fuck was happening to him.

He noticed that the dark curls tumbling past her shoulders were almost within reach of his free hand. If she moved just an inch or so closer, he could take her. Grasp that pretty little neck and bury his length deeper than ever before--

“If you let me go, I won’t press any charges,” he growled. “But if my partner finds you first, he might try to haul that pretty little ass of yours off to jail.”

Shifting to her hands and knees, Dominic swore her eyes were glowing as she slowly crawled towards him.

“I have a feeling that in a few minutes--” she smirked, “--jail will be the least of my concerns.”

The large, muscular policeman shook his head again. Shallow breaths blew heavily out his mouth as his nostrils flared. It was almost painful how quickly his blood pulsed and rushed to his member. Thoughts of him taking and dominating this sexy, little thing turned over in his head.

“What are you, some kind of witch?” He practically bellowed as his shaft strained angrily against the zipper of his pants. “Did you put some kind of love spell on me?” He asked.

With a laugh, the woman sat back on her haunches. “Well that’s certainly a first,” she giggled. “But no. What you’re feeling are the beginnings of the mate bond locking into place.”

“Mate bond.” He repeated the words as though trying them out for the first time on his own. “You mean like some sort of fucked-up Twilight shit?”

She laughed again, but Dominic was no longer amused. As her incredibly delicious scent wrapped around him, Dominic suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to protect her-- to make her his and to fuck her gorgeous brains out all at once.

The sound of his pulse thrummed in his ears, his entire body raging with fever. With a snarl, he tugged at the restraint. The metal of the bed post screeching in protest as it suddenly began to twist and bend.

“You need to calm down.” Dominic flinched as she grabbed hold of his face. Her hands instantly created a calming affect on his burning flesh, but there was something else-- something primal starting to take up residence inside his brain.

“If you don’t stop, your transition could be more painful,” she warned.

With the sudden realization that the woman was straddled across his lap, Dominic fisted her hair with his left hand and tugged her chin up. He could feel a series of scars just underneath her hair line, but an explanation would have to wait. His lips greedily left a wet trail across her jaw and down to her throat. The more he touched her, the more he wanted her.

As her fingers began unbuttoning his shirt, Dominic growled in approval as her hands slid over the hard planes of his bulging chest.

“Your wolf is going to be huge,” she moaned, looking up at him through thick lashes. ”And mine.”

She bit down on her full, bottom lip before rocking her hips back and forth on his lap-- searching for something-- anything that would create friction. Leaning forward, her teeth scraped against the side of Dominic’s thick neck before nibbling on his ear. “You’re going to be all mine.”

Dominic liked the sound of belonging to someone, and at the moment, the idea of becoming a werewolf was suddenly exhilarating. While most of the world was unaware of their existence, being a cop, he had seen too many things-- too many paranormal things to remain oblivious to the supernatural world.

Strong fingers curled around her slender neck as he crushed his mouth to hers. His cock stiffened even more as his hand trailed under her shirt, exploring her ample breasts. But he wanted more, if only he could just get free. He wondered if this was how a junkie felt. Always searching for the next high. This woman was like his own personal brand of drug and he just couldn’t get enough. Not nearly enough.

He wanted--


He needed more.

With a powerful roar, the hand cuff suddenly tore from around his wrist like papier-mâché. The woman’s eyes widened, the color quickly draining from her face. Clearly, she hadn’t anticipated Dominic getting loose so early, but there was no need for her to worry. With his pupils fully blown, the thought of leaving this room was the furthest thing on his mind.

Letting out a howl of pleasure, Dominic pushed his mate into the mattress before mounting her. With a fistful of fabric in each hand, the officer ripped her blouse open. He smirked as she gasped. Buttons popping and flying every where. He could see her nipples pebble underneath the black lace of her bra as her skin was exposed to the cool, night air.

“I don’t know if I can control myself,” he looked down at her with concern. The strength flowing through him was new and exhilarating. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Her eyes flashed green again before answering. “You won’t.”

A mischievous glint sparkled in his sapphire blue eyes as his hand went to the middle of his back. That was all the encouragement he’d need. With a grin, he pulled the spare pair of handcuffs from the back of his belt, slowly lifting one of her slender arms to the bed post.

“You have the right to remain silent,” he said. “But I dare you to try.”

"Where the hell have you been?”

Dominic rolled his eyes as he neared the patrol car that he shared with his partner Doug. At first, he had been surprised to find both waiting just outside her apartment, but then he remembered everything that had happened.

“I thought I heard something in the alley and went to investigate.” With a shrug of his boulder-like shoulders, the hunky police officer explained. “What about you, though. I thought you were just going for a piss?”

As he narrowed his eyes at Doug, the stocky officer squirmed nervously in the passenger seat. If the flecks of dried glaze sprinkled across his uniform weren’t sign enough, the intoxicating sweetness lingering on his breath was.

“My sugar was dropping,” the other man lied.

As he stood on the curb glaring through the rolled down passenger window, Dominic’s massive arms settled across his chest.

“What?” Doug eyed his partner, swallowing a lump that had suddenly formed in his throat. Beads of sweat rolled down the back of his bald head and fat neck. “Alright, so I just wanted a donut,” he finally confessed. “Jeez, you don’t have to be a douche about it.”

Dominic smirked as Doug broke eye contact with him. Hailee had warned him of his new Alpha dominance and intimidating glare, but he had never anticipated it would be this much fun. With the strength of ten human men and a gorgeous mate waiting for him to get off his shift, Dominic decided he was really going to enjoy being a werewolf.

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