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Chapter Eleven

-The Killer-

Hailee sobered slightly as Mingo’s car pulled into the parking lot of the Atlantis. She felt guilty for leaving Dominic the way she had, and before tonight, she had even decided not to come back to the club at all. It was a tough decision she had made, something her big cop back home would never understand. But she loved dancing. Loved commanding the attention of the room while she controlled the stage.

There was just something about it that she couldn’t explain. Not that it mattered anyways since Big Dragon had just insured her reinstatement at the club. She wondered what Bojing had promised Wes in return for dating Dominic’s sister. Money? Prestige? Surely it had to be more than just ‘eternal life’.

As Hailee stepped out of the warm car, she smiled up at the bright lights of the Atlantis shining into the brisk night sky. The familiar hum of dance music could be heard ringing in her ears as her heels crushed the gravel underneath her feet. The pink fluorescent sign mirrored in the puddles of melting snow along the way. This was where she would always belong.

Hailee frowned as Jackson and Ty hardly spared her a second glance as she stepped past them into the club. With their faces hard and thick arms crossed over their chests, she knew something was up when they didn’t engage in their normal, casual banter. Grabbing her by the elbow, Jackson pulled her harshly back towards him.

“He’s in a mood today. Make sure you head straight to his office,” the head bouncer warned. With the music blaring loudly in the background, she might not have even heard the last part if it wasn’t for her werewolf senses. “Watch your back Lee, the King’s are here.”

Immediately, Hailee’s shoulders slumped at the news. Bojing’s Triads and Santiago’s Latin Kings were notorious for their rivalry throughout the entire city. Shaking her head, Hailee began swaying around the crowds of people, making her way up to Bojing’s office. If only Dominic knew what was going down at the club tonight, she thought. He wouldn’t just freak out, he’d lose his shit.

Slowly opening the door, Hailee was surprised to find the office empty. It was always so dark and cool inside, but Hailee knew Bojing kept it that way because of his sensitivity to the light. As she walked in and shut the door behind her, Hailee hung her purse on the coat rack before placing her big fur over that. Unlike everyone else who had to keep their stuff in the dressing rooms, Hailee was allowed to keep hers safely away from the ‘sticky fingers’ of the other girls. It was just one of the many benefits she received in exchange for being sired to the ancient vampire.

Sitting down on the leather couch beside Bojing’s desk, Hailee contemplated weather the rewards of this job outweighed the disadvantages of the bond. Whatever Santiago was here to discuss, it couldn’t be good. And if things suddenly began to go south, Hailee knew exactly what it was Big Dragon would make her do.

A pained look crossed Hailee’s face as her lashes fluttered closed. Of all the people in the world that she could have been mated too, fate choose a cop. She didn’t have long to dwell on her predicament as the familiar scent of star-anise and ginger washed over her. Hailee’s eyes snapped back open and a second later Big Dragon was coming through the door.

“I trust that the past few days have been-- enlightening?” Bojing remarked at the sight of Hailee.

Nodding slightly, she stood up from the couch. “It has.”

“Good,” the vampire smiled.

Wrapping his arm around her waist, he pulled Hailee closer as he led her towards the VIP area.

“Santiago and a few members of his ’high council’ are here,” Bojing informed her. The annoyance in his voice as he spoke did not go unnoticed. “While I talk to him, I want you to play nice with the others. Keep them focused on you.”

With another nod, Hailee looked up to meet his intense, dark gaze.

“I’ve been good to you, haven’t I, Hailee?”

As his hand tangled in her dark curls, Bojing tugged her head back exposing her bare neck.

“I’ve kept your little secret, provided you with a life full of comfort.”

She remained still as he moved close, but the soft whimper she gave at the feel of his lips caressing her pulse, was all the response he would need. As he drug his thumb along her jaw, Big Dragon hummed in response before turning her back around. Hailee wondered what he was doing when he pulled her hair out of the way. A moment later she gasped as a giant ruby came to rest right in between her cleavage.

“Remember who you belong to,” he grated harshly.

Clasping the golden chain around her neck, Bojing slapped her on the ass for good measure and then pulled back the curtain to the lounge.

“I told you gentlemen that I would get you the best,” Bojing smiled with a broad sweep of his arm. As Hailee moved against his side, she almost shuddered at the way the gang members’ eyes travelled lustfully up and down her body.

“This is Luna,” Big Dragon introduced Hailee as he spun her slowly around. “And I promise you, she is the best.”

Hailee watched as the largest of the King’s sat up straight.

“Is she legal, ese?”

Big Dragon’s eyes narrowed so quickly and returned to normal, that for a second Hailee doubted she had even seen it at all.

“Of course,” the Asian man chuckled, his lips pulling into a lopsided grin. “But I can assure you’ll only be sampling these goods,” he said.

Starting with the man lowest in the gang’s hierarchy, Hailee made her way from member to member, giving them all the attentions they required. As she sat in their laps, rubbing up against them and taking her time building up their anticipation, she knew Dominic was going to go nuts when he smelled all of the other male scents on her body. With the full moon nearing next week, Hailee knew he had been more on edge as of late. On second thought, perhaps she would just catch a shower at Mingo’s first.

With a seductive swing of her hips, Hailee headed over to the last two members-- one she knew was Santiago King, while the other was the man who had questioned her age just moments before. She hadn’t paid much attention to the conversation between Bojing and the head of the Latin King’s, but when the vampire called her over to him, she knew things most not have been working in his favor.

“So, what do you say old friend,” Bojing began as he pulled Hailee down into his lap. “Do we have a deal, or what?”

“I just don’t see what’s in it for me,” Santiago argued.

As Hailee’s fingers idly twisted Big Dragon’s tie, she waited with baited breath for what she knew was about to come.

“What a shame,” Bojing shook his head in disappointment. “We could have been such great business partners,” he proclaimed clicking his tongue.

’Well then--” Clearing his throat, Santiago stood. “It sounds like we’re done here.”

“Nonsense!” Big Dragon easily lifted Hailee off of him as he abruptly stood as well. “You are my guests here,” he explained. “Stay, drink, enjoy.”

Giving her a gentle shove in the King’s direction, Bojing nodded at Hailee before taking a seat. With all eyes on her, it was time for Hailee to command the room.

Santiago sat back down, swirling the liquor in his glass as he watched her. His eyes were like that of a predator, calculating her every move. But despite what he thought, Hailee wasn’t the prey here. As she sashayed up to the table he was sitting at, her gaze never left his. She never faltered, not once. Not even as she crawled up onto the table like a big cat and gracefully made her way over to him.

By now, she assumed he had a good buzz from the tequila he was drinking, and the bulge in his pants left little doubt that he was enjoying the show. Just inches away from him now, Hailee let her tongue slowly swirl about her painted lips-- she watched as he licked his own in anticipation.

As her hand reached out for his tie, the man scooted forward. His lips parting ever so slightly as Hailee bent forward. The next motions were so fast, only Bojing’s eyes were sharp enough to catch them.

Blood dripped down her arm as Hailee stood up from the table. A collective gasp about the room resounded as the High Council turned to look at the now lifeless body of their King slumped in his chair. A few of them stood, but as soon as Jackson and Ty walked in, they quickly sat back down.

With a clap of his hands, Bojing turned towards the man who had formerly been second in command. “Amor de rey,” he smiled. Eyebrow cocked high on his forehead, he held out his hand. “So, we have a deal, yes?”

Too stunned to respond, the man nodded his head.


As she looked down at her hand, Hailee thought she was going to be sick. With a disgusted snarl, her kitten heels clicked across the floor as she dropped Santiago’s heart into Big Dragon’s lap.

“It’s still Thanksgiving,” she told him. “And I’m taking the rest of the night off.”

Hailee was about to disappear out the curtain when she quickly spun back around.

“I won’t be in tomorrow either,” she smirked. “Black Friday shopping and all.”

Hailee was slightly surprised when Bojing nodded his head. Hell, as he cocked his head thoughtfully to the side, the bugged out eyes of the two bouncers standing behind him agreed that this was odd behavior indeed.

“Take all the time you need,” he simply replied. With a wave of his hand, Big Dragon turned to Jackson next. “Make sure ‘Luna’ gets out to her Lyft safely,” he instructed. “It would be such a shame if something happened to her.”

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