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Chapter Twelve

-Dirty Dancing-

She was unsure what she would find when she walked in to the apartment that evening. A part of her hoped that Dominic was asleep, but with two hours to go till midnight she knew that was unlikely. She prayed for him to be understanding, to take into account all of the possibilities before jumping to a hasty conclusion. But his moodiness and past behavior promised her a much different outcome.

As she scanned the dimly lit living room for her man, Hailee’s breath hitched as she found him lifting two impossibly large hand weights with little to no effort at all. Her eyes greedily drank in the sight of his bare muscles on display. The bulging, reddened mounds peaking and swelling as he repeatedly curled the heavy load.

He looked positively delicious--

--And Hailee was hungry.

Biting down on her bottom lip, Hailee removed her big coat before taking a further step into the room. Dominic’s head snapped up in her direction and as his nostrils flared, his intense sapphire gaze melted into two furious pools. Dropping the weights, Hailee watched her mate stand from the bench. He was shaking with rage, and without a shadow of a doubt, Hailee knew what he’d smelled.

She knew better than to move as he approached. His wolf wouldn’t be able to fully take over until he shifted next week, but a primal, animalistic nature had seized him nonetheless. As the intimidating officer continued to march forward, Hailee trembled slightly. Her thighs pressed together with the increasing anticipation of her own arousal.

“It’s not what you think,” Hailee whispered. Less than a foot of space separated them now.

Dominic growled in response, lunging forward and easily capturing her in his embrace. As his thick arms wrapped tightly around her, his nose buried into the soft flesh on the side of her neck. He roared in outrage, and Hailee suddenly found herself trapped between his large, heavily-muscled body and the wall.

Crushing his lips to hers, Dominic hungrily pushed his tongue deep inside her mouth. As his hands trailed down her own arms, the large cop immediately jerked back as his fingers drug across the dried slickness that coated her hand.

“Is that blood?” Dominic’s voice raised incredulously as he inspected her arm. When she remained silent, he flipped it back and forth, looking for evidence of a wound.

“It’s not mine,” she replied weakly. “I just-- I need you to understand.”

As he ran a hand over the top of his cropped hair, Hailee nervously wet her lips.

“Sometimes, Bojing forces me to do things.”

“I don’t want to know.” Dominic sneered as he turned away.

The look on his face cut Hailee more deeply than any injury drawn by silver. As a lone tear slid down her cheek, Dominic sighed before placing his hand under her chin and forcing her to look up at him.

“I don’t want to know, Hailee, because you won’t let me do anything about it,” he snarled.

“And what would you do?” Hailee questioned. “Run him out of town? Lock him up behind bars? The man has money, Dom. And more than half of the city is on his side.”

Hailee flinched as Dominic suddenly slammed his fist above her. With his head hovering just inches away, Hailee guided his lips down over her own. Her hands wasted no time in attacking him, running up and down along the dips and planes of his broad shoulders and back.

Dominic’s hands reciprocated the action, and almost immediately Hailee’s breasts were completely bare. Wincing in pain, she tried to jerk away when his large hand gripped one tightly and squeezed. As they continued to struggle, engaging one another in a dangerous tango, Hailee realized there was nothing playful in Dominic’s demeanor.

Alternating between removing the rest of their clothes and kissing with a violent passion, Hailee and Dominic were both soon naked. As she looked down at his cock, standing at full attention, Hailee wondered if she had ever seen it so hard. His red, solid prick was so angry, it actually twitched under her gaze.

Pulling Hailee over to the sofa, Dominic bent her over the arm before smacking her hard on the ass. The sensation caused her to jump. She tried to glance back at him, but her big man pushed her head down against the cushions.

“Don’t move.” His deep voice grated harshly against her ear. “If you move again, I swear the next time will be twice as hard.”

The authority in Dominic’s tone caused Hailee to moan along with a gush of wetness that coated her lips. As a finger trailed across his own reddening hand print left behind on her ass, Hailee could hear him growl in approval before kneeling down behind her. His large hands ran down over her thighs and calves, holding her firmly in place as he bit into each one of her cheeks. Hailee couldn’t help but whimper as the sensation sent delicious shivers all over her body.

Quickly standing back up to his full height, Dominic slapped her bottom again. Though this time was even harder than the first, it didn’t hurt nearly as much. In fact, Hailee was surprised to find her self growing more and more turned on.

As he let out a moan himself, disobedience flashed in Hailee’s eyes. She turned her head, her clit throbbing in excitement. But there behind her stood Dominic stroking his own impressive length. With a smirk he looked down at her and a moment later perched Hailee on top of the back of the couch. Her finger’s dug into the hulking cop for balance as she held on to him for dear life.

Hooking a massive arm under one of her knees, Dominic pulled her leg upwards. Her pussy opening wide for him to drive his rampant dick straight in. As he filled her up to the hilt, Hailee gasped from the impact. He pulled out before shoving his cock back deep inside. There was no hesitation, no warning, no mercy. And his nails dug into the skin around her waist as he fucked her hard and fast.

Dominic slammed into Hailee again and again, so hard that the heavy sofa moved across the floor with each thrust. She could feel herself being stretched further than ever before and she cried out from the pleasure. By now Dominic was fucking her so violently, Hailee was finding it hard to breathe. She felt like she was going to pass out-- which only heightened the sexual sensation.

She loved it.

Locking her hands behind his thick neck, Hailee leaned back as far as she could. Her butt writhed on top of the couch’s head rest, her little hips grinding into Dominic as hard as she could. His dick pumped in and out in short strokes, but it was also being pulled from side to side by the movement of Hailee’s own ass and thighs.

Hissing his approval, Dominic’s shaft tensed up inside her. As his big hand slid down over her abdomen, his thumb position itself directly over her needy clit. Hailee bucked into his touch as Dominic began to rub tiny circles hard and fast. They were both nearing the point of no return.

Before he could release, Hailee pulled Dominic closer. Wrapping her legs around his back, she squeezed him tight before pulling his head down towards her lips. His face was beaded with sweat and Hailee knew that he was close. As her eyes glowed brighter than an evergreen forest, Hailee bit down into Dominic’s neck, just above the shoulder.

The pleasure was unbearable for the hulking wolf cop and with an incredible roar, he slammed down harder and faster until both reached their climax. Placing his arms around her, Dominic easily picked Hailee up. As her head rolled against his broad chest, he carried her across the room still buried deep inside.

An hour or so later, both had just stepped out of the shower. With enough energy for the both of them, Hailee begged and pleaded for Dominic to take her out. Reluctantly he agreed and Hailee excitedly got dressed. As the two pulled out of the parking garage, Dominic turned to her.

“Where to?” He asked.

With a smirk, Hailee silently plugged the coordinates into his Range Rover’s GPS. Twenty minutes later, Dominic was groaning as they pulled up to one of the cities notorious night clubs.

“Oh c’mon,” Hailee teased. “It will be fun,” she promised.

With an arched brow, Dominic frowned at her. “Do you have any idea how many times I have personally shut this place down?”

Getting out of the car anyways, Hailee watched as he eventually threw his hands up in surrender.

“Alright. Fine!” He said, tossing his keys to the valet.

At the sound of a scuffle and a whimper behind her, Hailee quickly turned back around. Appalled, Hailee couldn’t believe what she was seeing. With a fistful of fabric in his hand, Dominic gripped the scrawny parking attendant by the shirt collar, pulling him closer.

“Dominic!” Hailee hollared, but he didn’t let go right away.

“One knick-- one scratch-- and I’ll make sure you spend the rest of your life behind bars.”

Shaking her head in disapproval, Hailee was sure she could smell the other man’s urine as Dominic rejoined her. With a heavy arm draped over her shoulders, the two entered the bar. A moment later, a huge grin broke out across Hailee’s face as her and Dominic pushed up to the bar.

“Well fuck me, you crazy bitch!”

From beside her, Hailee could feel Dominic stiffen in defense.

“It’s been a long time since you’ve shown your face around here!”

As the tall, loud-mouthed server sauntered up to the counter, the other bartender, a shorter red head turned and bounced up and down with excitement at the sight of the couple.

“Is this him, Hailee?” Her light blue eyes swept over Dominic in a non threatening way. As she turned her gaze back towards Hailee, a genuine smile lit up her face. “Is this you’re mate?”

Throughly confused, Dominic looked down at Hailee questioningly. As the taller of the two women placed four empty glasses across the top of the bar, Hailee began the introductions.

“Dominic, this is my cousin, Ava and her mate Jupiter.” As she gestured first to the red head and then the taller blonde, Hailee grabbed hold of her big officer and pulled his ear closer to her mouth. “During one of my first shifts, I accidentally bit Ava,” she explained. “And as it turned out, Jupiter just so happened to be Ava’s mate.”

Glancing back up, Dominic casually nodded in understanding.

“I wasn’t exactly shittin’ rainbows and glitter at first either,” Jupiter muttered as she poured up four shots of tequila.

“But you’ve learned to adjust, right baby?” As Ava leaned over to rub a lime around the edges, she smiled up at her mate and tossed a flirty wink.

“Yeah, sure. I guess,” she shrugged while handing Hailee one of the now full glasses. “You’re still a little bitch though,” Jupiter smirked. Her eyes narrowed in fake animosity. “And for the record, I hate you.” Tossing her head back she downed the clear contents before slamming the empty glass back down on the bar.

It wasn’t until after she’d thrown back her own beverage that Hailee sensed the apprehension in Dominic. As she placed a hand to his chest, she could feel the low vibrations in his chest.

“She’s just teasing,” Hailee informed him with a pat. “Before Ava, Jupiter was turning into one of those crazy cat ladies,” she explained. “Unfortunately, after she had her first shift, all of the cats ran away.”

Hailee sighed in relief as Dominic grabbed his shot with a chuckle. His behavior was so unpredictable right now, for a moment she had been worried. As he excused himself to use the bathroom, Ava and Jupiter pounced on their friend.

“So when exactly did you get together with Batman?” Jupiter asked.

When Hailee shot back a confused glance, the tall blonde further explained. “Oh c’mon. You mean to tell me you’ve never had the urge to ask him ‘why so serious’?”

Shaking her head, Hailee snorted as she tossed back another shot.

“Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely a looker,” Ava began. “But seriously, could he be anymore pissy?”

With a roll of her eyes, Hailee agreed. “I know, right?” She exclaimed. “His PMS is worse than mine!”

“So whatever happened to Sam?” Jupiter asked.

“You mean besides the fact that he wasn’t my mate?”

As both women nodded their heads, Hailee let out a heavy sigh.

“Well, we were together for about a week when he asked me to go camping. Now I don’t know about you, but generally when a guy says he wants to go camping what he really means--”

“Is that he wants to drink lots of beer and fuck in the woods,” Jupiter interjected.

Ava’s jaw dropped as she turned to look at her mate.

“What?” Jupiter shrugged. “It’s the truth.”

“That’s what I thought too!” Hailee practically shrieked in agreement.

“That’s not what happened?” Ava asked.

“Nope. Not at all.”

“So what did you do?” Jupiter poured another shot.

Hailee downed the liquid from her glass before proceeding with the story.

“So about three hours into the hike, Sam announces he has to piss. As he walked off of the trail I decided to split.”

“Hailee!” Ava began to chastie, but the brunette held up her hand.

“I made sure it looked like a bear attack first.”

As the three women burst into a ridiculously loud cackle, Dominic reemerged from the restroom, a serious look on his face.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

The laughter instantly died and immediately Hailee felt guilty. She wanted to tell him that it certainly wasn’t about him, but she doubted he would believe her. Afterall, isn’t that what everyone said when they were actually caught?

Placing her hand on his arm, Hailee turned to ask him for a dance. But all of a sudden she felt a prick in the back of her neck. As an intense burning sensation shot through her body, Hailee fell forward into the officer’s arms.

“So this is where the ′Wolf Cop′ comes to unwind--”

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