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Chapter Fourteen

-Pretty in Pink-

There was a loud crash out in the living room, startling the poor woman awake. As her eyelids quickly peeled back, Hailee’s pupils painfully strained to adjust to the gray light filtering into the room through the curtains. She could feel her stomach lurch as she swung her legs over the side of the bed-- silently, she thanked the maker that there was nothing left to throw up. With a heavy sigh, her head fell heavily into her hands. Slowly she leaned forward, and for the first time in over six years, Hailee actually struggled to catch her breath.

With her head between her legs and her eyes screwed shut, Hailee listened for further evidence of a break in. When she didn’t even hear a single floorboard squeak from the large room down the hall, Hailee thought about laying back down. Even just sitting upright seemed to be a chore right now. It was to be expected after all, considering she had just been injected with an almost lethal dose of silver.

Besides, she thought, shouldn’t Dominic be the one taking care of this?

Hailee muttered under her breath as she took a quick whiff of the air around her. She was surprised to find that Dominic’s scent had gone stale. Had he actually left her alone and defenseless?

A loud moan followed by another thud carried down the hall to where Hailee sat. As she looked towards the note Dominic had left telling her he had gone to the gym, Hailee cursed again before standing up on her own two feet. Fueled by her anger, Hailee pushed forward as she staggered and swayed. She tried to convince herself that it was ok Dominic had left-- but she was beyond pissed. And unfortunately for whoever was out in the living room, they were about to learn that they had just walked into the wrong house.

Hailee debated with herself about grabbing one of Dominic’s guns from the bedroom. Usually, she would have considered herself more deadly than a bullet-- but the trace amount of silver still exiting her system, had left her senses dulled and her body feeling slightly weak. Deciding against it she crept forward, tiptoeing towards the end of the hall. As she poked her head warily around the corner, Hailee stilled as her nose immediately recognized the scent.

“What the hell did you do?” she demanded.

Hailee watched the big man jump slightly before spinning around. As his body tensed, she followed his worried gaze towards the shiny bald-head just barely poking above the armrest. Hailee’s anger was momentarily forgotten as she sensed her mate’s distress. Rushing to his side, she grabbed hold of his large hand, her eyes searching Dominic’s for answers concerning the unconscious man.

“What did you do?” She asked him again. Her tone had dropped it’s accusatory edge and instead was replaced with the promise of understanding.

With a cautious glance over her shoulder, Hailee relaxed a little as she inspected the overweight man. No fever, no puncture wounds and not even a hint of copper floated in the air. As far as she could tell, it didn’t look like Dominic had bit or scratched him. But she knew her man, and if Dominic brought him here, there had to be a reason.

“He’s my partner,” Dominic gestured towards the other guy. “And I didn’t think it was fair to keep him out of the loop anymore.”

Hailee turned back to her mate, nodding in encouragement as he explained what had happened.

“He was beginning to notice things, you know? So I finally told him about that night. About you and me. But then--” Dominic paused, his voice trailing off as a look of embarrassment blossomed on his cheeks. “But then he just passed out. Just like that,” the cop snapped his fingers. “He went down like a limp noodle and wouldn’t wake back up. The sun was starting to come up and I knew the gym was about to get busy. I didn’t know what else to do, so I brought him here. I panicked,” Dominic shrugged.

Hailee stifled a laugh, throwing her hand over her mouth and pretending to yawn instead. She was honestly surprised he hadn’t just left the man there. She saw this as progress, him showing concern for others who weren’t his mate. Perhaps despite his possessive nature and flaws, his wolf would make a good Alpha yet.

Letting go of his hand, Hailee turned and headed over towards the kitchen. She could feel Dominic trailing slowly behind her, like a lost puppy uncertain what to do. As she began pulling things out of the fridge and cupboards, Dominic’s face scrunched up in confusion. Before he even had the chance to question her though, Hailee held up her hand and told him to trust her.

Not even a second after the bacon and eggs began to sizzle, the portly officer stirred from his slumber. As he sat up and wiped the sleep out of his eyes, Hailee could smell the fear and panic pouring out of the man. His head whipped towards Dominic and herself, the disbelief evident in his eyes.

“D-- Dominic,” the man stuttered as he scrambled to get up from the couch. “What-- what happened? Where the hell am I?”

Hailee watched the man rub the back of his neck as he tried to place his surroundings. His eyes widened as they landed on her before flicking back to Dominic and then back to her once more. As he started to back up towards the exit, Hailee figured he must have realized that everything Dominic had told him was true.

“You wanted to know what happened that night a few weeks ago, so I told you.” Dominic held his arms up before shrugging nonchalantly. “This is my mate, Hailee,” he gestured behind him. “She’s the one who bit me.”

“And now you expect me to believe you’re a-- a werewolf?”

Dominic nodded as he moved forward slowly. “I know it sounds crazy, Doug, but I’m telling you the truth. And I’m trusting you with some pretty important information here. Big Dragon? He’s a vampire, and he has these ‘familiars’ that work for him--”

“Werewolves, vampires, familiars.” Doug cut the big man off as he flopped back down on the couch.

Hailee could see that his mind was reeling from the revelation but he just wasn’t fully ready to accept any of it yet.

“What’s next?” He sneered. “Ghosts and witches? Maybe even the boogeyman? Let me guess, Elvis is still alive too. He’s playing golf on an island somewhere with JFK, right?”

Pushing past Dominic, Hailee made her way over to where Doug sat. “The world that you think you live in, is about to get a lot more complicated.” Hailee spoke gently as she placed herself next to her mate’s partner. “Ghosts, witches, and yes, even the boogeyman is real.”

“Oh c’mon!” Doug’s head swung back and forth between the werewolf couple. “The boogeyman?” He challenged.

“He doesn’t live underneath your bed,” Hailee replied. “But there is a demon named Bughuul. He dates back to the Archaic Period and preys on the souls of young children.”

Doug looked like he was about to burst out laughing until he looked back up at Hailee.

“You’re serious about this, aren’t you?”

When both Hailee and Dominic nodded, Doug slumped back into his seat. He blew out a long breath for a moment before shaking his head.

“No offense, but I don’t think I want Molly to find out about any of this stuff. Ever.”

Hailee didn’t know who Molly was, but she could only assume it was his wife. As she nodded her head in understanding, she gave the plump little man a pat on his shoulder.

“It’s a lot to take in,” she agreed. “And you both have so much more to learn.”

At the sound of a low growl from the direction over her shoulder, Hailee quickly stood up and rubbed her hands along Dominic’s massive chest. With his first change just a few days away, his feral side had bristled with her touch of another man. Things would be so much easier once he’d finally mate and mark her himself, but until then--

“Who wants pancakes?”

Hailee smiled as she trotted back over to the kitchen. It was perfect timing too as she flipped six of Dominic’s dozen eggs. If her big man kept eating the way he did, Hailee was sure they would have to house their own chickens soon.

“So, Bojing’s a vampire, huh?” Doug gave his head a quick scratch as he moved to the table. “That’s certainly going to make it a lot harder to take him down then, eh? Assuming we could even get the charges to finally stick.”

Hailee listened in on the two as Dominic sat down across from his partner.

“Forget the charges,” Dominic growled. “We have a rat working the system. Every time we get a search warrant, Wes tips him off that we’re coming. He’s what you would call a familiar,” Hailee heard her mate say. “Now unless we can get that kid fired or suspended, what we really need to do is just kill that sum-bitch. It’s the only way to free Hailee from his compulsion.”

After he explained her story to Doug, the men agreed that it seemed to be the only way. Grumbling the entire time, she quickly flipped a stack of pancakes on to a plate before bringing all of the food out to the men.

“It would be nice to finally be free.” Hailee nodded as she placed the plates down on the table. “But I don’t think you understand just how deep his connections run.” She paused for a moment as she left to go back and grab the butter and syrup from the kitchen.

“The alderman-- your chief-- hell, even the archdiocese is paid off by Bojing. You talk about charges and warrants, but most of the cities judges are in his pocket too. Even good ol’ Rahm!”

Hailee watched Dominic’s jaw tick as he angrily clenched his fist. She knew he didn’t fully grasp just how much control Bojing had over her, over everyone, but she hoped her plea would be enough.

“I’m begging you Dom, just leave this alone before you do something foolish.”

Doug jumped slightly as Dominic’s fist slammed on top of the table.

“You can’t seriously expect me to sit back and let you continue to be his puppet,” Dominic roared. “For fucks sake, Hailee, he forces you to seduce people and then he watches as you kill them!”

“And you think I enjoy that!” She shot back. “You don’t understand! If you cross him, he won’t just make you pay. He’ll go after me, your friends, even your family! If you want to keep me safe-- keep all of us safe-- then do the right thing, and drop this.”

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